The First Her

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Part 50

All three men disappeared behind the wall. Kira crossed her arms over her chest and paced in front of Terra’s bassinet. The baby squirmed, and her black-gold eyes flickered left and right as if she was aware of a presence.

Wanting to hold her, Kira picked her up. She placed her head on her shoulder and kissed her cheek. Terra lifted her arm and bopped her nose.

Kira chuckled. “Save your punches for Kyros.” She kissed her little fist.

Terra shifted restlessly. It was strange, since she only got cranky when she was hungry. “Shh. Daddy’s coming right back, and so are uncles Ni’ev and Terson.”

Kira threw the hole a nervous glance.

Please don’t tell me that my infant has a sixth sense for bad news.

She walked closer to the exit, prepared to run if anything other than Vrox and the others crawled out of the hole. She couldn’t defend herself when she was carrying Terra, and Wo’ton and Ususi couldn’t do much at their age.

It took half an hour for sound to come from the hole.

“Vrox?” she called out.

A scaled arm appeared, followed by a face that she recognized all too well. Vrox stood up, hair and chest dusty, and hooked an arm around her waist. He kissed her and then moved his lips to Terra’s downy soft hair.

“Did you find anything down there?” Kira panted, breathless from his kiss.

Vrox shook his head. “A dagger, a cot, and scraps of food. She must have been down there for months.”

Ni’ev and Terson came out. They were in the same dirty condition as Vrox, but held sacks that Kira assumed were stocked with the mystery girl’s items.

“The passages are long, but we saw no indication that other people live in it.”

“Where is the entrance?” Kira dared to ask.

“There are multiple entrances,” Vrox said, looking more displeased by the second. “There were passages that led to our bedroom, too.” With every word, his fingers dug deeper into her hips. “I should have checked better. I should have checked every click until I found out how someone snuck in and touched you.”

Kira dropped her hand to his thick wrist. “Breathe before you snap me in half.”

Vrox growled and ducked his head to kiss her again. Kira had to open her mouth to accept the possession he was pouring into her. Somewhere along his branding, he lifted her off the floor so her feet dangled in the air.

“Commander, you are going to suffocate the princess,” Terson joked.

Vrox placed a dizzy Kira back to her feet, sniffing her hair and pressing a final kiss to her earlobe.

“Those entrances must be patched. Gather some men. I need this done by tonight.” His voice was accented with rage. This discovery had spooked him to the core.

“Yes, Commander,” Terson nodded.

“I will sort through the sacks in search of hints,” Ni’ev said.

“Good. We will meet again tomorrow.”

He swept down to pick up Terra’s bassinet and hooked an arm around Kira.

“Commander, please think over my plan,” Terson said. “We must protect the females.”

Vrox dipped his chin and led Kira outside.

“You okay?” Kira asked Terra. “Daddy almost squished you.”

Terra replied with a mess of baby nonsense, making her grin.

Vrox sped up, but his hold around Kira remained tight. It was night now, but she could still see his scowl.

“How hungry is Terra?” he asked.


“Does she need your breast immediately?”

“I don’t think so. I fed her recently. Why?”

He went into the shower room. He picked up one of the torches that were kept by the entrance of most public rooms, and lit it up. He set Terra’s bassinet down and turned on the water.

Kira shrugged, figuring that he wanted to wash the dust off. She kneeled beside the bassinet to check on Terra as Vrox showered.

“You were a good girl today,” she cooed. “Mommy’s going to give you yummy milk.”

A hand fell to her shoulder. She looked up and saw Vrox’s cock hanging above her. Absentmindedly, she licked her lips. “Are you done showering?”

Vrox turned Terra’s bassinet, so the baby lost sight of her parents, and pulled Kira into his arms.

Well, Terra, looks like daddy wants your sibling to get some milk too.

Vrox hoisted her up. She clung to his wet shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist. She could taste his desperation; didn’t need words to know that he needed her.

“Relax. Nothing happ–” she grunted when he filled her without warning. “Happened.”

“I should have noticed,” he scowled. “Something terrible could have happened to you or Terra.” He began to rock into her furiously, shoveling his fears into her cunt.

His lips rambled on with predictions and blames, so she pushed his face into her neck to shut him up. His mouth ventured to her jaw and throat. She arched her back, clinging to the horny alien as he plowed into her. One of her breasts slipped from her top, and Vrox lapped at the escaped droplets of milk– just like he promised he would. When he latched on and gave her a single suck, she exploded with both an orgasm and milk.

Vrox released her nipple and bottommed out.

“Everything is okay,” she panted, feeling him pulsing and showering her already-fertilized womb with cum. “We’re going to win this war, and everything will be fine.”

Vrox walked to the wall, his cock still lost inside her. He embraced her and stared worriedly at Terra’s bassinet. The two females were his world. If anything happened to them, he would run himself through.

Kira had to be right. They had to win the war.

“Let’s go to bed.”

“Just a few more minutes.” He pressed her down onto his lap, not wanting to slip out of her just yet. He moved her dress further up her torso so her bare belly was pressed against his. This way, the seedling was safely tucked between them.

Kira closed her eyes and tried to fight off sleep. It had been a long day, topped by a long dick. They exhausted her. Just when she was about to fall asleep, Terra whined.

She groaned. “That’s my cue.”

Vrox helped her up. He splashed water on her thighs and scrubbed her quickly. Once her dress was straight, he picked up Terra and took them home.

“What are you thinking?” she asked him later that night.

“Terson’s plan. I have to give the council an answer by tomorrow night.”

She ran her hand over his scaled forearm. “Sleep. You’ve stressed enough today.”

He sighed heavily. “Thank you, High Mother.”

She looked up. “For what? And why are you using my title?”

He kissed the crown of her head. “Thank you for running into me all those months ago, and for giving me my seedlings.”

She reflected his smile and nuzzled deeper into his embrace.

– • –

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” Kira groaned back. “Terra?”

“She woke up needing a diaper change, but she went back to sleep.”

“You’re the dad of the year,” Kira praised.

“I am the only father on Ezron,” he chuckled. “Come, it is time to get up.”

“But my legs are sore,” she groaned.

“You are being lazy.”

“Oh yeah? You try getting fucked by a seven foot alien and see how that does.”

Vrox rubbed her cheek. “Was I too rough?”

“No. It’s a good kind of sore.”

Terra cooed from her crib.

“I will get her.” Vrox stood and picked her up. “My flower. Did you sleep well? Did you miss me?”

Kira rolled out of bed and prepared for the day. She washed her mouth, changed out of her old dress, and used a wet washcloth to wipe herself down.

When everyone was ready, Vrox took them to the common room. They crossed Ni’ev and Terson on the way.

“Mothers, Vrox. I just got word that the wind collapsed the farm’s ceiling. We need to repair it.”

As the men began to plan, Kira looked down to the lower levels of the pyramid. A guard was blocking a man that she recognized from the infirmary. She waved at the guard and gestured for the patient to come up. It took him a while to climb up the endless stairs.

With Vrox and the others behind her, she walked closer. “Hello,” she smiled. “Sorry that we didn’t speak to you when we went to the camp. You were unconscious, and we wanted to let you rest.”

When the man reached out, she extended her arm. It was normal for Ezronians to grasp forearms to exchange greetings or good wishes. To her surprise, instead of grasping her forearm, the male rested his plam on her stomach. She was confused, but didn’t want to be rude and shake him off. She knew just how much pregnancies meant to the men.

She smiled at him, wondering how he found out that she was pregnant again. Did someone connect the dots and spread the word?

Her smile bled to fear once the man sank his nails into her belly.

“Long live the real crown prince of Ezron,” he snarled.

Kira whimpered and gripped his wrist.


Arms wrapped around her– Vrox’s, just as Terson appeared and pushed the man away. She watched in horror as the man fell backward and tumbled down the steps. He didn’t stop rolling until his head was cracked open and his brains spilled.

“Are you alright?” Terson asked, his face skewed with worry.


A sob ruptured from her chest. She turned to hide in Vrox’s arms, and he carried her into the nearest room. She was hysterical, fear and disbelief drowning her reality.

Vrox pushed her dress up, and her hands cupped her stomach.

“Let me see, Kira. Let me see.” He kissed her hands, his own eyes frantic.

She dropped her hands and looked down. Her tears rained down on her lightly swollen stomach. There were two scratches– a warning written in red.

“Thank the Fates,” Vrox breathed. “Thank the Fates.”

Kira didn’t feel any relief. This was the second time she nearly lost her pregnancy.

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