The First Her

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Part 35

This is a surprise extra chapter.

I loved reading the arguments in the comments of the last chapter 👍

Kira was adjusting the last wheel of Terra’s stroller when Nebula gasped.

“Hey, it’s snowing!”

Kira dropped her tools and looked outside. Surely enough, white flakes were falling from the sky.

“Happy new year!” she cheered. She bent down to pick up Terra from her bassinet and took her to the entrance.

“Look, snow!”

The baby kept her attention on Kira.

“Gosh, you’re so cute.”

She bent to kiss her forehead. When she looked away to focus on the men that were working below, she found that they were staring at her. Needless to say, she still wasn’t a fan of their spotlight. She smiled to be polite, but couldn’t avoid squirming.

“Today is the sixteenth year since The Vanishing.”

Kira turned and found Vrox there. Instantly, she frowned.

“What happened to your forehead?”

She reached up, but Vrox grabbed her wrist and laid an awakening kiss on it. “Do not bloody your fingers. I am fine. I was just sparring with Terson.”

She pulled away, surprised by how easily she worried about him. Even while they were separate, she couldn’t help but care about his wellbeing.

“Greetings, high mother.”

She looked at the man beside Vrox, feeling grateful for the distraction.

“Hey, Terson.”

Vrox and the others spent spending a lot of time with Terson. They were becoming close friends. There weren’t many men around Vrox’s age in the camp.

“Terson will be moving into one of the rooms along with three others.”

“That’s great. Congratulations.”

Terson nodded. “Thank you. I will return to camp now. Goodbye, commander.”

“So…” Kira drew out. “Training was rough today, huh?”

“Yes. It is necessary to stay in shape.”

She cleared her throat, not sure of where to go from there. Her hand felt light by her side, hungry for the feeling of his stubble against her fingertips.

“That’s cool.”

Terra coughed, as if chocking on the awkwardness. With a grin, Vrox reached for her. “Hello, little flower.” He cradled her against his chest and stared at her as if she was the first snowfall on Ezron. “Look at your chubby cheeks. Mother has been spoiling you with breast juice, hasn’t she?”

Kira’s nipples peaked, wondering if their baby or baby father needed their services.

She crossed her arms over her chest.

Stop reacting this way. You and Vrox are not together anymore.

Terra turned her head and puked a little on Vrox’s bare chest. Instead of panicking like the first few times she did it, he chuckled.

“Here,” Kira reached out. “I’ll take her so you can go clean up.”

Vrox wiped Terra’s cheek and shifted her away from the puke on his chest. “It is fine. It does not bother me.”

Why was he so good at this? Nothing about the messy infant scared him off– not even the radioactive substances she pooped in her diapers. Even when he came home from a long day– dirty, aching, and bleary, he would snatch diapers out of Kira’s hands, eager to tend to Terra.

“You’re a good father,” Kira blurted.

Vrox was clearly surprised by her praise.

With a clearing of her throat, she added, “As I told you before we had her, you have nothing to worry about. You’re a natural. I’m going to finish building her stroller. Bye.”

She rushed inside and tried to forget about her daughter’s handsome father.

“Kira, what do you think of this?”

She looked at the grey fur that Ni’ev was holding up.

“It looks… heavy?”

Ni’ev nodded. “It is a cape made from the fur of a Xu’ax.”

“I don’t know what that is, but it’s probably scary. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ezron’s crazy ass wild life.”

“It is not a pleasant beast to encounter. Ak, Draekon, and I, tracked one week ago and killed it. We have prepared Vrox’s cape.”

She reached out for the fur. It was soft and had a few spots of white here and there.

“Can I try?” Nebula asked.

Ni’ev gave her an apologetic look. “Only the commander’s blood can lay their hand on his cape. It is an Ezronian custom.”

“No worries,” Nebula shrugged.

“This is nice,” Kira said. I’m sure Vrox will appreciate it.”

She pictured him with the fur draping over his shoulders, looking menacing enough to lead any army into battle. Her alien viking was a brilliant leader. Instead of issuing orders, every morning he matched outside and got his hands dirty along with his men. They farmed, scavenged, set up huts for new members, hunted, cleaned up the trading post, built watch towers, and cleared the abandoned town. There was no doubt that he cared about his people.

When she heard a familiar shriek, she instinctively stood up.

“Someone’s hungry,” Nebula said when she saw Vrox approach with a crying Terra.

Without thinking, she blurted, “Good, because my boobs are killing me. They need to be drained ASAP.”

Vrox stopped walking. He stared at her with an intensity that put her ovaries at risk of melting. Not even the snow that was falling outside could out out the fire.

“I’m gonna see if Ni’ev needs help with… yeah…” Nebula slipped out of the blacksmithing room.

Vrox came closer, and with every step, Kira’s breathing became fainter. His look did alarming things to her body; things that made her question if her body would ever fall out of love with him.

He handed Terra to her, and she took the crying baby. Since they broke up, Kira became more reserved about her body. She usually breastfed while having her back to Vrox. There was a fear that he would look at her different if he saw her body’s changes.

Maybe that’s what she needed, though. Maybe Vrox’s disgust is what she needed to fall out of love with him.

Maybe she shouldn’t hide today.

Knowing that Vrox covered her from view, she dropped her top all the way down to her hips. She adjusted Terra to her breast, while keeping her eyes connected with the male. All of her torso was on display– the soft pudge of her stomach, the obnoxious stretch marks, the stark veins on her breasts.

She watched him and waited for a flicker disapproval; for the sun above her to eclipse with disgust. She’d be destroyed by him. It would snow day and night for a long time.

The eclipse never came. Vrox’s handsome face didn’t darken with distaste. The only reaction she got was a twitch of a jaw and tightening fists. Instead of an eclipse, she got an earthquake when he groaned and stomped forward. One calloused hand swept behind her and grabbed her ass. The other cupped her cheek. With Terra between their chests, he bent down only to top.

He straightened but remained close so she could only see his chin when she looked up.

“I will wait outside until you finish feeding her.”

Terra felt the rumble of his body. Curiously, her palm ventured up to touch his bare chest. Vrox grabbed her small palm, kissed it, and walked away.

The baby released Kira’s breast and made a noise.

“I know, honey. Your daddy is something else.”

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