The First Her

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Part 19

Kira was quiet as she followed Ni’ev to the room. The thought of having to eat whatever poor creature Ak and Rokan hunted upset her stomach.

She rubbed herself, asking her belly to behave, and grinned when she remembered how swollen she was. In just five months, she’d have her baby against her breasts.

Ni’ev was quick to look away once their eyes met.

When they made it to the room, they found the group lounging around the fire. Kira sat by Nebula, smiling when she noticed her hair.

“Your removed your braids.”

“Yeah. I’ll have it braid it again tomorrow, or else it’ll get knotted to hell.”

Kira switched to English. “The way Ak is staring at you, I’m pretty sure your head will catch fire before then,” she joked.

“Tell me about it. He has been staring for hours.”

“We should go on a girl’s date tomorrow. It’s about time I take another shower.”

Nebula nodded. “I’m going to need all the water I can get to put out the fire.”

Kira giggled and scooted closer. Vee got comfortable on her lap and began to prod her belly with his snout as he sniffed it

She continued her conversation with Nebula, roasting slips of meat for both of them. When Ak presented two freshly cleaned coconut bowls and a small container of blue dust specs, she reached around the fire to accept his offerings.

“Thank you. What is this?”

“Sometimes Ezronians added this spice to meat. It is spicy.”

She nearly melted at his thoughtfulness. “Aww, Ak. You remembered? I could kiss you right now.”

He pulled his hands away. “I mean no disrespect, but I want nothing to do with your lips.”

Kira chuckled. “Oh? What about another set of lips, then?”

His eyes jumped to Nebula, who looked anywhere but at him.

“I would... not be opposed to that,” Ak answered, eyes still giving Nebula the spotlight.

Kira’s gaze connected with Rokan, and she gave him a subtle nod.

Both women exploded with laughter when Rokan jumped at Ak, his lips puckered. With a growl, Ak shoved Rokan hard enough that he tumbled into Ni’ev’s arms.

Ni’ev helped Roken sit up, joining the women’s laughter.

With his arms crossed and his anger burning fiercer than usual, Ak faced a wall and tried to ignore the ridicule.

After their laugher calmed, Kira sprinkled some of the blue seasoning on an uncooked slice of meat and roasted it. Nebula decided to test it first. If the seasoning was poisonous for humans, Nebula would rather that it killed her instead of a pregnant Kira.

“Hmm... it’s really spicy. Maybe use less next time?”

Kira nodded. “Got it. Anything else?”

“The meat is still pretty bland. But hey, we’re getting somewhere!”

After Kira was stuffed and sleepy, she struggled to get comfortable. Rokan had offered new furs, but even that wasn’t enough to please her aching hips and lower back.

“You okay?” Nebula asked from her spot on the ground.

Kira cringed with embarrassment, hating that she looked like high maintenance.

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“I can...” Ni’ev cleared his throat. “I can hold you like Vrox does if it helps you sleep.”

She shuddered as if Ni’ev had suggested something cruel. Vrox had been asleep for a little over two days now. Finding comfort in another male’s arms seemed wrong– gasoline thrown at an infant flame of betrayal.

“No. Thank you.”

She stopped squirming, pillowed her head with one arm, and curled into herself. Closing her eyes, she summoned the phantoms of Vrox’s touches.

– • –


She grumbled a reply and sat up, only to gag.

“Damn,” Nebula cursed as she supported her shoulders.

Kira inhaled deeply, trying to calm her nausea. “Sorry,” she cleared her throat. “My kid is just saying good morning, I guess.”

Nebula chuckled and helped her sit up. “Come. The guys already started the day. I let you sleep in a bit. You were snoring, so I figured you were super tired.”

“Vrox? Is he up?”

Nebula shook her head, and Kira rubbed her eyes tiredly. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s been days. He’ll starve. What am I going to do?”

Nebula rubbed her back soothingly. “Well...”

Kira threw her desperate eyes at the other woman, hoping to drown her with them.

“What? Do you have an idea? Please tell me.”

Nebula bit her lip. “Okay. I hope you don’t get mad. When the guys were trying to restrain Vrox, he kinda flashed all of us, so I got a look at his junk.” She stopped talking to gauge Kira’s reaction.

Kira shook her head. “It's fine. Things got pretty heated very quickly. Anyway, what does this have to do with anything?”

“Well, he looked a little... stressed out downstairs.” Nebula shifted uncomfortably. “I’m not a doctor, but I’m thinking that maybe he’ll get pulled back to consciousness if you help him relax. I don’t know, bounce on his lap a little? It might be worth a shot.”

Kira sighed, pulling her gaze away. “I can’t.”

“Oh, sorry. I figured that you two were intimate enough then he wouldn't mind if you woke him up like that."

“It’s complicated. Last time I suggested getting some action, he pushed me away and wouldn’t tell me why.”

“At the end of the day, he's your alien boyfriend. You know him best.”

“I know. I know.” She rubbed her neck. “I just don’t want to upset him.”

“You could consider using your hand. That seems less invasive.”

Kira groaned. Last time Vrox rejected sex, it was because he was worried that he would hurt her. This time, she had no idea what was going through his mind. Did he not find her attractive? Was he ashamed of something? Was he uncomfortable anywhere?

“Eat breakfast, and then let’s bathe. Ni’ev was nice enough to prepare some buckets for us. He’s watching over Vrox now.”

The girls ate breakfast and then headed to the common room. They passed Vrox’s room on their way.

“Anything?” Kira asked Ni’ev, her hope dwindling.

“No. The others have collected the Tunyun’s blood. I have tried to get him to drink, but he remains unresponsive.”

“Give it to me,” Kira requested, extending a hand.

“Uh, you sure? You can barely stomach cooked meat,” Nebula warned.

Kira nodded firmly. If she had to bird-feed blood to Vrox then she wasn’t going to offer any complaints.

Ni’ev entered the room and beckoned her inside. He held out a bowl for her, which was full to the brim with foul-smelling, green, alien blood.

Closing her eyes, she filled her cheeks with the awful substance and waled to Vrox. His stomach was rumbling with hunger, and his skin looked paler. Starvation was reaching its bony fingers toward him.

She bent at the waist and connected their lips. Nothing happened, so she pecked him again and again, begging for recognition. Minutes passed, and Vrox’s mouth remained stubbornly shut.

She took the empty bowl Ni’ev offered and spat out the blood in her cheeks, coughing pathetically.

What was she going to do? She had no medical knowledge. How were they supposed to keep him hydrated without any tools or expertise?

“Come. We’ll try again later,” Nebula offered. “Vee, follow us.”

Nebula wrapped a protective arm around Kira and led her to the common room. Kira spat a few times, trying to get rid of the taste of blood. When they reached their destination, she rinsed her mouth with water. Nebula went to an opposite corner, dragging a bucket of water with her. She kept chatting in an attempt to distract Kira from their ominous situation.

Kira replied halfheartedly as she washed.

Don’t cry. You can do this, she encouraged herself.

She thought of Vrox from a different angle. He was a sweet, intelligent, and protective, so much so that she occasionally forgot about his deadliness. Sweet or not, Vrox was destruction personified– mean in structure and despicable in action. Evolution had outdone itself when making him. With his honed senses and tireless strength, he was a dangerous balance between man and animal.


She rushed to wash the lather off her body.

Hearing her scramble, Nebula asked, “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

“I figured it out,” Kira answered as she tied her dress over her dripping body. “Vrox’s senses– they are above average. He may wake up if he smells me. Don’t worry. Enjoy your bath. I’ve got this.”

She rushed out, still wet.

“Ni’ev. I need some time with Vrox. Don’t come in, okay?”

He looked confused but followed her instructions nonetheless.

Kira scanned Vrox’s unconscious figure.

This has to work.

Hiking her skirt up to her waist, she climbed the bed and straddled Vrox’s neck. Then, with her lip between her teeth and her palms supporting her stomach, she lowered herself. Her freshly scrubbed pussy was now directly over his nose. She stared between her thighs, awaiting a sign.

Ten seconds became one minute, and all she heard was the tantalizing sounds of his hungry stomach.

Her eyes stung, but she refused the urge to cry.

Concept A didn’t work, she thought to herself, trying to look at the situation from an engineering perspective. That doesn’t mean it’s useless. Modify it. Where do you go from here? What’s missing?

A chuckle left her when she realized the answer.

Fuel is missing. Your pussy needs some oil.

Getting said oil was relatively easy. Vrox’s dick provided plenty of memories. His cock was the meanest part of him– a self-righteous, greedy, slab of meat that declared her pussy its home. Every time it surged inside, love became war as it demanded her elasticity. She thought of his dick’s partner in crime– those heavy balls that fucked the back of her thighs as his dick fucked her insides. Then there was his hydrating burst of semen that painted her red guts a snowy white.

She was recounting all the positions they explored when she felt a tongue lick the puddle under her baby bump.

“Female,” a husky mutter called out. “What in the mothers...”

He stopped to lick her again. He was starved and unable to deny the sweet fruit that was dangling in front of his face.

“ you think you are doing?”

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