Friends To.....Enemies Book 1

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Chapter 6

It was now lunch time and Selena and I went up to the lunch line to to get some food.

"Yes?" Selena asked "did I get it all?"

"Yep"I said at her while we were at the end of the line.We were standing in line and talking about why I was back in town.

"Ok,so....where do you want to sit at?"I questioned looking around the lunch room and carrying my lunch tray in my hands.

"We are going to sit right there."She said while pointing to a table

I looked and their were to many people for my own liking their were 5 different people sitting there already.(who must've came after I left.)
The first one that I saw was a girl with curly short black hair,then another girl with long bright straight red hair,then their were 3 different boys sitting there.
The first one with short black hair,the next one with their purplish hair in a ponytail,and the last one whoo had gray curley hair on his head.

We walked over to them and Selena introduced me to them as we took our seats.

The girl with black hair her name was Sara,the girl with the red hair,her name is April,then the name of the boy with the black hair was named Arlex,the guy with the purple hair was named A.k. and the on with gray hair was named Arnold,and apparently the boys were triplets,and the two girls were sisters.

I said "Hi" to them all and waved as I started to take my first bite of the fish sandwhich.

Sara asked her voice cracking "Do I know you?"

She thought for awhile then said

"OMG!Selena talks about you all the time!"She yelped while standing up and walking over to me to give me a hug.
She hugged me then went to sit down again.
I laughed "So you talk about me?"I playfully questioned Selena

"Yep,I sure do" she replied stuffing her food in her mouth.

I looked back at Sara "Well I hope it was all good things.'Taking a sip of my water

"Yep"She said popping the p

We sat there talking for the next half hour until it was time for our next class.

#I really like them they are pretty funny.

AT HOME............

I went to the living room and sat down on the couch to watch some netflix.

In the middle of the show I heard a knock on the door.And me being me,told alessa to shut the shades and turn off all the lights.

I went to the closet to grab a baseball bat.

I walked to the door holding the bat in front of me getting ready incase something happens.I unlocked the door and picked through it before sighing and saying"Few"While opening the door wider for her to come in.

"What are you doing here?"I questioned when I let her in and shut the door.

Laughing she replied"You thought I was going to rob you or something"While playfully pushing her.


"uhhu,sure"She said while smiling

"So you're room still in the same spot?"

"Yep...and also you still haven't answered my question.Why are you here?"She asked while Selena walked off towards her bedroom with her following suit.

"Oh ya,I texted you half an hour ago about coming here."
"I didn't get no texts."She stated

"Yaaaaaa,acheck you're phone"Selena said

So I checked my phone and noticed the text message and that my sound was off.

"Oops,my sound was off.I was watching some netflix and was so into it I forgot about my phone."I blushed as I turned the sound on and sat in the middle of my bed and Selena on the end of the bed.

"So then let's talk"I said while laughing and then her joining in.

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