The First Her

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Part 39

Kira hadn’t missed Earth in a long time. At that instant, however, she wished the ground would open up and teleport her away.

As she sat on the bed, avoiding Vrox’s eyes, she felt like a blushing virgin. This was ironic since she recently gave birth and was already pregnant all over again.

She hadn’t had sex with Vrox in months. Their most recent interaction was when he pulled her to his lap and tried to soothe her. No sweating, grunting, thrusting, arching, or orgasming had been involved.

Vrox paced left and right, his arms crossed over his chest as if he, too, was feeling out of place.

“Maybe Ni’ev is incorrect,” he proposed. “I do not want to force you into this.”

“I’m not risking it.”

He stopped his pacing. “What?”

“I’m not risking hurting the fetus. The only way to test if Ni’ev is incorrect is by not having sex and seeing what happens. I don’t want to risk it. I won’t make my kids science experiments.”

“You are alright with this? It has been a long time since…" His saw set so tightly that Kira felt a phantom throb between the legs. She was forced to smash her thighs together and look away from him. Her hands found her stomach and cupped its underside.

This male was deadly with his presence and potency. He didn’t have to fuck her twice to get her pregnant with two kids. He didn’t have to touch her to set her body on fire. Vrox wasn’t only the King of Ezron. He was also the master of her body and soul.

She cleared her throat. “We are adults. I’m sure we can have sex and keep our… arrangement.”


“We are just friends... for now, I guess.”

Vrox pulled his gaze away. He looked like he had a lot to say but was locking it away.

“Sex was going to happen anyway,” Kira mumbled. “We were supposed to wait until I recovered form delivering Terra and ready to carry another pregnancy, but it looks like Ezron has different plans.”

“Are you alright?”

She blinked, surprised by the question. “Alright?”

He took a step forward. “Much has happened today. This pregnancy came as a surprise.”

“I will be okay. I’ve gotten used to how fast-paced Ezron is.”

“You are a good mother.”

He took another step, and then another, until he was standing in front of her. The lap that filled her with twins was now a foot away.

Not knowing what to do, she stood up from the bed.

Vrox’s hand dared to lift and touch her face. His thumb stroked her cold cheek, making her lips tremble. “You are good to Terra, and you will be good to this child, too.”

Damn him.

Damn him for trying to steal what little remained of her. He already had her body and soul. What more did he want?

“Will you let me see?”

“Let you see what?” she all but whimpered.

“Our seedling. Please?”

She closed her eyes; the pain being too raw. He no longer called Terra his ‘Seedling.’ Now that she was out of the womb, she was his ‘little flower.’ Already, he was filled with tenderness for their next child.

“You want to see my stomach?”

Vrox dipped his chin.

She should have said no. She should have fought to avoid any unnecessary touching. But Vrox’s hand was cupping her face as if she were the last jewel on the planet, and his eyes looking at her as if she were the meaning of life.

Taking his hand from her face, she guided it under her skirt and up her thigh. That small touch was enough to make her shudder. How would she survive having sex with him repeatedly in a week?

Vrox palmed her rounding stomach and stroked it gently. “It is warm, just like Terra was.”

When he smiled that alien grin of his and her chest throbbed, she scrambled. “I should feed Terra. It has been a while.”

She pulled his hand away and fixed her dress, eager to get away before she did anything stupid like reclaim his lips.

She picked up Terra and distracted herself by taking care of her. Vrox left at one point, leaving her with Ni’ev as guard. When the night came, she took a long bath to stall.

Should she and Vrox start their sex marathon that very night? She didn’t know. So much happened that day, from her pregnancy discovery to Vrox’s unconsciousness. Her mental health was hanging on by a thread– that thread being Terra.

With a sigh, she lowered her face into the water and caressed her stomach.

I will take care of you.

She dried and stepped into a new dress. Ni’ev guided her to her room. “Rest well,” he bid before leaving.

Kira peeked into the lowly lit room, searching for the beast inside that was probably waiting to devour her. He was on the bed, playing with a sleepy Terra.

When Kira entered, he didn’t look up. It was as if he already knew that she was standing there.

Terra turned her head and yawned. She blinked heavily a few times, and then her small legs went limp in her father’s hands. She was out like a light. There were no longer any distractions between the parents.

“Your fists are shaking,” Vrox pointed out.

“Oh, uh. I’m kind of chilly.”

Nervous. I’m fucking nervous about having sex with you again, because I know I’m going to like it.

“We will be very warm by the end of tonight.”

The gates opened, and her freshly changed underwear was flooded with wetness.

Vrox stared at her for a few unnerving moments before gently scooping Terra off the bed. He carried her to the crib and covered her view of the bed by placing a blanket over the edge.

With her back turned, she undid her dress.

“Can we keep our touching to a minimum?”

She sounded ridiculous. How could the man keep the ‘touching to a minimum’ when he was multiple inches inside of her?

“As you wish,” Vrox replied, and she realized that he was standing right behind her. When she jumped with surprise, an enormous hand gripped her hip to steady her.

“L-et’s make it quick, too.”

She pushed her dress all the way down and crawled atop the bed. Now naked on all fours, she waited for Vrox to mount her.

A mouth latched onto her slit, and she had to bite into the furs to avoid screaming and waking up Terra. Vrox threw her request to the dirt. He gripped her thighs and drew the alphabet on her clit. His tongue flicked angrily, like he was telling her all the things he was holding back.

When did he learn the English alphabet? Oh, fuck, this feels good!

The earlier trembling of her fists was nothing in comparison to what was happening now. She was clutching onto the blankets with a chokehold, trying to hang on as Vrox sucked out her control.

Originally, Vrox had every intention of respecting her request to keep their touching to a minimum, but then Kira got on the bed and offered herself. She looked irresistible with her already-drowned pussy, and the baby bump and heavy breasts that hung below her. He had missed her so much that he jumped forward and lost his face in her slit.

Eventually, he sat up. He pulled his cock free and replaced his tongue with all his inches. The wet sound of his entrance was followed by Kira’s cry when she came. Little flutters squeezed his cock, and his balls swelled with joy.

Finally. I am home.

Somewhere along his twentieth stroke, he exploded and painted his home’s walls white.

Kira slumped down, already dripping his release. He crawled to bed and pulled her into his arms. Instead of wiping her clean like he usually did after sex, he circled her entrance with a finger repeatedly, tucking in whatever semen dripped out.


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