The First Her

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Part 49

They spoke until the healer showed up and suggested that they gave with the injured warrior time to rest.

Before leaving, they respectfully dipped their heads to the fussing warrior who begged them to stop. Kira chuckled, but her smile was wiped off her face when she found men kneeling for her. She was now the one doing the fussing.

“I do not know why you try anymore,” Vrox told her. “They will not listen.”

She ignored him. In her desperation to escape the camp of kneeling men, she intertwined her fingers with Vrox’s and dragged him away.

“No running,” Vrox scolded.

She kept pulling him away.

“No running while you are carrying,” Vrox repeated and swept her off her feet.

She rolled her eyes. “Here we go again with the no laughing, no running, no kneeling policy.”

“Deal with it.”

“When did you become so sassy?”

“When I marr-enged a female Terran.”

“I don't recall saying yes," she teased.

“And I told you what would happen if you denied me again.” He ducked his head and motored his face into her breasts.

“Stop being a slut.” She gently slapped his head. “Put me down. You’re making them leak and I just fed Terra.”

He dared to grin. “Do not fret. If Terra is full, then my mouth is available to lick them clean.”

She took a second to thank the Fates that they were too far from the camp to be heard or seen by the men.

“Now is not the time for this, Vrox. We have things to do. Did you forget about the whole Commandeer thing?”

His grin widened. “We will work for a few hours, but we will work on other things when we are in bed tonight. Did you forget about the medical advice? We must rut as much as possible for the health of the seedling. For science.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure this has nothing to do with your needs.”

“Why do you act like I am the only one that benefits?” he chuckled. “Did you forget about the scratches, bite, and bruised hips you left me with the last time you–”

She pressed a hand over his mouth. “Shh!”

He kissed her palm and placed her at the base of the staircase. As if it were second nature, he rubbed her stomach. “Come, we must attend a meeting with the Council after dinner.”

Okay. Let’s go check on the girls.”

They went to the common room and crossed a pouting Ni’ev.

“What happened to your face?” Kira asked, eyeing his red cheekbone.

“Kyros won’t let me carry Terra,” he grumbled on his way out.

She sighed and looked into the room. “Kyros, stop abusing your siblings.”

He looked up, caught red-handed with a giggling Terra in his arms. “Ni’ev wanted to take Terra."

“So? He has as much right to hold her as you. You need to share.” She walked up to him and extended her arms.

Kyros hesitated.


“But she likes me,” he whined and pulled the baby closer.

Kira cupped her hips and blew a breath. She turned to the women, but they simply shook their heads.

“Wouldn’t surprise me if he punched you too for trying to take her,” Nebula shrugged.

Kira laughed and sat beside them. The room was a complete mess, littered with random chunks of metal.

Her eyes moved to Kyros.

And aliens with baby-fever.

“You were gone for a while,” Lamara said.

“We went to visit some injured men. They’re doing okay. I’m hoping to clean this room a bit before we have dinner. There’s a Council meeting tonight, and then…”

Then I have to hop on Vrox’s dick.

She wouldn’t complain about the last chore, though.

“Kyros.” Lamara extended a hand, gesturing that she wanted him to come over. The two didn’t share a language, but their love made them telepathic.

Kyros looked between Terra and his pregnant female. “But Terra…”

“Put the baby down and help us clean," Kira said.

He put Terra in the bassinet and grumbled, “Vrox, why didn’t you claim a less demanding female?”

Vrox barked a laugh. “I think they’re all demanding.”

A rag was thrown and landed on his face. He pulled it off and looked at Kira.

She blew him a kiss. “Put your cape down and start cleaning, Commander.”

They spent an hour straightening the room. Kira fed Terra and then hopped into a quick bath. Dinner went by in a flash as well. They wanted to make it to the meeting on time.

“Terra seems to sleep more than normal,” Vrox observed as he tucked her blanket.

“No, it just seems that way because she’s starting to sleep through the night. Thankfully. I love her, but no one enjoys waking up to an angry infant three times in one night.”

Vrox shifted her blanket again. “Are you sure of this?”

He looked uncertain and vulnerable.

Kira ran a hand through his hair, loving him for loving their daughter. He was a great male. Not because he could slay down fierce beasts, but because he crumbled under the thought of his child’s suffering.

“I’m pretty sure. She eats and interacts normally. She’s just growing older. Soon, she’ll be blabbering all day.”

Vrox rose when he heard approaching footsteps. He grabbed his sword out of habit and squeezed it tight.

Wo’ton, Usuri, Terson, and Ni’ev entered the room.


The men exchanged greetings.

“How was the visit to the injured men?” Ni’ev asked.

“They are fending well. I am glad.”

“Very good. Rokan should be arriving soon with new members. Our population has grown to a size that require records. We should document the ages, names, and birthplaces of everyone,” Wo’ton said.

“I agree, and I also have something to suggest,” Terson added. “We should send a group of men to assassinate the prince before he arrives at The Capital. We are sitting ducks here.”

Vrox crossed his arms over his chest. “I have considered this before, but I do not think it is wise to separate. We are stronger together.”

“I am torn,” Ni’ev said. “I agree with both of you.”

Terson stepped forward. “I lost my father on my way to The Capital. I lost my face, too.” He caressed his marred cheek, and Kira’s heart shrunk. “I walked through fire and rain to get here because I had faith that the rumors were true.” His eyes moved to Kira. “That the Fates sent us a salvation. I am grateful to our High Mother for birthing our princess, and I refuse to sit here and let danger lurk closer every day.”

Vrox sighed. “Your loyalty is appreciated, Terson. I feel the same as you. I want to protect my family, but instinct tells me it is a bad idea to split up.” He pursed his lips. “I will think on this further.”

“I agree with Terson,” Wo’ton said.

“I disagree,” Usuri added.

“I disagree,” Kira joined.

The group went silent, wondering how to handle this war.

“Let us think on this overnight. For now, we should check the passage.” Vrox gestured to the hole in the wall. “Ni’ev, Terson?”

“We will follow you.”

Vrox squeezed Kira’s hand. “Wait here with Wo’ton and Usuri. I will return.”

He removed the torch that was attached to the wall and cleared out the hole. He tossed his sword in and crawled in first. Ni’ev and Terson followed.

Kira held her breath.

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