The First Her

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Part 2

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During dinner, Kira found the backbone needed to try Ezronian meat. The men and Nebula watched expectantly as she stuck a piece of white flesh on the end of a sword, held it over the fire, only pulling it out when it looked burnt.

No salmonella for me.

She blew to cool it down and then plucked it off with her thumb and index finger. She could have sworn that the guys leaned in closer when she took a bite. The tender meat practically melted on her tongue.

“Not bad,” she shrugged.

It wasn’t KFC, but it wasn’t disgusting either.

“Will you try eating it uncooked now?” Kyros urged.

"Hell no,” she chuckled.

With a frown, Kyros moved his blue eyes to Nebula. “How about you?”

“I’m gonna pass on that one,” Nebula winced. “Thanks, though.”

As Kyros began to mutter what they were missing out on, Vrox stood up, removed her from his lap, and walked toward their tent. Kira gave him a quick look over her shoulder before returning her attention to a pouting Kyros.

Seconds after Vrox made a disappearance, Akdronis stood up from and followed him. Kira was left confused and cold, having gotten used to being on Vrox’s lap.

Standing up, she stepped over the log they had been using as a seat and followed the sound of hushed, bickering voices. The men were fighting in a language that she couldn’t comprehend, making the nature of their argument all the more mysterious.

Every step she took away from the campfire led her to a darker world. It was spooky how the warm bubble she was sharing with her friends shrunk to nothingness.

“Vrox?” she called out, trying to persevere over their fiery whispers.

“Mothers,” Vrox snarled, emerging from the darkness. “Why are you walking through the darkness alone?”

He gripped her upper arm gently and began to guide her back to the group. The darkness was so potent that it forbade the colors of her lover. She couldn’t see anything other than his frame.

“I wasn’t going far. Why were you arguing?”

“This is not important,” he replied.

“Is everything okay?” she pressed, growing more worried by the second. Vrox’s voice was clipped, and he was evading questions. This wasn’t like him. His voice was usually laidback, rumbling, and smooth, and his heart was always on his sleeve.

She didn’t like this.

“It is time for you to rest. It has been a long day,” Vrox decided as he held the tent flap open for her. After entering, she stared at the furs and tried to make sense of what was happening to her alien.

“I trust you, Vrox,” she reminded him.

He avoided her eyes, distracting himself by unstrapping her straw sandals.

“I won’t push the matter tonight, but I expect that you tell me what’s bothering you.”

He set her sandals by the entrance and crawled forward to kiss her cheeks.

“Sleep well, Terran.”

He rested on his back, secured an arm around her, and palmed her stomach. She slid her own hand over his, feeling his scales scrape her palm.

“Goodnight,” she offered, feeling alone although he was wrapped around her.

She hadn’t been expecting much rest, but her body surprised her by falling into a dead sleep. Darkness was still mating with the sky when she was roused back to consciousness. There was a warm sweetness between her legs and a small crackle in the air.

“Vrox?” she gasped.

She felt his hair tickling her inner thighs, his tongue inside of her, and his hands hugging her hips. That crackle she heard? It was his saliva as his tongue drew a map on her pussy.

“Oh,” she gasped, both confused and pleased by his hunger.

Vrox couldn’t bear the thought of his brothers hearing her sexual cries, so why was he going down on her? His entire family was sleeping a few paces away.

She bit her lip and allowed her hands to find his hair. After grabbing two fistfuls as if they were reigns, she smashed his face deeper against her folds. Her hips thrust up, trying to feed him her desperate slit.

Small whimpers burned the back of her throat, the torturous things he was doing to her clit being too wonderful to be kept from the world.

He stamped his fat tongue against her and dragged it up, dipping it into her bellybutton, before returning down to her entrance.

With his lips full of pussy, he somehow managed to whisper, “I love you.”

She clamped her legs closed, squeezing his head as she came with a scream that her palms were barely able to contain.

Having a man tell you that he loves you while he’s gnawing on your pussy? Yeah, that combination was explosive.

Vrox fixed her dress and pulled her into an embrace, leaving her in a drugged, confused state. Before she could find the right question, she was pulled under by sleep. Only minutes seemed to pass before another round of tongue-fucking claimed her consciousness.

Vrox was insatiable, too impatient for breakfast.

“For the love of... fuck,” she gritted, lifting her hips to offer the furnace that had become her cunt. She wasn’t sure if she imagined it, but Vrox’s tongue felt hotter and thicker.

His hands cupped her butt and lifted her to eat her more comfortably. Filthily, like a beast that was mind-rotted with the crave to rut, he rubbed his stubbled cheek against her sensitive entrance and softly bit her inner thigh. He did the same with his nose and chin, adopting her slick.

It was utterly filthy, and she loved it enough that she came hard enough to fall asleep again.

“Little Terran,” Vrox whispered.

She turned in his embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck. She was still tired, not used to having her sleep interrupted so many times.

“Kira,” Vrox tried again, his guttural tone making his chest tremble under her cheek.


“I am sorry, female, but I need to mate you. I am... mothers; I need to be inside you.”

She opened her eyes and found Vrox’s eyes paler than usual, and his face torn with desperation.

She tightened her embrace. “I’m yours.”

His mouth descended on hers, and he swept her into his arms before scrambling out of the tent. The sun had just begun to appear, so the camp was still asleep. As he mated her mouth, he walked deep into the jungle.

He placed her down, separated their lips, and spun her around. In two smooth moves, he had her on her hands and knees. Her dress was ripped up, high enough to release her breasts.

And then he was in her, pillaging inside like a conqueror searching for riches.

His vigorous thrust had her teeth clattering and her palms skidding forward. He gripped her hips to keep her in place, wanting her to take all he had to offer. He didn’t surge all the way inside, but his girth was enough to bring tears to her eyes. His monstrous cock was a work of art.

She panted and dug her nails into the dirt, trying to take every thrust that her male gave her. His pace was even, making his heavy balls rhythmically lick her clitoris.

There was something different about his shaft. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel it deep inside. It was somehow rougher but still braided with meaty velvety.

Vrox growled suddenly, the vibration traveling down his dick and vibrating inside her.

Oh fu–

She came so hard that she was sure that her pussy broke.

With her mouth wide open, she tipped her head back to an angle that allowed her to see Vrox’s face. He looked fierce as he continued to pump into her, trying to resuscitate her deceased cunt.

Vrox moved his hands from her hips to her stomach, palming it gently before leaning down to kiss her forehead and splattering her already-pregnant womb with hot, potent, slick, alien semen.

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