Friends To.....Enemies Book 1

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Chapter 3

Today is the day that I have to go to live with my dad.Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I go downstairs to meet with my mom in the kitchen I ask her"Do I really have to go there?"With a whinish voice.

"Yes honey you do.You know that I have school and have to go stay there on campus and that I don't want you staying home alone for that much of time when I can't come back home every once in awhile."She said with a sweet but stern voice.

Uhhhhhhh!Fine but I'm only doing this for you.."I said and then went to sit at the table without washing my hands because I was mad.

At school

"We'll miss you so much Madison."Kilm said and then started to tear up.

"Don't cry Kilm otherwise I'll start crying too."Said Jace while hughing Kilm to try and cheer her up.

"Oh!I'll miss you guys to."I said sadly tyen joining there hug to make a group hug.


"Lets proime to zoom every night before goin' to bed."I said to them both and they bith shook there heads in agreement.

"At 8:30 alright guys."Kilm said so we all agreement again.

After we all nodded the bell rong so we all said are good-byes until after school and then headed off to our classes.

After School At Her House...

"Alright guys I'm all packed guess it's time to head to the airport."I said with a sigh

Oh we'll miss you so much Madison,DO you proimse not to forget us."Kilm said sternly and Jace agreeing with her.

"I promise."I said and then we hugged and then headed off to the car to head to the airport."


"Bye guys" I said hugging my Mom,Jace,and Kilm one last time before getting on my plane.

"Bye"they said as I walked away to get onto the airplane.

Once I found my seat I think that I felt my emotions kicking in so I had tears starting to come done my eyes at the realisation that I have to go back there and that I'm leaving my mom and friends.

"Rember Madison" I told myself "It's only for half a year you can live,you're older now,You can handle it right,right?"I question myself

So I thought it over for awhile and decided that I can do it,I can.

After I thought it over I order some food,ate it and then fell alseep for the long trip to the airport

4 HOURS LATER...........

I got off the airplane and into the airport looking for my dad,but couldn't find him.

So I called him on my phone but off course didn't pick up,so I called him again,and again until he picked up on the 4th call.

"Yes"He said.

"Dad?""Oh sweetie it's you what did you want?"

"Ummmmm?Dad did you forget what day it was?"I asked him

"No I don't think so,is today something speical?"

Ummmmmmm,Ya today you were suppose to pick me up from the airport."

"Oh,ya sorry honey.Could you just take a taxi or the bus back to my house?"He asked

Ya sure dad see you there for supper?I asked kinda sadly.

"Actually honey"He said after awile"I'm not going to be home,so just find something in the fride,ok.The key is under the mat infront of the front door to get in.Love you honey."He said before I could get anything else in and then hung up on me.

So I sighed and then called a taxi to take me back to my dads' house.

Once I got inside the taxi nd told him where to go I sat back,sighed and thought"This is going to be a long rest of the day,and year..."

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