The First Her

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Part 55

Vrox stared at the man who valued his title more than his species. The prince didn’t want Ezron to survive if it wasn’t ruled by him.

His eyes were blue, a similar shade to Kyros’ and Rokan’s, but a bit darker. Was it greed that polluted them? He was shirtless, bald, and had diamond-shaped scales covering his neck. He was young too– around Vrox’s age. They probably played together as children.

He wore no clothing, having no Terran female to be modest for. His body was shaped by strong, stubborn muscles, and under his flesh was the bloodline that ruled Ezron for centuries.

He was an alpha, but so was Vrox. There couldn’t be two of them.

“You must be Vrox.” His voice crossed the field.

He was right, but he was wrong at the same time. Vrox wasn’t just Vrox anymore. He was a healer, brother, Commander, lover, and father. He was the only Ezronian alive to have been blessed by a second scaling. He was the male that would sever the veins of the prince and let his blood to drip into the soil to join his fallen ancestors.

“If I raise my left hand, arrows will light up your sky and rain fire upon you. You will be blindly suffocating, and I will use that distraction to cut you down. This is the only warning I give you, in the name of my queen.”

The prince clenched a fist, and Vrox’s men shifted. He could hear metal sling behind him as his warriors itched to fight.

“You seem to misunderstand.”

“No,” Vrox shook his head, feeling it heavier from the horns that crowned it. “I understand you just fine.”

This prince was angry that the title he was entitled to was ripped from his hands. Vrox shared the rage, because he felt the same way about The Vanishing for ripping away his mother.

“Let us fight to the death.”

The words slipped out of Vrox easily. Long time ago, even before Kira became pregnant with Terra, he knew this day would come.

The prince squinted, examining his competitor. “I did not…”

An arrow flew, and Vrox took it as the final declaration of war. He charged, broadsword-in hand. The prince spread his legs and lowered himself. They clashed with grunts and the clanks of their swords.

Blood began to rain around them.

The prince remained on defense, losing balance when he received a kick to the gut. Vrox slashed and cleaved. He managed to slice his neck, but his scales protected him from injury.

The prince didn’t switch to offence. Was he waiting for Vrox to tire out? He would be disappointed to find out that the Commander had plenty of energy left.

“Stop this,” the prince gritted as he rolled away, letting Vrox stab the dirt.

“I did not…” he avoided a low cut. “I did not come here for war.”

Vrox took a second to observe their surroundings. Most of the prince’s men were on offence as well. Why weren’t they attacking?


Recognizing that voice, Vrox turned around.


Kira held Terra in her arms. Behind her was a man who pointed a dagger at her stomach.

The man was–

“No,” he whispered.

Wo’ton dragged Kira down the northern grand staircase. Nebula followed from the distance, her face pale.

“Hold them back,” Vrox roared to his men as he ran to the base of the stairs. As ordered, the men formed a line to block the prince from advancing.

“Shut that thing up!” Wo’ton roared, eyes wild as they narrowed on a crying Terra.

“She’s just a baby. She’s sick. She can’t help it,” Kira rambled. Her lips were trembling, and her eyes twinkling with stars of pain.

“I should have used more poison. Maybe that would have killed it faster,” Wo’ton declared. Reaching down, he ripped Terra from Kira’s arms.

“No!” Kira roared.

“Give her to me, Wo’ton. Please. She’s just a baby,” Nebula begged.

Wo’ton tossed Ezron’s only child into the air. Time stopped as the precious princess became airborne.

Vrox ran– but he knew he wouldn’t make it. He wouldn’t get there on time.

Terra cried louder.

My little flower. My salvation. My–

Bone crunched loudly, and all the women exploded with sobs. Vrox’s knees gave out. He fell on the dirt and stared, mouth agape, at the gore at the bottom of the staircase.

Terra was in the arms of Ak, who ran and jumped to catch her. He groaned, his awkwardly twisted leg obviously broken. Five of their men surrounded them, protecting the princess from further harm.

“What is this?” Vrox exploded, rage, confusion, and panic overwhelming his lungs. The sun above dimmed; its heat getting absorbed by his pores.

“You!” Wo’ton boomed back, his voice powerful although his body was old. “You knew the prince was coming today, but you did not tell us. You are smarter than I gave you credit for, Vrox.”

The entire field of men went silent, shocked by the revelation.

“Why you, Wo’ton? Why… why you? I thought you wanted to see Ezron rise from its ashes, but instead you try to murder its only child, and hold a knife to the one developing in your queen’s womb?”

“These children were mistakes! Mutts! They do not carry the royal bloodline.”

“You helped me,” Vrox continued. “You helped me get to where I am now. Why?”

“Because I wanted you to be happy before I ripped it all away. You deserve it for even thinking about replacing the royal line with your lesser one. You are not worthy of de-rooting the original bloodline!”


Vrox turned around and saw the prince looking defeated.

“Corzon, you fool! You are as weak as your father was. You should have reclaimed the throne. How dare you give up on our blood? Family sticks together until the end. You should have fought for us, even if The Vanishing ended life itself. You are honorless for turning your back on us.”

“It was you. You tried to assassinate me so I did not reach The Ruins,” Corzon accused.

“Twice! I tried twice! First with my men, and when that failed, I convinced Terson to give the idea to the council. And of course he did, because all men that support Vrox are fools!”

Hearing enough, Vrox stepped forward. “It was not I that took the throne from your family. It was the Fates. Let Kira go. She is our future, but you are clinging onto the past.”

Kira was trembling under his hold. She kept her hands fisted, although they desperately wanted to cover her stomach.

“You take one more step forward, and I will cut her open and toss your second child down these steps!”

His wrinkled, old hand squeezed Kira’s neck tighter. “Lift your skirt.”

“W– what?”

“Lift it!”

Kira gripped her skirt, and as three hundred Ezronians watched on, began to lift it.

“Wo’ton!” Vrox screamed, his heart hammering in his chest. The demented man would defile Kira and scar her forever if he wasn’t stopped. “You are too old to get aroused. There is no sense in doing this. Let her go!”

“I am more man that you. No second scaling will change this. I am a royal!”

He shook Kira. “Hurry! Lift it!”

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