The First Her

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Part 41

To those that feel the story is dragging: That’s because you’re reading 2 chapters a week instead of a whole book in one sitting. Be patient my friends.

Kira flinched. She couldn’t do what he was suggesting. It was one thing letting him slide on top and do dirty things– things that she shamefully enjoyed. It was another thing to be the one orchestrating their rutting. She didn’t want to do the thrusting, writhing, the stroking of the fire.

“Are you sure?” she asked, looking down at his covered lap. “Does it hurt a lot?”


She bit her lip and pictured the position– cunt overflowing with cock, head full of lust, tummy with his baby. A shudder racked through her, the mere thought threatening to make her orgasm.

“Kira?” Vrox called out, trying to pull her back to the present so she could hop on his cock and be propelled back into space.

“Yeah,” she replied with a lick to her lips. “Just give me a second.”

They had to have sex every day? Was it even possible? Would she survive the emotional and physical turmoil?

She looked over her shoulder to check on Terra’s crib. With the reminder that her children came before anything else, she palmed Vrox’s chest and pushed him backward. She breathed through the slit of her lips as she pulled up her skirt.

She climbed atop him, and Vrox stared.

“Uh, so how was your day?” she asked, trying to distract herself from the fire in his irises. He didn’t reply, so she laughed nervously and patted his chest. “I see you’ve been getting bigger. Maybe I should start sparring too.”

He glanced at her hands, which were flat on his abs. Awkwardly, she tore them away. “Sorry.”

“It is fine,” Vrox replied.

“Right.” She cleared her throat. “I’m going to keep my dress on. We should begin, right?”

For fuck’s sake, why are you making this so weird? Just shut the hell up and start bouncing!


She raised an eyebrow. “Why what?”

“Why must you keep your dress on?”

“Oh, because the bouncing will hurt them,” she replied, reaching to cup her breasts. “They need to be bound down.”

“Right,” Vrox replied, keeping his eyes locked on her chest.


She reached between them, gingerly gripping his length. Her fingers couldn’t touch, the thing between them too thick. With her free hand on the tantalizing V on his abdomen, she sank down. It was embarrassing, really, how easily his dick slid in. She was so wet for him that the bulbed, thick mass of masculinity was vacuumed inside.

She bottomed out. The cock that gave her delirious pleasure and twin babies was now cradled in her most intimate depths. She observed Vrox’s arms. They laid flat on his sides, but his veins were stark, his fists were clenched, and his biceps bulging.

“I’m sorry,” she blurted, assuming that she was hurting his hip. “I’ll be quick, and then you can rest.”

Silly female.

Vrox gripped onto their furs, trying to chain himself down. His tension had nothing to do with pain. He was trying to stop himself from tossing her down and plowing into her until his hips hurt for real.

Kira rose and fell in a steady pace. Vrox was so long that he threatened to cross the threshold of pain. It was mesmerizing. Maybe that’s why her womb was convinced to get impregnated with twins.

Her mind went blank, and her hips took over. She bottomed out, circled her hips to enjoy every inch he offered, and then continued to clap her thighs against his. A loud rip was heard over their clapping. She looked for the source and found that Vrox’s fists had destroyed their blanket. She whimpered, wanting to beg him to grip her ass and pull her cheeks apart until it burned.

Instead, she gritted her teeth to cage her growing moans. Her attempts were ruined when Vrox’s greedy head slammed against her sweet spot. She fell forward, collapsing on his chest, but was unable to stop her seizing hips.

“Ah– ah–”

She bit onto his shoulder when her orgasm tore through her. Her thighs gripped Vrox’s hips like a vice while her pussy fluttered around him.

She panted into his neck, her lower stomach bubbling with pleasure.

“You didn’t–” she swallowed. “You didn’t come.”

“Finish me,” Vrox said, voice darker than night.

“What? I can’t move anymore. My thighs are on fire.”

“Yes, you can,” he gritted, his control hanging by a thread. “You can do this.”

With hooded eyes, Kira pushed up and continued to work her hips. She rose and fell, her thrusts now sloppy and slow.

“That is it,” he encouraged, his voice gravely.

Her male looked feral under her.

Kira became more vocal. When Vrox raised a hand to gesture for her to shush, she sucked his thumb into her mouth to muffle her cries. The sensual sight was enough to throw Vrox over the edge. He pumped her full of cum, the pressure so hot that she orgasmed with him. With a bite to his thumb, she melted atop him and tried to catch her breath.

“Good job, my heart,” Vrox praised, not bothering to separate them.

Kira raised her head to check on Terra, only to gasp when she saw teeth marks on Vrox’s shoulder.

“I did this?” she asked, examining the mark. “I’m so sorry!”

She sat up and found his chest painted in waves of red. His healthy tanned skin was now full of her scratches and bite.

“You should have told me!” she despaired, rubbing his chest soothingly and forgetting that he was still lodged inside her.

“It does not hurt.”

“I bit you!”

Just as she feared, she lost control and enjoyed him too much. The line between duty and joy, vulnerability and power, completely blurred while she was perched atop his strong thighs.

She stared at the man she loved, at a loss for words.

Young cooing made her look at the crib. Realizing that Terra woke up, she moved off Vrox. His cock slid out deliciously, leaving her pussy fluttering and leaking. When she stood up, she would’ve fallen if it wasn’t for Vrox’s grip on her waist.

She grumbled a thanks and then walked to the crib. As embarrassing as it was, she couldn’t walk in a straight line because Vrox’s dick made her legs stupid.

When she reached the crib, she smiled down at the infant and picked her up. She couldn’t tell if it was because too much time passed since she last breastfed, because sex with Vrox made her hormones go haywire, or all of the above.

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