Friends To.....Enemies Book 1

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Chapter 7-The Meet

After catching up with Selena for 2 hours she went home and I got ready for bed.


I woke up tired them usual,standing up yawning and strectching backwards with my hands above my head.

I walked to the bathroom rubbing my eyes and yawning.

Once done in the bathroom I walked downstairs to the kitchen and started making some toast and eggs along with some orange juice.

When I went to the fridge I saw a note it.It said "Honey I went to work early today have a good day,dad"

I sighed then opened the fridge door and took out the orange jucie and eggs.

Once I finished making my breakfast I went to go and sit down at the counter and started eating.


I stood up and put my plates in the sink,then I went to go grab my bag and went to the bus stop.

Once I got off the bus,I started heading off to my locker than first period.

I got to first hour and sat down in the second row of seats.

I than got out a book to read while waiting for the bell.
The bell rang and I put my book away in my bag.

The teacher came in and started lecturing us about how we "all" were not paying attention yesterday in class.

Lunch #/#
I walked to my table where Selena was seated with the others.
I greeted them then sat down next to Selena.

They had then started talking to eachother while I zoned out.
I started comparing my life from back home to here so far.

Back home I lived with my mother,here I live with my father.
Home my best friend lives there,here I have Selena,and I'm hoping Sara,April,Arlex,A.K.,and Arnold.
Then back home I have got my boyfriend,who no one knows about here,and neither does my ma.

"Hello,you there!"

I snapped back to reality.


I said leaning my head on my hand.

Then Selena asked again,"Do you want to come tonight?"

"Where?"I asl exasuted
"To the Party!"Arlex said excitedly

"Oh...Ya sure"I replied only half awake.

"Ok!"Selena said can't wait!"Then they went back to talking and me zoning out again till the bell rang.

The rest of the day I went to my classess then I went to my room.

I fell on the bed and fell asleep.

3hours later (#)

I woke up to somebody knocking on my door.

My dad had woken me up saying that Selena was downstairs.

I went downstairs and Selena got anrgy at me for being late.

She said "You have 10 mintues to get changed,Go.And Hurry!"

I went up to my room and changed my clothes for the party I put on a black crop top and a jean jacket along with jeans.

Once finished I went downstairs and greeted my dad good-bye then went with Selena.

We pulled up to a dirve way of a house that looked like a mansion.

I asked Selena whos house this was.

When she didn't answer I looked at her and she was looking down at the ground of the car biting her lips.

I asked again whos house it was and again for a 3rd time.

The 4th time I asked her I yelled at her.

She said"You don't wanna know."

"I do I said calming down a little and holding her hand.

"I----I----It-----It's Jarce's house.

"Jarce's HOUSE!I yelled,

Omg!Omg!Omg REALLY!!!

"Calm down"

"Jarce,I can't believe it!

I've missed him so much!

"Wait Really?"She asked confused

"Uh,Yes I miss him.

Just because it was 5 years ago I last saw him doesn't mean I don't

And Just because his brother was a jerk the last time I saw him doesn't mean I don't miss him."

I am fine with seeing him as long as I don't see his brother.

"Ok,Phew!"She said happy I wouldn't be upset by seeing Jarce aka Karcle's younger brother.

I mean as long as I don't see Karcle which I probably won't because I had heard that a few months after I moved away he is suppose to go to a bordering school across the ocean until he graduates.

"So,yes I'm coming in.

"Now lets go."I said to Selena

She was now happier.

We got out of the car and walked up to the fruit door and knocked.

Karce opened the door and when he saw me he had hugged me right away.

I hugged him back laughing.

I guess he didn't know I was here yet.

Once he was done hugging me,he pulled back and asked me what I was doing here.

I explained why I was back.

(When I left 5 years ago I was about 12 years old and he was 10 years old.When me and his brother where best friends,we all three would hang out together.)

Once I was done explaining he hugged me one more time said sorry for his brother and then invited us inside the house.

We got inside the house and we went on are way to the ktichen we go a drink and then went to fo sit on the couch in the main area.

(I can't believe he owns this house.I remeber where they use to live at.It was the house next to ours.)

Later that night I went to get another drink in the kitchen I had asked Selena,and the rest of the guys who we saw a couple hours in.They all said they were fine so I went by myself.

I went into the kitchen but wasn't expecting to see what I did...

It was....

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