The First Her

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Part 21

Kira pursed her lips.

Noticing her demeanor, Vrox asked, “Are you angry?”

“No, Vrox, because I know you had some ridiculously selfless reason for not telling me. That doesn’t mean that I’m not disappointed in you. I thought that we agreed that we wouldn’t be keeping secrets like these.”

“I did not want to stress you or...”

“Or what?” she pushed.

“Or disgust you.”

Her face crumpled with confusion. Although his unconscious state made his skin paler and his face hollower, he still looked Hollywood-worthy. She had embraced his black scleras, the scales that covered his arm, and the tips of canines that rested on his bottom hip. Nothing about his physiology could send her running for the hills. She had allowed him to make her stomach heavy because she had no interest in running from him.

Resting a palm over his chest, she asked, “what’s in here?”

Vrox dropped his gaze to her hand and then returned it to her eyes. “My heart.”

“As long as this stays the same, you will never be ugly to me.”

He gripped her hand. “I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, be verbal. Tell me what you were concerned about.”

“Sometimes, I dream of red.”

Kira’s frowned again, unable to make much out of his words. “Of red? You mean of blood?”

“Blood, red clouds, red horizon, red flowers, red oceans. The color is everywhere.”

“But...” she licked her lips. “You are never restless in your sleep. You never shift around.”

“I have good muscle control,” Vrox explained. “But none over my dreams.”

She shook her head, still confused. “How is this supposed to disgust me?”

“My dreams are not the only new symptom. My body is changing, too.”

She nodded. “I know. A few days ago, I saw some new scales dotting your back, but they seem to have disappeared. You look the same now.”

“You saw scales on my back?”

She nodded, and he got lost in his thoughts.

“What change did you notice?” Kira urged.

Gripping her hips, he moved her to sit beside him. When his hand reached for his lap, Kira deadpanned. “Vrox,” she sighed. “Now is really not the time to have sex. Let’s talk, and then we can screw our brains out, okay?”

“It is not that,” responded as he gripped himself and lifted his erect penis. With his free hand, he lifted his balls.


“Huh?” she blurted, reaching a hand up to her mouth to make sure that she wasn’t drooling.

“As I was saying...”

She zoned out a second time, staring at his package and wishing that she was cradling it herself.

“Oh,” she whispered, shifting in her seat in search of much-needed friction. “I take it back. Sorry, Vrox, but a pregnant lady has her needs.”

She crawled forward, fully intending to straddle him and ride until she was tossed into her own coma.

“This is the problem,” Vrox insisted, making her sigh with frustration and force herself to sit on her haunches.

“What is the problem?” she encouraged.

“A scale has begun to grow here. This is not normal. Once a man develops his scales, they do not develop anymore. Scales also do not re-locate.”

She finally noticed the very small patch on his sac that was darker than the surrounding skin.

“So, you thought this was going to scare me off?”

He shrugged. “I did not want to risk a negative reaction.”

“Well, my reaction is that I want to fuck you. May I please proceed?”

Vrox chuckled, and she took that as a sign to continue her hunting. Stalking forward, she straddled his lap and slapped his hands away from his cock. She took it, positioned him, and slowly reunited them.

“Welcome back home, baby,” she breathed, her eyes already rolled to the back of her head.

Vrox chuckled again. He kept his hands under her thighs to help guide her. Ten minutes and three sloppy orgasms later, their bed frame was cracked, and Kira was unconscious in his embrace.

After he finally built the willpower to dig his nose out of her neck, he separated their bodies and laid her on her back. Unable to help himself, he lifted her skirt up. After wiping her clean with a dry rag, he devoted a few moments to the gentle rise and fall of her stomach.

He knew next to nothing about pregnancy, but Kira once explained that humans gestated for nine months, and they started showing at three months. When comparing that rate against the six-month gestation period of Ezronians, she estimated that her belly would start showing at two months. Only one month had passed since they procreated, but Kira was already looking bloated. The rate at which their seedling was taking root was exhilarating.

Reaching for her skirt, he pulled it back down. Now that he ate and was sexually sated, he wanted to work. There was much to do since he had neglected his duties. He had promised to get more rest, and he didn’t have the heart to to upset Kira

With the mental note to replace their bedframe with one that would survive their eager frolicking, he laid beside her and tried to sleep.

– • –

The group fell back into their normal routine over the next two weeks. Kira and Vrox cleared every room in the pyramid, taking out broken furniture and ruined furs. The men suggested ripping out the weeds and flowers that grew out of the walls, but she managed to convince them to keep the vegetation alone.

When she wasn’t cleaning with Vrox, she was working with Nebula and Ni’ev on plumbing, treating furs, making clay pots, or writing. Since all of the remaining books or scrolls in the pyramid had severe degrees of damage, she figured that she should start writing her own.

In her messy English lettering, she filled pages with observations of Ezronian culture, her history with Vrox, and her plans for the future.

“Kira, what do you think of this?”

She placed down the glass she had been examining. Instead of looking at Ni’ev, she scanned the room. Although she had done a great job at hiding it, she no longer felt comfortable being alone with him.

She was fine with him touching her belly when he thought she was asleep, she understood when he offered to hold her so she could sleep comfortably, but she could not wrap her mind around why he often glanced at her stomach.

Other than Vrox, none of his brothers spent so much time staring at her.

"Hey,” she cleared her throat. “Remember to use C-class connectors for the elbows. Anything else will let water leak. You know, I think Vrox called me, so I have to go.”

Without looking back, she rushed outside, unaware that she was gripping her stomach as if life depended on it.

“Kira! Have you seen Vee?”

She looked to her left and found Nebula standing there.

“What is that?” Nebula continued.

Kira looked at her hand and groaned. “A magnifying glass. You weren’t supposed to see it until it was complete.”

“Wow!” Nebula gushed. “Thank you!”

“Well, I promised I was going to make you one, didn’t I?”

“Where did you get the glass from?”

“I found some shards a few weeks ago in one of the upper levels,” Kira answered, looking behind her shoulder.

“Nice. How did you give it the magnifying effect? Did you have to use any heat?”

“Yeah, I had to apply some to...” she paused to look over her shoulder again, checking if Ni’ev was lurking on a corner.

“Are you okay? You seem out of it.”

Kira returned her attention to Nebula. Sighing, she rubbed her forehead. She knew that it wasn’t safe to keep these kinds of worries to herself, but a part was waiting to be proven wrong.

“If I tell you something, will you share your honest opinion?”

Nebula nodded instantly. “Of course.”

“You won’t tell Vrox?”

Nebula shifted her weight from one leg to another. “I mean... I wouldn’t like having to keep things from him, especially if they concern your health, but I’ll respect your space.”

Kira nodded, satisfied with that answer.

“Okay, well, Ni’ev has been creeping me out for weeks now.”

“Creeping you out?”

“Yeah. He touched my stomach when he thought I was asleep. I didn’t think much of that back then, but now I find him staring at my stomach so much. None of the other men do that– well, except Vrox.”

“I don’t know what to make of this,” Nebula admitted. “They have their own rules and customs, you know? They freak out when one of us forgets to look away before drinking water. Maybe Ni’ev is sending a silent prayer whenever he stares at your stomach?”

Kira groaned. “I need to tell Vrox. I’ve become hypocrite for scolding him about keeping secrets, but here I am doing the same.”

“Hey, it takes a lot of a person to recognize they’re doing wrong. But anyway, I think you should tell him. He knows his brothers better than we ever will.”

Kira groaned, thinking of how she was supposed to communicate her worries.

“Falling in love does crazy things to your head. One day, you’ll be daydreaming. The next, you’ll want to pull out your hair.”

For this, Nebula had no comment.

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