The First Her

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This is the SEQUEL of The First She. One small step for a woman, one giant leap for Ezron. The revolution has started its march.

Romance / Fantasy
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And Beyond

This is book 2 of the Ezron series. Book 1 is “The First She"

Thick foliage surrounded her, intimidating in the way it seemed to leer. The jungles of Ezron were a force to be reckoned with. Danger lurked in every crook and cranny, secrets camouflaged in every leaf.

The alien males that she was walking beside made the jungle seem like a walk in the park.

These men had threats of destruction lurking between the lines of their abs. Their formidable strength made them unstoppable, and their loyalty to her made them fierce. They were all noble, honorable men, but there was one in particular that owned her admiration.

Vrox Ezron ate the green by scanning relentlessly, not allowing anything to go unnoticed. He was determined to destroy anything that threatened her. Although she wasn’t nearly as powerful as him, she’d be willing to try the same.

She loved the alien.

She stepped over a log, struggling to overcome its height. Unlike the men, she was a puny five-foot-five.

“Do you need to rest?” Vrox asked her before returning his gaze to their surroundings.

Nope. I’m fine.”

She was a bit tired, having been walking up a hill for hours, but she knew that she could keep going.

If your thighs could handle the burn of clutching Vrox’s waist as he pounded into you, then you can handle some hiking.

“Just a little longer. We will make camp soon,” Vrox promised.

Normally, he and his brothers could run long distances without needing to stop. With Kira, Nebula, and the two beasts that were carrying their belongings, this was impossible. Not only did they not have the endurance, but they were too precious to risk injury.

“What is that snapping sound?” Nebula whispered.

“Do not look up,” Kyros warned, amusement quirking his lips.

The two girls did just that and gasped the symphony of horror.

“What the hell are those things?” Kira asked, cringing away from the navy blue, bloodthirsty flytraps. They were entwined within the leaves, branching from the tree trunks. They were too high up to be a threat but were still menacing enough to put the fear of a dozen nightmares in them.

“Those are twaz. They are not a threat as long as we stay away.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Kira sped up with Nebula right beside her.

Their skittishness earned them chuckles from the men.

They walked for about another hour before getting interrupted when a shift of leaves was whispered from the left. As if they had done it a thousand times, the men dropped their bags and split up. Ni’ev and Rokan marched forward, while the others formed a circle around them. Their knees bent, weapons glinted with thirst, and eyes narrowed with a warning.

“Shhh,” Kira shushed to Vee, who was chirping up a storm.

With a fist against her stomach, she waited for Ni’ev and Rokan to reach the source of the suspense.

“It is nothing,” Rokan announced.

“What was it?”

“A bird. This looks like a good area to camp. The ground is even and dry, and the trees provide cover.”

Vrox nodded with agreeance. “This will do.”

He stabbed his sword on the ground, allowing it to stand on its own, and then dug into his sack.

“Let me help you set up,” Kira offered and kneeled beside him.

“I can do this. Go rest. It will only take a moment.”

“I wasn’t asking,” she grinned.

With a grumble, Vrox pulled out a thin blanket that had a suede-like texture. It spanned many feet in both length and width. He attached a rope to the pinched center of the cloth, securing it under a branch. To finish off their makeshift tent, she helped pin wooden stakes to expand it.

Once they were done, Vrox sprinkled some blue dust-like substance all around the area.

“What is that?”

“This will fake the scent of a predator to ward off animals.”

She nodded and took a look around camp to check everyone’s progress. Only one other tent was up, and it was for Nebula. The rest of the men had no problem sleeping under the stars.

The sight was worthy of a smile. This place wasn’t as comfortable as the camp they just left, but it was home nonetheless.

Kira approached Nebula.


Nebula dropped the wooden stake she was holding out for Kyros.

“You doing okay?”

“Yeah,” Nebula nodded. “Thanks for checking in. I’m as good as one could be without any fast-food restaurants around.”

“Maybe you should found Ezron’s first McDonalds,” Kira suggested.

Nebula threw a look at the first alien that passed her, who just so happened to be Ni’ev. She stared at his bare back as it flexed.

“And risk making these guys obese? No, thank you. That would be a crime against humanity.”

With a crackle, Kira bid her goodbye and walked to her personal hamburger. He was pulling out more blankets when she surprised him with a kiss to the cheek.

His smile warmed her better than any blanket ever could.

“What is this for?” he asked

With a shrug, she delivered, “I don’t know. For being cute.”

“I am not cute, female. Vee is cute.”

“Well, then I guess I’ll find Vee and kiss him instead.”

He clutched onto her and dragged her inside the tent. After stamping her own face with kisses, he removed the makeshift shoes that protected her feet and began to massage them.

“Just six more days of travel, and we will be at our new home.”

“I can’t wait.”

Part of the reason was that she wasn’t a fan of hiking, the rest was that she was ready to fuck Vrox in privacy. There was no better exercise than bouncing on that man’s lap.

“Vrox, Kira! Come for dinner! Kira is already with child. There is no need for more mating!” Kyros yelled from somewhere in the camp.

Kira all but choked over her own spit, while Vrox growled.

“That fool,” he muttered, before helping her out of the tent.

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