The First Her

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Part 24

A dip of the bed awoke Kira. Since she knew that Vrox always slipped in undetected, she sat up in a haze of panic.

“It is I. Go back to sleep,” Vrox muttered.

She sank into him, sighing her relief. “Rokan is still guarding outside?” she whispered.

“Yes. He will leave when I awaken.”

To Kira’s surprise, he didn’t reach for her abdomen. He was unconscious within minutes. Ezronians didn’t snore, but she knew that Vrox was dead to the world.

She realized then that things couldn’t go on like this. She had to do something because clashing pipes all day wasn’t helping. When Vrox woke up for his next shift, she was still awake and thinking about how to help the men.

With a shy kiss to her lips, Vrox left. She tossed and turned for the next hours before finally giving up and walking outside.

"Hey, Ak,” she greeted.

“Hello. Would you like to eat?”

"Yeah. Let’s go get something.”

She walked to the common room, greeting Rokan when they passed him. He returned the pleasantry, but his voice wasn’t very enthusiastic. It seemed like fatigue was chewing him up too.

“I got you more spices,” Ak announced.

“Oh yeah?” she grinned. “When?”

“I noticed that a plant nearby grows death fire. I went down to retrieve some.”

“Uh... death fire? That doesn’t sound very tasty.”

Ak shrugged. “You can add very, very small pieces. It is hot. It will make the food exciting.”

“I’ll give it a shot.”

They reached the common room, which Ni’ev was now guarding. Nebula was inside, eating breakfast with Vee.

“Hey, guys.”

“Hi, Kira.”

Ak disappeared for a few minutes, leaving her with Ni’ev and the others. “What’s with the rock?” she asked, gesturing to the small pile Nebula had beside her.

“This? I’m pretty sure its galena. On Earth, it’s used for led production. Isn’t it cute?”

Kira chuckled. Only Nebula would make a pet out of a rock.

Ak returned with two sacks, tossing one to a corner. A handful of white dust spilled, but he didn’t seem to care.

“Ak, I think you dropped your cocaine.”

He frowned. “What?”

“Just a human joke. I meant that your bag opened.”

“It is just salt,” he shrugged. “This sack has what I was speaking of earlier.” He came closer, eyeing Nebula before sitting between them. Reaching into the bag, he pulled out a bright red pepper.

Kira was quick to cover her nose. “I can smell that thing from here. Are you trying to kill me?”

He crooked his head. “Why would I have any interest in assassinating you?”

She shook her head. “There’s no way I’m putting that in my mouth. It looks like a ghost pepper. My guts would explode.”


Could this be it?

She rubbed her stomach as her mind ran. This pepper may be too hot to eat, but it had other uses. Could she weaponize it?

At NASA, she didn’t really dive into the chemical field. Thankfully, Nebula loved smashing rocks together.

“Hey, what do you know about explosives?”

“You mean like propellants?”

“Yeah. Gunpowder, cordite, ballistite, that kind of stuff.”

“I know that they go ‘boom’ and have toxic by-products. Unless you want to lose a few fingers, you shouldn’t mess with the stuff.”

“But hypothetically, can’t we make it? The Chinese made gunpowder centuries ago, didn’t they?”

“Sure, it’s pretty easy to make, but where is this coming from?”

Kira reached over to Ak’s hand and grabbed the angry pepper in his fist.

“I have an idea. I think that if we make pepper bombs, the guys might be able to relax their patrolling schedule. They depend too much on close-combat weapons. We can do this. We just need sulfur, charcoal, and uh... what’s that last one?”

“Potassium nitrate,” Nebula finished.

“Yeah! We’ve got this.”

“Um... I’m afraid it’s not that simple. To get sulfur, we need the right rock type. Galena, this rock right here, is somewhere between ten to fifteen percent sulfur. We need something stronger.”

“Like what?”

“Well, pyrite. It’s a mineral that looks like gold, but it’s not. It’s over fifty percent sulfur, but I don’t know if it even exists in Ezron. This planet doesn’t always respect Earth chemistry.”

Kira shook her head. “We have to try. The guys are already pushing themselves too much. How do we get potassium nitrate?”

“I suspected a while back that the guys already use it to tan hides or cure meat. I’ll have to ask Ak some questions, though.” She looked at him nervously, and he returned the stare.

“What is it?” Ak asked Kira. The women had been speaking English, so he caught nothing of the conversation. “Does she want me to leave?”

“Akdronis...” Nebula called out, earning his shock.

As if scared of spooking her away, he replied, “yes?” in a soft voice.

“I have a few questions about that salt you have in the sack. Where did you get it?”

“It is naturally produced in caves.”

Nebula nodded. “I thought so.”

“Well?” Kira interjected. “What do you think?”

“It sounds like it is potassium nitrate, but I’ll have to check. If it isn’t, I know a method to produce it.”

“What do you need to make it?”

“It can be produced with urine and glass. The problem is that the process can take months.”

Kira smiled and stood up. “Awesome. That’s great. Thank you for listening, Nebula. What do you need for the sulfur extraction?”

“Lots of pyrite, two pots of clay, and one short pipe. We need to put crushed pyrite on one pot and heat it up. The fumes will travel to the other pot. When it cools, the iron leaves and sulfur will be left behind.”

“Okay. I’ll see if I can get the guys to locate this fake-gold. In the meantime, I’ll dry the peppers. We’ll work on the charcoal after this, yeah?”

Nebula nodded. “Sounds good.”

As Nebula examined the salt, Kira asked Ak about the pepper. She needed way more. She also asked him about the fake gold. The good news was that pyrite existed on Ezron. The bad news was that there wasn’t any nearby.

She begged him to collect pyrite and peppers the next time he went out to hunt. Seeing his hesitation, she asked Nebula to request the same thing. This time, he was eager to agree. Kira felt bad about exploiting his feelings, but sacrifices needed to be made in the name of science.

Over the next four days, Kira dried the peppers and ground them into a fine powder. The stuff was so strong that she was sniffling and tearing through most of the preparation. In the meantime, Nebula worked on extracting the sulfur. They ground the potassium nitrate and ran the three ingredients through a fine-mesh sleeve. Their measurements were rough, so they prepared many different batches with different grams of each ingredient.

For the testing phase, they had to warn the men that they would hear small explosions. Kira refused to reveal what they were working on, wanting to surprise Vrox.

They tested their many combinations of gunpowder by introducing fire to it with a long stick. Some combinations had much more explosive reactions than others, which was what they were looking for. They knew that adding isopropyl alcohol would add to the intensity, but weren’t sure how to make it.

“Woah!” Kira gasped when one batch exploded brighter than the ones before it. “I think we found our winner.”

A shocked Draekon watched on, his hands ready to pull the women away.

“Nebula, can you reproduce more of that formula? I’m going to go ahead and prepare the arrows.

In the next three days, Kira made wooden arrows of multiple sizes and girths. Draekon helped by testing their flying patterns with a bow. When they found a steady one, she continued her preparation. She emptied a round fruit, leaving only its skin, and glued gunpowder to its insides with tree sap. She then dropped a handful of the pepper powder and glued the skin shut with the sap. More gunpowder was coated on the outside.

The next step was securing the bomb to the arrow. Ideality, once the arrow was set on fire and tossed into the air, the flames would reach the bomb. The pepper powder was supposed to spread wildly, raining down on whoever was below.

When it was finally time to test their week’s worth of work, they gathered most of the men. Ni’ev was left behind to patrol, and Kira could tell that the others were antsy about having to leave their posts. They were now on the southern staircase of the second level, overlooking the forest. Kira handed a bow to Vrox, and he took it suspiciously.

“You didn’t use this, did you?” he asked her.


“Good, because the draw sting could have snapped and hurt you.”

She sighed at his hopelessness. Even with his face paler than usual and his eyes red with fatigue, he was ranting about her health.

“Can you shoot this arrow into the air? You’ll have to do it fast since it will be on fire.”

He shrugged. “Of course, but what is the purpose of this?”

“You’ll see,” she grinned.

Taking Nebula’s hand into hers, she waited for Vrox to position the arrow. Once it was set on fire, Vrox sent it flying.






Smoke and red dust rained on the field.

The females grinned as the men shrunk. Although the girls had tested smaller quantities of gun powder, this was the biggest batch, so it was the biggest explosion they heard.

“What is this?” Vrox asked, turning in search of answers.

“A pepper bomb. If you were in the field right now, you would be blinded. Nebula and I spent the week making the explosive. We thought that if you had this defense, then you could relax patrol.”

Vrox looked from the field to her. “So when I found you producing eye-water a few days ago, it was not because of your emotions? It was pepper?”

"Yeah, it stung my eyes a little.”

His face crumbled with fury. “I told you not to–”

She groaned and tugged him away. “Thanks for coming, guys. Nebula, I’ll see you later!”

“Where are you going?” Vrox asked.

“I’m taking you to rest. We have these bombs now. Anyone that charges toward the stairs will be taken down in seconds. Don’t you agree?”

“Well, yes, we can cut back patrol, but I must discuss this with my brothers.”

“You can talk to them during dinner. Come and take a nap.” She led him to their room and pushed him on the bed.

“Lay with me,” he requested.

“In a second.”

She went to their small side table and grabbed the pomegranate-like fruit that sat there. With her dagger, she cut off the top and bottom.

“Are you hungry?” Vrox asked.


She jammed two fingers into the fruit’s middle, pushing seeds out to make a large hole.

“That is not how you peel it. Give it here. I will do it for you.”

“No, no. Stay there.”

He obliged, only to grow confused when she reached for his lap.

“Do you wish to eat or to rut? You cannot do both at the same time.”

Vrox’s confusion morphed to shock when she lodged his erection into the ring of the fruit. Juice dripped down his balls, and he knew it was only seconds before semen joined it. They hadn’t had sex in weeks. There was never enough time.

Kira admired her masterpiece before bending at the waist and filling her mouth. She suckled and lapped, drinking up the juice that seasoned his hard meat. As she pleasured him with her mouth, she squeezed and rotated the fruit, giving him the sensation that he was in her mouth and pussy all at once.

Vrox could only groan as his body prepared its own explosion. It took all of his will power to grab her hair and tug his cock out of her mouth. Skimming his thumb over her plump, wet lips, he pulled her forward.

“I must spill inside of you just in case.”

“Just in case?” she laughed. “Haven’t you seen the size of my stomach?”

“Maybe you have just been eating too well.”

“Are you calling me fat?”

Vrox chuckled. “It does not matter. The more of you there is, the more my cock gets to explore.”

He spun her and pulled her to his lap, filling her quickly. With one hand, he palmed her breast. His other remained on her stomach.

“These are heavier,” he observed.

"Yeah. They’ve been aching like a bitch lately. Don’t squeeze them, or I won’t let you come.”

With that warning, she raised and sank onto his lap. Vrox’s hand fell from her breast to her hip to help lift her. He licked every inch of her insides, leaving nothing unsatisfied. Kira sent a silent thank you to the fates for designing Ezronian dick so generously.

Dropping a hand to their connection, she spread her fingers to a wide V and felt him fuck her.

When she felt a shift in her lower stomach, she waited for bliss.

It didn’t come.

Vrox continued his plunging, not aware of her distraction. When the little shift came again, she clutched his wrist. “Stop.”

He stilled instantly. “What? What is it?”

As if it could recognize its father’s warmth, the baby kicked harder. Instantly, Vrox grabbed her hips and moved her to bed. He peered between her legs, observing her swollen, wet pussy.

“Is it coming? Is it here?”

He cupped his hands as if preparing to catch the baby.

Kira burst out laughing.

“Stop shaking! It will make the seedling dizzy!”

She wiped her teary eyes. “It’s not coming, Vrox. It still has three more months to go.” She moved his hands to her stomach. “It’s just saying hi.”

He looked excited and horrified all at once. “Was it my cock?” he asked innocently. “Did I poke it? Did I disturb it?”

She laughed some more. “No. We talked about this. You can’t hurt it.”

“Oh.” He rubbed her stomach with both hands. “Hello, little one.”

It took many minutes for Kira to feel another flutter. Vrox's smile lit up the planet better than the sun. “Did you feel that?”

She caressed his cheek tenderly. “Yeah, baby. I felt it.”

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