The First Her

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Part 15

“You got all wet,” Kira observed, her hands caressing his forearms. She traced one thick vein in his bare arm, marveling at his strength.

These arms were hers?

She turned her head, resting her ear against his pectoral to listen to the steady thumping of his heart. It was the sweetest melody in the universe.

She turned around to kiss his chest, grateful for the braiding of masculinity that made up this male. He put a stutter in her heart with his loving nature, a stutter in her clitoris with his talented limbs, and now she had the heartbeat of their baby in her womb.

Now that their chests were touching, his hands gravitated from her hips to her ass.

“Pudgy,” he remarked.

“You love calling me strange things. I’m not a pet,” she chuckled.

“Yes, but you are soft like one.”

She moved her own hands from his chest down to his ass, cupping him through the cloth that covered him. “You even have muscles on your ass? What the hell, Vrox?”

He shrugged. “I run a lot.”

She was convinced that the fattiest part of him was his dick.

“I will dress you now. It is time for rest.”

She wiggled against him, practically humping his thigh.

“I’m sure I can rest against this wall while you hold me up and...”

“No!” Vrox interjected with a ferocity that surprised her.

She sighed. “Are you concerned that your dick will somehow poke the fetus on the forehead again? I thought we agreed that it’s safe.”

“It is not that. Let us get back to the others.”

He separated their chests and hurried to secure her dress. She watched him fuss. Although she was confused, she wanted to respect his rejection.

Maybe he was just too tired for sex. After all, he and the others hunted for hours and had to drag those enormous beasts all the way back to camp. Then, he carried two buckets of water up an endless flight of stairs.

She pursed her lips and let him guide her outside.

“I can tie them,” she proposed when he reached for her sandals.

“No bending down in your condition,” he reminded her.

“Right,” she sighed.

He took her hand and led her out of the main hall, crossing the staircase and entering the room they slept in. The sun had begun to dip, and soon enough they would be submerged in darkness.

A soft hue came from the room, its warmth paired with laughter. Once crossing the door, Kira found everyone except Draekon sitting around a small fire. Nebula was chewing on cooked meat with one hand and feeding tidbits of a leaf to Vee.

“Is Draekon patrolling?” Vrox asked, taking a seat between Nebula and Ni’ev and holding a hand out for Kira. She took it and allowed him to bring her to his lap. Immediately, she was poked by a pressure that she knew all too well.

Vrox was aroused.

Then why did he reject me?

Nebula offered her a leaf plate of cooked little slices of meat. Kira smiled. The meat tasted bland, dry, and crunchy, but she needed the sustenance.

“We need to locate some seasonings ASAP,” Kira sighed. “I’ll even settle with salt and pepper.”

“I’m afraid the only seasoning these guys have to offer is blood,” Nebula replied.

Kira tried to picture delicious, steamy, greasy fried chicken as she ate. A sudden wave of nausea had her tensing, and Vrox noticed as he always did.

“What is wrong?”


He let it go, but she could tell that he became more observant after that.

To distract herself, she sparked a conversation with Ni’ev.

“We should work on making some tools. Do you know if this place has a blacksmithing area?”

Ni’ev shook his head. “No. The blacksmiths lived outside of the commander’s pyramid. I can go to see what I can salvage tomorrow.”

“I would appreciate that,” Kira agreed.

“What are you two working on?” Vrox asked.

She smiled, proud of him for not throwing a tantrum over the thought of her spending time with Ni’ev.

“I need to start working on the plumbing. Nebula thinks that the rock is too dense, but I’m sure we can drill a hole wide enough to fit three pipes.”

Vrox shrugged, unable to picture what she was planning.

“This is your home now. You may do as you wish.”

“Thanks. I was hoping we could work on some female-friendly weapons too.”

Vrox stiffened. He had already promised that he would teach her self defense, but he hadn’t warmed up to the idea.

“Yes,” he grumbled. “Our weapons are too heavy for you.”

“Ni’ev, what kind of measuring units do you use? I don’t suppose you know what an inch or centimeter is, do you?”

Ni’ev frowned. “This does not translate, no. We use...”

They began to exchange numbers and equations, while Vrox pictured Kira holding a knife. The image was disturbing, but he had already promised to teach her. He got so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice when Kira fell asleep.

“I will patrol tomorrow night,” he mumbled. “I do not want to move and wake her when I leave.”

“It is fine,” Rokan waved him off.

Nodding his thanks, Vrox skid over to a wall and gently rearranged Kira. Her head was now resting on his unscaled shoulder.

He looked at Nebula and found that Ak was staring intently at her. She was curled on the floor, one hand resting on Vee. The older brother moved his attention to Vrox before settling it on Kira. Vrox felt no sudden urge to cover Kira’s vulnerable state. At this point, he was convinced that Ak only had eyes for Nebula.

Placing a hand over Kira’s thighs, Vrox shut his eyes and welcomed sleep.

– • –

The sound of shifting woke him up. He located Draekon, who was now on his feet and stretching. Looking down at his chest, he examined Kira. Her hooded eyes were focused on a sleeping Nebula.

“Good day,” he greeted, sitting up and rolling his shoulders.

"Hey,” she replied.

He moved his hands to her belly and rubbed it subconsciously as he examined the room. Rokan was gone, so he had probably taken over patrolling.

“Time to eat,” he said, helping Kira off his lap.

Breakfast was quick. Everyone was eager to tend to their duties. The first thing Vrox did was head outside and start hacking away at a tree. He needed to build Kira a bed, even if it cost him his sword.

Kira spent the day with Ni’ev and Nebula, planning her beloved plumbing system.

By the time he chopped down what he needed, his biceps were on fire. He ignored the strain, knowing that it needed to get done. Kira couldn’t use his chest as a mattress forever. With Rokan’s help, he dragged the wood to the first level. He picked a room, spent some time clearing the debris and plucking grass out of corners, and then started to fuss with the wood. This bed frame would be weak. It would handle Kira’s weight just fine, but the same couldn’t be said for Vrox’s. The vines he used to tie the wood together would only hold for a week or two before needing replacement. The same could be said for the leaves he added for padding. He needed to replace them with more cotton.

By the time he was done, it was late in the evening. He tested his weight on the weak bed. The wood didn’t groan with complaint, but wear and tear would eventually start to show.

He cleared the room and sought out Kira. She was still with Nebula and Ni’ev, discussing tubes and numbers.

Walking to her side, he kissed her cheek and peered at the notes Ni’ev had scribbled on a weathered book.

“How is it looking?”

“Good. I believe that I can start working on this tomorrow,” Ni’ev answered. “Ak went to retrieve a blacksmithing station that he found in a trading post. It is not much, but it is a start.”

“Very well,” Vrox answered, dipping his head into the curve of Kira’s neck and inhaling her rare feminine scent. He kissed her there, too, and tuned out the voice of his brother.

“Vrox, not here,” Kira whispered, grabbing his scaled hand, which he hadn’t noticed began to trail up her thigh.

She gasped when his tongue lapped at her throat.

“Can’t you wait until later?” she whispered, tipping her neck away.

Vrox’s chest trembled, a growl of displeasure ripping through him. Everyone turned, surprised, and the expressions were enough to crack his haze.

“Take her,” he gritted, pushing Kira into the safety of Ni’ev’s arms.

It was happening again. The burn was coming for him, ready to boil the blood in his veins and the semen in his balls.

“What are you doing?” Kira asked when Ni’ev wrapped an arm around her and stepped back.

Vrox’s eyes followed his brother’s hands. One arm was wrapped under Kira’s breasts; the other was cupping her belly. Those arms were clutching onto his female and his seedling.

He stepped forward, ready to fight for what was his, before shaking his head. He had given Kira to Ni’ev. She hadn’t been taken.

“Vrox?” Kira called out, her hand reaching out for him.


His female wanted him. She wanted him balls-deep inside, clutching onto her belly and breeding her all over again.


He was unstable. He couldn’t get close to her.

“Akdronis!” he roared, forcing himself to take a step back.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked Ni’ev. “Take her away!”

He fought his own command by taking a step forward.

“Mothers, Ni’ev. Take her!”

He took another step forward, his mind fighting his body.

“Akdronis! Rokan! Draekon!” he called out again, needing someone to restrain him before his control vanished. He heard footsteps thundering, but his body had become so stiff that he couldn’t turn his neck. He stared at Kira with an unhealthy obsession.

My female. My seed.

Ni’ev took another step back, and Kira took it with him, recognizing that something was wrong.

A torn Vrox stepped forward. His fingers were extended, his teeth flashing, his veins stark, and his cock loaded. He looked ready to both murder and fuck.

Even when Akdronis and Rokan appeared by his side, his attention remained morbidly loyal to her. He refused to look away. The mix of his golden irises and her brown was combustible. No other male could make this fire with her, because he was the one for her.

Do you feel it, female?

He tossed an arm back flicking Akdronis to the round.

Are you melting between your thighs?

“Stop this!” Rokan demanded, kicking the back of his knee to bring him down. Vrox remained tall, elbowing Rokan in the ribs to make him stagger.

Vrox reached for the flimsy cloth that was wrapped around his waist and ripped it off.

Let her see me.

Kira’s eyes flickered to his crotch, and the animal that lived down there swayed when he punched one of the men.

Do you see the snake that will flood your system with posion? I will make you delirious with pleasure.

Her eyes flicked back to his. As he fought his brothers, he had never looked away. He refused to blink, too, unwilling to give Kira away to the darkness. No one and no thing will take her away.

Her hand moved to cover her stomach, and his cock twitched with need.

He was going to inflate her rounding belly with semen if it was the last thing he did.

Lurching forward, he kicked Draekon to the ground. The younger male was quick to return to his feet. Their combined struggles strengthened, and they somehow managed to take him down.

“Don’t hurt him!” Kira begged.

“Come, you must get inside,” Ni’ev ordered Kira.

“I can’t just leave him.”

“He is not stable. Think of your child. Come.”

Kira wanted to scream and stomp her foot. Think of her child? There was nothing to think of. Vrox would never hurt her, even if he wasn’t in the right state of mind.

“We will take care of him. Do not worry.”

After much hesitation, she followed Ni’ev, and the growls of her crazed male followed.

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