The First Her

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Part 26

I announced this a while back, but want to make sure you’re all aware: I am editing book 1 to remove the men’s titles as princes. People commented that this is a “huge” plot change. I don’t think it is. So far, their titles have only been used for appeal– making them appear more powerful. Other than that, it’s useless.

I have been editing book 1 for a long time now. There really isn’t a need to re-read anything, because the only thing that is changing is that the men aren’t royals.

– Their scaling pattern will be normal

– Only nobles and royals live in the pyramid, so the guys, being sons of a noble, still grew up in the pyramid

– The previous commander was close friends with Vrox’s father, so he gifted the boys the names of the gates

– No one knows where the actual royal family is. They scattered.

What made me make this change:

I figured that it would be such a huge coincidence if Kira landed on Ezron and just so happened to meet a bunch of princes. The chances of that would be low. On top of this, I think we’re so used to only being attracted to men in power– alphas, billionaires, mafia leaders, kings, princess. Well, Vrox isn’t just handed a title at birth. He will fight for it, and he’ll still be a sexy papi 🔥

Part 26

Kira was confused. One minute she’s locked in a room with Nebula and Draekon. In the next, she’s taken by Ak. Now, she’s staring at a kneeling old man.

His hands were scaled, and his chest and pelvis were covered by skins. This was a strange combination since she had never seen an Ezronian wearing a top.

“Who is he?” she dared to ask.

“Your vo-voice,” Wo’ton stuttered. He was struck by the sound of a woman. “Speak again. I beg of you.”

Kira cleared her throat awkwardly. “Umm... hi?”

Wo’ton placed his palms on the ground and ranted prayers of thanks to the fates. He hadn’t heard or seen a woman in nearly two decades. Kira was a vision.

“Wo’ton, you do not need to kneel. Get up,” Vrox urged.

Wo’ton tried to regain his footing. Seeing his struggle, Ak stepped forward. “May I touch you?” he requested.

“Yes. Help this old man.”

Ak grabbed the upper arm of the elder and helped him stand. As he regained footing, Wo’ton groaned his distress.

“How is this possible? Where did she come from? The Vanishing took them all!”

Vrox looked at Kira and encouraged her to answer with a rub to her back. Kira planned her answer. Was it safe to announce Earth’s existence? No. It was best to keep it a secret for now.

“Hello, I’m Kira. I don’t know where I came from. I woke up one day, and I found Vrox. I don’t remember anything before that.”

Wo’ton blinked. He noticed that Kira used contractions. This was normal for commoners, but not royals and nobles. Considering that she had much more colorful obscurities than her speech, he asked, “your womb... dare I ask, are you carrying?”

Kira smiled shyly. “I am.”

With a shout of joy, Wo’ton tried to kneel again. Ak grabbed him by the arms. “Be calm, Wo’ton. You will injure your back.”

“I must show my respect. Help me kneel.”

To Kira’s surprise, Ak smiled and helped lower the man. “You don’t have to do that!” she flustered, feeling tempted to rush to his side and pick him up. She hesitated because she wasn’t used to approaching any male other than Vrox and his brothers.

“Is that why you are here?” Wo’ton asked. “To claim the throne?”

The others stiffened. They hadn’t expected Wo’ton to connect the dots so quickly. The former councilmember didn’t miss a beat.

“Yes. To offer our people a future.”

Wo’ton looked from Kira to Vrox. “This is... a difficult situation. The royal family is still out there. By nature, they are entitled to the throne.”

“I understand that. Do you think that I did not hesitate? That I did not question my worthiness and honor? As much as I dislike it, our royal family has met its end. They cannot produce heirs, but the Vanishing has taken our past. We cannot let it take our future.”

Wo’ton sighed. “The prince has a birthright to the throne, but Kira has a birthright to choose. It would be wrong to give her to the prince, but it would also be wrong to bring an end to the royal line that has ruled for centuries.”

“Wo’ton,” Vrox growled. “Let this be the last time that you suggest Kira being given to anyone. She has freely gifted me with fatherhood. She and the life in her womb are mine. If the prince wants a female, he will have to plow through the jungles in search of his own.”

Noticing his balled fist, Kira rubbed his scaled hand to soothe his anger.

“You misunderstood. I would never conspire against your family.”

“Your grandchildren,” Vrox mentioned. “Would they feel the same?”

“Of course. I have raised them well.”

Vrox and Ak exchanged another one of their secret stares.

“Do you know anything about someone sneaking into the pyramid and touching Kira in her sleep?”

“No. I did not know she existed until today.”

“I see. You and your grandsons are welcome to stay, Wo’ton. We need to grow our numbers. However, you will all have to camp outside of the pyramid until we are able to trust you.”

“Of course, son.

Vrox stiffened.

“This is...” Wo’ton looked around. “Like a dream. I thought that I would die after watching Ezron suffer for fifteen snowfalls. It would be an honor to embark on one final adventure to serve my planet.”

“Do you know where the other councilmembers are?” Ak interjected.

“It has been so long, Akdronis. Some died, others scattered. The wilderness has eaten much of men’s minds and honor. I could only keep track of my grandsons.”

“What are the ages of your grandsons?”

“Twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-five snowfalls. They are strong and will be able to contribute.”

“We must meet them. When will they return?”

Wo’ton looked to the entrance. “Soon. They have been hunting since morning.”

Vrox nodded. “Good. I must speak with Kira. I will return later.”

“I understand. It was good to see you again, son.”

Kira noticed that Vrox became even tenser.

“See you later, Wo’ton,” she said, before grabbing Vrox’s hand and leading him to their room.

“Vrox?” Ni’ev yelled from a distance.

“All is well. Stay on watch!” Vrox threw back.

Once they reached their room, Vrox b-lined for the bed and tried to pull Kira onto his lap.

“Nu-uh, hold on. What was that back there? Why did you become all stiff?”

Vrox looked at the floor. “He called me son.”

She nodded. “Yes, and?”

He shrugged. “I realized that I could not remember the last time my father called me that. It has been too long. I grew up without a father figure. Will I... know what to do with the seedling? Will I be good at this?”

His insecurity cracked Kira’s heart.

“You’ve never had a female companion before, but look at how well you treat me. You don’t need a father figure to know how to be a great father.”

“Are you positive?” he whispered, his expression unsure.

“Yes, baby. I’m positive.”

With a tired sigh, he gripped her hips and nuzzled his nose into her baby bump. Kira could only stroke his hair.

Their moment was interrupted by a panting Nebula. “Hey guys, sorry to barge in, but can someone tell me what the hell is going on?”

“There’s someone you need to meet. I need to warn you, though, he’s going to drop to his knees, so don’t freak out.”

“His knees?” Nebula repeated. “Why in the fuck...”

“You know, Ezronians and their respect.”

Kira took Nebula’s hand and guided her to the common room, where Ak was speaking with Wo’ton. When the elder noticed the two women, he gasped and bent at the waist.

“Another one! Fates!”

“Wo’ton, you must stop this,” Vrox chuckled. “You will break something.”

“She is... not claimed?” Wo’ton replied.

“Huh?” Nebula blurted.

“Your womb is not swollen.”

When she noticed that everyone in the room was staring at her, Nebula fidgeted.

“Are you looking for a male, then? I have three grandsons that–”

“No!” Ak erupted. “Do not even speak of this.”

“Akdronis,” Vrox drew out.

“You know what? I’m going to feed Vee. I’ll see you all around!” Nebula tossed over her shoulder as she ran out of the room.

“I apologize. I did not know you were with her, Akdronis. Congratulations to both of you.”

Kira winced but didn’t correct him.

“We should discuss how you and your grandsons will be contributing. There is much to do.”

Wo’ton nodded. “Of course, son.”

Kira smiled when she noticed that Vrox didn’t tense that time.

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