The First Her

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Part 16

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chapter 16:

“Do not look back,” Ni’ev warned, his hold on her upper arm becoming firmer.

But how couldn’t she? How could she ignore a male that under her skin, into her bloodstream, into her womb? She would need a new body to forget him. This one was already contaminated with his imprint.

She turned to Vrox, unable to deny him what was his.

He was pinned to the dirt, feral as he struggled against the three men. His gritted teeth only produced growls and snarls, but those were a language in of themselves.

Mine. You are mine.

She could hear his claim; she could feel the rumble of his chest under her fingertips as it produced the truth.

“Kira, we must go.”

Reason and loyalty went for each other’s throats. Kira knew that the smartest thing to do was constrain Vrox and get away, but she wanted to be beside him.

Instead of continuing up the steps or walking to his side, she stared. His nostrils were flared, his gums were aching. His irises were golden, but his gaze focused on her as if she was the treasure. He was a dragon, and she was his hoard.

“Kira,” Ni’ev insisted.

With a look of anguish, she looked away and allowed Ni’ev to take her up the rest of the steps. Behind them, she could hear Vrox’s struggles increase.

“Here. Go here,” Ni’ev told her, having to increase his volume to battle Vrox’s thunder.

She stepped into a room, immediately spotting the bed in the middle.


“Vrox made it for you today. This is your chamber. You should stay in here until we get Vrox... under control.”

She took in the room. He made a bed for her?

Turning to Ni’ev, she gripped his forearm. “Tell me you know what’s wrong. Tell me you’ll fix it!”

Her voice was pitched with desperation.

Ni’ev shook his head. “I do not know what this is. I am sorry. Sometimes, we become irritable and aroused when the Red Rain falls, but it has not rained in many days.”

“So– so maybe he ran into a water source that causes this. What is the antidote? How do you stop it?”

Ni’ev offered an infuriating shake of his head. “I do not believe that is what happened. The effects stop after a few hours. We will have to wait and see.”

“Take me to the royal library,” she demanded, angrily wiping her face with a hand. If this planet thought it was taking her male away, then it was sorely mistaken. “We will read and find a cure. Come on! What are you waiting for?”

Ni’ev tugged his arm free and rested a hand on her shoulders. “Nothing remains in the library. You must be be patient. I must help the others restrain him, but I will return. I know what he means to you, but we must strategize.”

“But he needs me. We have to hurry!”

He squeezed her shoulders gently.

“Remember that you are not only hooman anymore. You are Ezronian.”

His words struck her.

Be strong. Be a leader.

Blinking her tears away, she gasped, “Vrox taught me how to make a concoction once. He told me that it stimulates sleep. If we give him a potent mix, he will fall asleep.”

Ni’ev nodded. “Good. This is good. Do you know what you need to make it?”

She began listing the ingredients. Ni’ev nodded, registering everything.

“Do you know how much to use on him?”

"Yes. He taught me how much to use for a person my size. I can double everything to make his.”

“Stay here. I will bring the ingredients, and you can make it. Then, I will bring it to Vrox.”

“Can you carry him up here?” she sniffled. “So he can sleep comfortably on the bed? Please?”

Ni’ev’s expression softened. “Yes, I will.”

He left her after that, and she rushed to the entrance to peek outside. Vrox was still fighting, now scratched up and dusty. She’d need to prepare plenty of the mix to tame his consciousness.

When Ni’ev returned with the ingredients, she rushed to wash her hands and rummage through the plants, roots, and oils. Her hands were trembling, their skittishness second only to her heartbeat.

She had to get this right.

An hour passed and Vrox remained resilient. She didn’t dare to look outside, knowing that she would crack if she saw how scratched up and bloody he was.

“It’s ready!” she burst, offering Ni’ev a bowl.

He took it and ran outside.

Kira rubbed her stomach. She couldn't go to Vrox, but she took comfort in the fact that a piece of him was with her.

When Ni’ev reached the men, he kneeled and tried to grip Vrox’s chin. Vrox’s struggles only increased. Seeing that he wasn’t going to drink what Ni’ev was offering, she rushed down the stairs.

“Kira! I told you to stay out of his sight!” Ni’ev reprimanded.

She ignored him, kneeling beside him and taking the bowl. Tipping it back, she filled her cheeks and bent down. Vrox, desperate for her, welcomed her into his mouth. He took it all– her tongue, the liquid in her mouth, her warmth.

She separated their mouths and filled her cheeks with another round. Again, Vrox drank everything. By the third round, his lips became sluggish against hers, his blinks became heavy, and his growling was reduced to grunts.

“Go to sleep, baby,” she whispered, pecking his lips and closed his eyelids.

His body slumped like a fallen log. As soon as his body slacked, the men began barking orders.

“We must tie him down.”

“First, let us carry him upstairs,” Ni’ev added. “Kira, can you make more of this concoction?”

She nodded eagerly and stepped aside as the men re-arranged Vrox. Ak wrapped his arms around Vrox, and Ni’ev took his legs. As they rushed up the staircase, Nebula walked to Kira’s side and wrapped a supportive arm around her.

“I’m sorry, Kira.”

She shook her head. “Don’t be. He’s going to be fine. I know it."

The men were quick to locate vines. Outside, Kira paced and waited for them to tie down Vrox’s arms and legs. When they finished, she nearly toppled Ni’ev down when she rushed inside.

“Oh baby,” she sobbed, crawling up the bed to kneel beside his head. “Look at you. You’re the one who needs a bath now,” she sniffled as she combed through his dusty hair.

“Remember what I said, Kira. You must be strong. You need to make more of the mixture.”

“I know,” she rasped. “Just give me a few minutes.”

She wiped Vrox’s bottom lip and lowered her face to connect their foreheads. “You need to be okay. I don’t know how to braid my hair, remember? You have to do it for me. And who will scold me for bending down? That’s your job too.”

He remained unresponsive. The only sign of life was his heavy breathing. Examining his tied arms, she couldn’t help but notice his alarming erection. It was swollen and red, announcing its displeasure with its stark veins.

That thing had to hurt.

Sliding off the bed, she sat on the floor and resumed fussing with the ingredients. She had to be ready for when he woke up.

“I will wait outside. Kira, call for me if he wakes.”

Seeing that Ni’ev wanted to give her space, Ak added, “Rokan and I will take care of today’s tasks and patrol.”

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