Friends To.....Enemies Book 1

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Chapter 5


I got up dreading today,I moaned and got up when dad called my name for the 4th time to get up.I rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom sleepishly.We had to go to the school early for my tour around the school.

I did my hair in a high bun and put on my favorite crop top and Jeans.

I then walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs to have breakfast.

"Finally"my dad complained "I was going to eat without you."

I rolled my eyes then went to go grab a plate then put the eggs and bacon on it.

I sat down next to dad and started eating my food.

You see my dad is a very kind human since he is the head of the fire department.But he can be very busy and never home for a long time for his job.

Anyways after eating I put my dishes in the sink after my dad.

He asked "You ready to go"

"Yep"I replied as I walked towards the door to grab my bag and leave.

We got in the car and bulked up.

The drive is about half an hour away.I looked out my window in that time thinking about going back to school in this town,thinking about if there is still the same people from elementary there,and if so who?

We pulled up to the school and I got out after saying good-bye to dad.

He left and than I walked up to the front doors and sighed before opening up the doors.

I went down to the office as to where I remember it from when we use to come here when I was younger for basketball games.

I walked into the doors and was met with a middle age woman who name was apparently Heidi.She said "Ah!You must be new"She similed "My name is Heidi and here is your schedule."She said pointing to the paper that she just took out of a file."And this" she said pointing to the person that I didn't notice before standing next to her."OMG!" I yelled. "Selena?" I asked as she looked like the same person but older.She was one of my bestirs before I moved away from home.

"Yep"She smirked and said "I've missed you so much,and when I heard you were coming back from your dad I had to offer to show you around."She said.

"I'm guessing you two know eachother."Heidi said as she went to type something on her computer.

"Yep"We both said then we laughed.I had missed that,I thought.

"Ok"She said."Like Selena said she will be showing you around and your classes,I also believe she is in almost every class as you.Except for these."She said pointing to the 3 classes that I don't have with her.

"Ok,thank you"I said as I took the schedule and followed Selena out of the doors.

"I've missed you so much!"I said as we got outside the office and stopped."Me too."She said as she hugged me.

After the hug she backed up playfully punched me and said"Hey!How come you didn't keep in contact?"
"UMMMMM?"I said "I kinda lost my old phone and forgot your phone number." I sighed and then said"But you can give it to me now if you want,then we can go hangout sometime and catch up."I said.

"Yes"She scquled as she took her phone out and I took mine out and put my phone number in her's.

"Ok now I'll text you later to hangout."She said.

"Okie dokie"I said then she said "Now" while clapping her hands back and fourth "let's show you around the school."

She showed me where the cafeteria is and where the library is since the library is my favorite place and I guess she remembered that it is.

Then she showed me my different classes that I'm in before she and I went to our first class which is Spanish.

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