Friends To.....Enemies Book 1

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Chapter 2

She had said "You'regoingtogolivewithyourfatherforawhile." With a deep breath nervous breath afterwards.

I then asked her if she can repeat what she had said so I could actually understand her.So she took a deep breath again and had said "YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE WITH YOUR FATHER FOR A WHILE!." She had said quite loudly and nervously.

"Wait what!" I yelled after processing what I had heard."WHY DO I HAVE TO GO BACK THERE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE IT THEIR!UHHHHHHHHHHH! THIS IS SO UNFAIR! I whined and yelled at the same time getting mad so I walked away frustrated at my mom for doing this to me and then heading to my bedroom.


Once I got to my room I went on my laptop to facetime Kilm and Jace."OMG WHAT!"Kilm yelled over facetime."WHY do you have to go there!"

Jace then said"Calm down Kilm she's probably going to go there because her mom isn't going to be home for a few months."

CALM DOWN,CALM DOWN,NO I WONT CALM DOWN SHE'S GOING AWAY FOR A WHILE!Then I won't be able to see her for a while,which will be forever to me."She first said madly then broke into tears saying the last sentence.

Jace then said"Stop over reacting it will only be for a few months the. She'll be back like nothing has changed." "Ok now take deep breaths Kilm."So she then took some deep breaths then said"Madison I'll miss you so much....Madison she yelled again."Waving her hand infront of my face snapping me out of my thoughts.

Now you my be wondering 1:Is that my name Madison,Yes that is my name,that is what mother named me,and 2:What was I thinking about,well I was thinking about how I feel about going back there after 5 years,and about how I've never told either of my friends about what happened back in Texas.I was just to nervous so I then started thinking about how or if I wanna tell them,and I choose to tell them.So I take a deep breath and and rethink if it's a right idea.But before I could do that I heard someone yelling at me,so I snapped out of my thoughts and said"Um,Yep I will"Beford heading off to the bathrooms.

Once in the bathroom I went to go stand by one of the sinks and wash off my face with some water,and to think about if I was going to tell them.

I debated my self over it until I finally decided that I WILL DO IT,YES I WILL! I then went out to find everyone staring at me so I quickly walked back to my seat to ask Kilm and Jace why everyone was staring at me then they said everyone heard you yell,I will do it,yes I will.

So I said okkkkkkkkk...........Well I will do it,I will tell you guys something about my past,and why I'm so mad at my ma about goin back to Texas.

So I took a deep breath in while Jace said you can do this,So I took one last big breath before telling them about my past in Texas.

TO BE CONTINUED...................

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