Friends To.....Enemies Book 1

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Chapter 4

I got out of the taxi once I payed the guy.I stood up and looked around.Everything was the same as of when I left here but the only thing different was that it didn't feel like home anymore just another street.

I looked around until my eyes landed on the house.

The house looked the same too.The only thing different was that there was a garden in front of the porch.

I looked at the house for awhile before deciding to go up to the door.

Once at the door I look under the mat that is there and find the key that dad was talking about.

I take the key and unlock the door and then push it open.

I push it open to find myself going inside right away when the door opened.But froze when I got inside it reminded me of all the times I had here in the entry way.Like leaving for school on my first day or going to leave for a roadtrip that we use to take every summer.

"Ah,Those were good times"I said in a whisper.

OKIE!Guess it's time to go to my room.

I picked up my suit case and went up the stairs to my room.I opened the door to find that everything of mine is still in the same spot.

My bed is still by the window and my purple curtains are the same.

And so is where my old dresser was.

I walked into the room and went to the dresser to start unpacking.I put my shirts in the top drawer,my pants in the middle and my undergarments in the bottom drawer.

After I unpacked I went to the bathroom that is connected to the bedroom.I had took a shower than went to bed.

The Next Day..............

I woke up and went to the bathroom to do my business.

After I got out of the bathroom I went downstairs to make breakfast.I got out the toast and put it in the toaster.Then while waiting got out my cereal and put it in a bowl with some milk.After I did that my toast popped and I buttered it and ate.

After breakfast I went upstairs and turned on the tv,I turned it to Netflix and started watching "The Crown."It has been my favorite show since last week and I am on season 3 already.I'm watching it since I dont start school until next Tuesday.

Once I was on the last episode of "The Crown"I went downstairs to get something to eat,since it was already super time.

I cooked up some grilled cheese and soup.

While eating somebody called,I picked up the phone and answered the call.

It was my dad.He said "I will be home in 10 minutes,ok."

"Yep"I said bluntly

"Ok well see you then"He replied than hung up.

"Ok"I sighed.I picked up my plate and went to go wash it in the sink and then picked up before he got home.

When he got home I hugged him and said that I missed him.

He said he did too,while hugging me back.Then he made supper for himself and ate while we talked about me going back to school next Tuesday.

"So you ready to go back"He asked after swallowing some of his food.

"I guess"I replied plainly.

"Ok,well I'll drop you off than you can go to the office to get your schedule."

"Ok"I replied then said night to him and went to my room to get ready for bed and go to sleep.

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