Unchained Love Memories

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Unchained Love Memories

Romance / Thriller
Jerry Smith
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We had unchained love memories of our love life, Sasha and I share our love story and the family

Started back when I became a research scientist study on Sasquatches, for many of years

Checking stories on Sasquatch sightings writting up reports. Than Sasha join my as a partner

She was my camera personal taking photos and videos helping with research equipment maps.

We made many of trips around the country on research with Sasha even Canada South America

europe we find evidence at different places also trouble with Sasquatch attacking the camp and

Cabins throwing large rock taking my friend and a Park ranger life Kidnqapped my assistance,

But I rescued her from that hairy creature one Place One broke down the door I shot him he

Vanish in thin air He was a mystery creature. There been many times Sasha broke down in fear

and tears but I comfort her settle her down even through all People getting killed by the creature

And injured even my self I'am still at it . Some where dow n the story Sasha and I fell in love with

even what we been through are love for each other grew more and more with time came where

we shared the same bedroom and shower, don't remember which trip we were on to research

Sasquatch together we ended up wanting to have a child slow down on our trips but didn't stop

Us . We thought of getting married we only had a couple more trip of research before we took a

a trip to England for our honeymoon we enjoy the trip very much sightseeing.

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