The First Her

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Part 12

I have been editing book 1. I am stripping Vrox and his brothers from their prince titles. For more info about this decision, check the next chapter

– • –

It was late in the afternoon when Draekon’s voice interrupted Kira’s next question. She rose to her feet and was surprised by dizziness. She inhaled deeply to hide her discomfort not wanting to worry Vrox.

“What did you find?” Vrox asked.

“No men were spotted, but there was a herd of tozaki. Ni’ev and Ak ran most of them off. Rokan captured ten. They will be good for traveling, but you know how much they eat.”

“What’s a tozaki?” Nebula asked.

“It is a beast like the ones we used to carry supplies here, but they are taller and have stripes across their bodies.”

“There are no men? Are you sure of this?”

“We could not check every part of the Capital. That will take weeks, but the Commander’s dwelling is empty. We checked every room.”

“That is good. Did you find any supplies?”

Draekon shook his head. “Not much. Those mind-rotted animals looted everything.”

“That is alright. We will rebuild.”

With that, Vrox placed a hand on the small of Kira’s back and led her outside. Two of the striped beasts that Draekon described were there, and Ni’ev was riding one of them.

“Be careful. They’re wild,” Draekon warned Vrox when he approached one of the animals.

Grabbing a fistful of the animal’s mane, Vrox glowered at it. His other hand rested on its neck. The zebra-like thing huffed and tried to step It took a few minutes of temperament for the animal to cease its restlessness.

After Vrox’s show of dominance, Kira found that her dizziness had cleared and that her pussy was sopping wet.

“Come,” Vrox beckoned Nebula.

She stepped forward with uncertainty.

“I will lift you to the back of the beast,” Vrox warned.

She nodded and held Vee closer to her chest. Vrox gripped her waist and effortlessly lifted her to the back of the animal. Kira was next. When she was safely seated, he gently placed his sword across her thighs.

The animal threw his head back, irritated, but calmed when Vrox tugged its mane demandingly. He then swung himself behind Kira, setting his hands on her hips.

“How do you drive this thing?” Kira asked.

“I will dig my heels into its sides. They are simple creatures and quick learners, as long as they do not have a temper.”

With that, he guided the beast closer to Ni’ev’s, who was sharing with Draekon.

“Let us get to the pyramid before it gets any darker.”

They began to ride through The Ruins, crossing more destroyed structures and skeletons. The pyramid was a peak in the darkening horizon. They rode for hours. The constant jostling had Kira’s stomach whirling. She didn’t know how she made it without getting sick.

Spotting torches in the distance, Vrox slowed down. Whoever held the torch did a strange maneuver, and Vrox continued to approach when he recognized it. He struggled to bring the animal to a stop, as it wasn’t properly trained yet.

Once he was on his feet, he helped the women off.

Ak and Rokan got closer, their torches lighting the way.

“We should get inside. We tried to clear the first level as best as we could. We checked the rest, and it is empty.”

Vrox nodded. “Draekon told me. Let us go.”

After securing the two animals at the base of the pyramid, the group walked to the staircase. Ak and Rokan led the way, and Vrox gripped onto Kira’s hand out of fear that she would slip. Although she was wearing sandals, she could swear that she could feel the coldness of the stone.

She could only imagine what Vrox felt like.

When they reached the first level, Rokan led them to the last open doorway. The dim light of the torches revealed that the room’s ceiling was high. There were random slips of cloth, wood, and books tossed into one pile in the corner. She guessed that was the work of Rokan and Ak. The rest of the room had a dusty floor, cracked walls, and grass growing in batches out of corners.

“Draekon and I will take the first watch. He will look after stairs one and two, and I will be at three and four,” Ni’ev explained.

“Our childhood rooms. Are they still there?” Vrox asked, his voice thicker than usual.

“No. There was a cave-in. Those rooms will not accessible until we dig them out.”

Vrox dipped his chin. “I will take the next watch.”

As Rokan and Ak worked to secure the torches, Vrox sat by a wall and offered her a hand. She took it and got comfortable on his lap. With her ear against his heart and their fetus between them, she closed her eyes.

They had no bed, no blankets, or even a door, but she still felt at home.

“This is not much for now,” Vrox whispered against her temple. “But I swear to you that I will build you a kingdom. You will sleep soundly, knowing that you will have an army patrolling our borders.”

She chuckled. “You still don’t get it, do you?”


“I don’t need...” she stopped to yawn. “A kingdom. Just my king.”

Vrox let her sleep, joining her within minutes. He woke up a few hours later when it was his turn to patrol.

He struggled to think of a way to move Kira. He didn’t want to wake her or make her lay on the ground.

Ni’ev, who was just returning from his shift, locked eyes with him and shook his head.

“Stay. Don’t move her. I will take another watch.”

Giving his brother a grateful nod, Vrox returned his eyes to Kira. Now that the sun was rising, he got a better view of her. Her braid was between her breasts, and her lips were slightly parted as she breathed. He leaned down to press a kiss to her forehead, noticing that her skin was moister than usual.

He needed to get her a shower, breakfast, and new clothes.

Nebula woke up an hour later. He sent her a respectful nod, and she smiled before diverting her gaze to her black leg-coverings. Kira slept for much longer, seeming to be exhausted. His back was stiff from resting against the stone wall all night, but he didn’t care enough to move.

Rokan and Ak left to gather food for the group. When they returned, the sound of ruffling woke Kira. Her fingers twitched against his chest, and her eyelids peeled open.

“Did you sleep well?”

She tipped her head back to meet his eyes. ”Yeah, but I’m ready to get a move on.”

She reached her arms over her head to stretch. “I want to take a look at this place with Nebula.”

“Slow down. You must eat first.”

She chuckled. “Yes, mom.”

He frowned. “I am neither a female nor your mother. Why do you address me as so?”

“I didn’t mean it literally. It’s like... sass? Sarcasm?”

“I do not understand.”

With a grin, she replied, “don’t worry. I know very well that you are far from being a female.”

With a teasing wiggle of her hips, she winked and slid off his lap.

Vrox was left with a tent in his loincloth.

He really needed to get them their own room.

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