The First Her

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Part 28

The women spent the rest of the day indoors. The environment felt too tense for them to be wandering around. In her nervous fidgeting, Kira braided Vee’s fur. The little guy didn’t mind the ridiculous hairstyle, being too busy rubbing against her stomach.

Nebula sat beside her and toyed with her dagger. Since Vrox’s schedule was right, he didn’t have time to begin her training lessons. Kira hoped he had some time to spare soon. Now that four newcomers joined, she needed to learn how to defend herself.

“Vee, you are getting too comfortable with my female.”

Vrox stood by the entrance, his sword dripping red. When he noticed Kira’s alarm, he flicked some blood off the blade. “It is alright. An animal just ventured too close.”

“And Wo’ton’s grandsons? Did they say their decision?”

Vrox nodded. “Yes. They are staying.”

Kira’s shoulders sagged with relief. She wanted this to work. Their team was in desperate need of expansion. There was much to do in The Capital, but they currently didn’t have the labor for it. Wo’ton and his grandsons were only a group of four, but their contributions would make a great difference.

“I had an idea,” Kira announced. “Now that we have more help here, one of the guys can go out to recruit.”

“That would be difficult.”


“Because my brothers and I have been sheltered for fifteen snowfalls. We have not cared about maintaining friendships with nearby groups. We do not know anyone that is trustworthy.”

“This is a long shot, but Wo’ton probably knows people since he has been around for a while. We can’t wait to be found by good or bad guys. I think we need to take the first step and grow our population.”

“I agree, but we cannot trust him or his family just yet. We need more time.”

Silence took over, and Kira considered their situation. If an army of men decided to attack the next day, the team wouldn’t be able to take them on. They were determined, but they were only five mortal brothers, one pregnant woman, one pet, and Nebula.

“Where are Wo’ton and his grandchildren staying for now?”

“An outdoor camp. It is nearby, but at a safe distance.”

That sounded fair enough to her.

“So you mentioned giving them small tasks...”

“Yes. They will be treating furs, perhaps hunting. We cannot let them patrol yet. In the future, they might be allowed to recruit with us.”

Kira nodded, agreeing with the decision. If the men proved themselves to be trustworthy, they could become valuable assets.

That night, dinner was silent as everyone entertained their thoughts. Kira thought about her insecurities and her hopes. This day had been a game-changer for them. There would be no looking back. As she chewed on the mildly spiced meat, she felt her stomach stir. Instantly, she turned away, waiting for vomit to surge. Instead of throwing up, she felt baby shift.

Vrox, vigilant as always, noticed her distraction. He grabbed her hands and helped her up. “Did you eat enough?”

“Yeah,” she replied, still tuned into the little flutters in her stomach.

Vrox melodramatically swept her into his arms and carried her into their room. Once she was seated on the bed, he pressed his face against her stomach and chuckled. “Hello, seedling.” He chuckled when he felt a soft jab to the nose. “I missed you too.”

His eyes moved to Kira’s amused ones. “Why do you smile?”

“Because you are sweet, and because I realized that I can no longer see your entire face from under my stomach.”

“So if I were to slit-mate you, you would not be able to see my mouth,” Vrox completed.

As she laughed, Vrox put her theory to the test. He split her thighs, pulled her skirt up, and positioned his mouth over her swollen clit.

“I hope the seedling does not reach out to grab my tongue.”

She was a laughing and horny mess as he licked her to the stars.

The next few weeks were peaceful. Vrox was finally dedicating a few minutes to show her deal with her dagger. The art was both complicated and easy. Holding the dagger at a wrong angle could hurt her wrist, thrusting it too slowly could give the enemy the upper hand, angling it wrongly would inflict little damage. Vrox was very concerned with her safety. He would slump with frustration whenever she messed up.

Kira tried her best, but every day, she felt more tired. Her swollen feet were now an alarm clock that declared when it was time to go to bed. She felt weaker with every passing week. Although she tried to hide it, Vrox noticed when her smile didn’t reach her eyes, when she rubbed her back, and when she shifted her weight from one leg to another. He was the Ezronian equivalent of a hawk. Without asking questions, he would take her to bed. Although Kira’s feminist side wanted to cry against being carried like a damsel in distress, she was too damn tired. If Vrox wanted to carry her around, then he could knock himself out.

It was week three since Wo’ton and his grandsons arrived. Although they kept their distance, they had been pretty productive. They hunted, took care of their livestock, scouted the nearby ruins for supplies, and treated furs for them.

Since Kira was quickly approaching her fourth month, her body no longer felt like her own. She dedicated some time to her engineering projects, but most of the day was dedicated to puking her guts out.

This particular day wasn’t a good one.

She remained in her room, alone with Draekon and Vee. Her head was throbbing, and her body was sweating like life depended on it. She was in desperate need of Vrox’s embrace, but couldn’t call for him. She didn’t want to distract him from work.

When loud commotion came from outside, she looked up from the bed. Were the brothers sparring again?

“You cannot be here! This is a sacred place!”


By the sounds of it, another group stumbled upon them.

“We are here to offer law and order to Ezron,” Vrox tried to reason.

“That is not your right. It is the right of the royal family.”

“Where is the royal family, then? Our leaders are nowhere to be found. It was not I that stripped the royals from their position, but the fates. Your only options now are to waste the rest of your days shaking your fist at the sky, or use your hands to build with me.”

“You cannot do this.”

The newcomers began a rant about honor and royalty, their voice so rampant that it made her head spin.

“Those sons of bitches," she grumbled.

She rolled off the bed and carried her very pregnant, exhausted body to the entrance. Draekon let her approach, convinced that she just wanted to peek outside.

Hey! Shut the fuck up and take the ruckus elsewhere! I’m trying to get some rest!”

She knew that the team had procedures for this. They discussed many times how to react if another group approached, but Kira was overflowing with fury. The training dripped out the window.

“A female!” someone gasped.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep it down. Let me gestate in fucking peace!”

She waddled back to the bed, rubbing her heavy stomach and muttering complaints.

That day, the group population gained seven additional members, raising the population of The Ruins to eighteen people.

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