The First Her

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story edits

I am sticking to my decision to remove the men’s titles as princes. People commented that this is a “huge” plot change. I don’t think it is. So far, their titles have only been used for appeal– making them appear more powerful. Other than that, it’s useless.

I have been editing book 1 for a long time now. There really isn’t a need to re-read anything, because the only thing that is changing is that the men aren’t royals.
– Their scaling pattern will be normal
– Only nobles and royals live in the pyramid, so the guys, being sons of a noble, still grew up in the pyramid
– The previous commander was close friends with Vrox’s father, so he gifted the boys the names of the gates
– No one knows where the actual royal family is. They scattered.

What made me make this change:

I figured that it would be such a huge coincidence if Kira landed on Ezron and just so happened to meet a bunch of princes. The chances of that would be low

On top of this, I think we’re so used to only being attracted to men in power– alphas, billionaires, mafia leaders, kings, princess. Well, I’m making it so that Vrox isn’t just handed a title at birth. He will fight for it.

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