The First Her

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Part 42

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Pressure in her stomach woke her up. She shifted, only to find that she was pinned to the bed. She opened her eyes in panic and found Vrox staring at her.


“Uh, hi,” she replied, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. “You’re still here? Usually, you’re gone by now.”

“I decided to stay behind for a while.”

She gripped his forearm, which she found wrapped around her stomach. “I have to pee.”

Vrox pulled the sheets away, revealing his nakedness. “I will take you to the outhouse.”

“You don’t have to. You can go to work if you…”

He was already covering himself and heading over to Terra.

Kira blinked, unable to recall the last time Vrox spent a morning with them. The next few days were full with the same surprise. She constantly kept running into Vrox. He would take dozens of break from work to check in on her. He got more grabby, too, reaching for the small of her back and palming her stomach. He would ask her endless questions– almost like he was desperate to converse with her.

Something changed in him, but she couldn’t point out what.

“Shh, little flower, you have been fussy all day. It is time for bed.”

Terra was cranky that night. She was already fed and changed, but refused to sleep.

“Alright. I will tell you a story, but then you must sleep.” He bent to kiss her forehead. “I was walking through the outskirts of byran. My brothers sent me out to gather herbs. I saw a creature with white fur bending down, and thought that it was a boy. I went to him, thinking that he was in danger. You see, the little thing was as stubborn as you and ran away. I tore through the jungle to catch him and was stunned when I looked down and found two dirt-colored eyes looking at me. The little boy fought, but…”

He grinned down at his arms. “There we go. She is asleep.”

Kira reached for her face to wipe a stray tear.

Vrox, who was oblivious to her emotional moment, lowered Terra into the crib.


A startled Terra began to cry, and her father sent a curse in the direction of the door. Ak was standing there, holding the door in a death grip. “Come outside, now!”

Vrox passed Terra to his mother, his face now stern. “Stay here. Do not come outside.”

Kira nodded mutely, pressing a shrieking Terra closer to her chest. With a kiss to Kira’s forehead, Vrox pried two swords from a chest.

“You will not need those,” Ak grinned. “Unless you are interested in running yourself through to spare yourself from the incoming headache.”

“Oh, Akdronis,” a familiar yet strange voice acknowledged. “I want to say that I missed you, but I do not wish to make a liar of myself.”

“Kyros?!” Kira stood up, taking her shrieking baby with her. “Holy fuck!”

She scanned the handsome, grinning alien in front of her from head to toe.

“Female, I am flattered by your interest, but I must reject you,” he joked.

With a shriek of joy, she tossed an arm around him, but was mindful to not crush Terra.

“You’re back!” she cried in English. “You’re fucking back!”

“You…” a female voice said from behind Kyros.

Kira squinted. “Nebula?” She took the torch Ak was holding and lifted it to highlight the small figure standing behind Kyros.

A very pregnant, very human girl was behind him.

“You’re…” both women said.



The girl gaped.

Kira tossed her attention to Kyros. “How is this…”

He grinned. “Vrox is not the only smooth alien on Ezron.”

“Focus, you meat head! Where did you find her? Are there more women?”

Kyros pulled the girl in front of him, wrapping his arms around her. “When we got separated, I tried to travel to The Ruins but my injury slowed me down. Then, I ran into her into her and her pregnancy slowed us down more.”

“How did you do this?” Kira continued.

Kyros flashed his pearly whites. “Must I explain how children are made? Is Vrox so bad that he left you with questions?”

She would’ve slapped him upside the head if her chest wasn’t throbbing with tenderness. Damn her, but she missed the guy and his insatiable teasing.

“How did you convince her to have your baby? Does she speak Ezronian?”

“She does not, but I used the few English words that I learned from you.”

“Kyros, you learned about ten English words, and most of them were curses.”

He shrugged. “I am a talented male.”

“You stupid beast,” Vrox grumbled. “Why did you take so long to return? You made me worry for nothing.”

Kyros rubbed his female’s stomach. “I could not rush her through the wilderness in her condition.

Kira’s eyes returned to the girl. In English, she asked, “Who are you? I have so much to ask you.”

“I am Lamara. You are… American?”

Kira noticed that her accent was thick, as if she wasn’t a native English speaker. “Yes, I’m American,” she nodded eagerly. “From the year 2203. When did you teleport here? Where are you from?”

“2203?” Lamara shook her head. “Incredible. It was 2204 when I was teleported off Mars. Were you an Astronaut stationed in one of Jupiter’s moons?”

“Mars? Jupiter’s moons?” Kira wheezed. “What the hell do you mean?”

Lamara squinted. “What did you say your name was?”

“Kira. A NASA mechanical engineer. My friend Nebula, she also…”

“Yes, Kira and Nebula… I recognize these names. You disappeared from the NASA headquarters, right? Then, when NASA was celebrating the destruction of the portal, it was accidentally activated and eight additional women disappeared. One of them was named Nebula.”

Lamara’s eyes moved to the distance. “I suppose we are the lucky ones.”

“What do you mean?” Kira pushed, her stomach braided in knots.

Lamara’s expression saddened. “I was sent on a three-person mission to Mars. I was accompanied by two male astronauts. It was the year 2204 when we got the instruction to abandon our work and return to Earth immediately. The mission control station refused to tell me why. One of my crew members found out, though, and he told me.”

“What happened? Why were you ordered to return to Earth?” Kira asked, her face drowned in tears.

“I was the last woman in the Milky Way Galaxy. An unexplained phenomenon wiped every woman from Earth, but I was saved because I was on Mars. We call it the Earth Wipe. I suppose that NASA wanted me to return to Earth so that I could repopulate it. I never reached home. I somehow got teleported to this planet.” Lamara shook her head. “I’m sorry. But it looks like you, me, and those women that were teleported with Nebula, are what remains of humanity.”

Blackness consumed Kira.

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