The First Her

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Part 58

Terra knocked out soon after that, finally getting some rest after days of torture.

Vrox insisted on carrying Kira to their bedroom, but she didn’t want to look weak in front of Ezron. He gave up, but that didn’t stop him from wrapping an arm around her and holding her so tightly that she was at risk of melting into him.

Kira placed Terra in her crib. After checking her breathing and heart rate, Kira met Vrox at the entrance.

“Time to face Corzon. Are you ready?” Vrox asked, his lips finding her forehead.


“After this, you will bathe and rest.”

Kira frowned. “But we have to…”

“Wo’ton can wait until tomorrow. That is final.” He refused to argue on this. With a flick of his wrist, he beckoned for Rokan to jog up the stairs.

“How is Akdronis?”

“Grumpy and high on drugs. His broken leg will heal, but he will be one angry pufil until then.”

“Good,” Vrox nodded. “I’d rather have him angry than dead. How are the females?”

“Lamara is not feeling well. Kyros and the other females are with her.”

Kira rubbed her forehead, wondering how in the world she was supposed to tell Vrox that Layla had been ordered to stab Terra out of her. The male was so protective that he wouldn’t see reasoning.

“I– we,” Vrox corrected, “need to talk to Corzon. Can you escort him here?”

Rokan nodded. “I will.”

Vrox looked at her, and she realized that she was leaning into him.

“Tired?” he asked, leaning down to pick her up. She began to fuss immediately. “Shh, I will hold you until Rokan returns.”

She melted into him and hid her face in the nape of his neck. Hell yes, she was tired– physically and emotionally.

“Poor Lamara,” she sighed. “I’ll have to check on her later.” She looked at the distance. There were men so organized that not even a bug could sneak inside the pyramid.

Rokan made it down the final steps, reached the treeline, and made his way back with Ezron’s former prince in tow. Vrox’s hold subconsciously tightened. When the men began to climb up the stairs, she pushed at his shoulder.

“You can put me down now.”

He grumbled and set her on her feet, but made her stand in front of her so his groin was flush against her back, reminding her of who she belonged to.

Corzon stopped at the top of the stairs, eyes flickering from her to Vrox before finally settling on her.

“You know it is disrespectful to maintain eye contact with pregnant females you do not know,” Vrox rumbled. His hand snaked around her waist and grabbed her stomach.

Kira sighed at his hopeless possessiveness.

“My apologies. I have not seen a female in many snowfalls."

Kira offered her hand for a handshake. “Hi. I’m Kira.”

Corzon stared at her as if she was insane, and Vrox trembled with an animalistic growl.

“Sorry,” she laughed, dropping her hand. “Handshakes are how people from my world say hello.”

Her shoulders slumped when she remembered the Earth was taking its last breaths. It was only a matter of time before humans and their customs were wiped out.

“Why did you come here?” Vrox blurted, and Kira squeezed his hand to remind him about his manners. He may be a scaled, horned, wild alien, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be civilized.

Her tugging only seemed to make him glare harder.

“I heard rumors about a self-proclaimed Commander…”

“Not self-proclaimed,” Vrox interjected. “The High Mother and Fates chose me.”

Kira crossed her arms over her chest in defeat. Vrox wasn’t going to play nice no matter how many times she secretly pinched him.

“Right,” Corzon agreed. “I came to offer my loyalty.”

Vrox scoffed. “How do you and your brothers feel about losing your position?”

“What he means to say is…” Kira interjected. “We’re a bit shaken by the whole Wo’ton situation, so you can imagine why we are standoffish about you showing up.”

“That is understandable,” Corzon nodded.

“Keep your eyes on me,” Vrox snarled.

“Vrox. Stop being a caveman.”

He gripped her hips.

Corzon looked uneasy. “My two brothers passed away long ago. Only one made it past the Scaling but passed away in a hunting incident. I have no interest in the throne, considering that I cannot offer it an heir.”

“So you had nothing to do with Wo’ton?”

“I had no idea my uncle was still alive. We went separate ways soon after The Vanishing. He must have lost his mind somewhere along the way.”

“You can say that again,” Kira mumbled.

“How did you gather your men?” Vrox asked. He was clinging onto her so possessively that her feet were now dangling a foot off the ground.

“Put me down,” she whispered, embarrassed that she looked like a child.

“We have been living in Drukai. I have known all of my men for many snowfalls and accepted no new recruits as we made our way here. I have brought you no threat; only men that wish to join the Ezronian empire. I am truly nothing like my uncle. I only want the best for my people.”

“Where is your father, the previous Commander?” Vrox ground.

“My father crumbled under the loss of his High Mother.” His eyes moved to Kira. “He could not live without her.”

“I am going to decapitate your uncle and cousins for what they did. How do you feel about that?”

Cozron shook his head. “It is what has to be done.”

“Go,” Vrox said. “Make camp deep in the jungle. I will look for you in a few days.”

Kira smiled at Corzon. “It was really nice meet–”

Vrox spun around and carried her inside.

“So rude!” she hissed to avoid waking Terra.

“What, am I supposed to be thrilled Ezron’s former prince has shown up?”

“Reign in your ridiculous jealousy. I’m like three months pregnant. I have ‘property of caveman Vrox’ stamped on my forehead.”

She sat on the bed and slipped off her sandals to release her aching feet.

“I will not become best buddies with a male that drools over my wife.”

She snorted. “He was not drooling, and I talked to you about this marriage stuff.”

“You will do the marr-eng with me!” Vrox snarled.

She chuckled.

Vrox pulled one chest from under their bed and took out a handful of jewels. He placed them on her lap. “There. I have provided you with the jewel. Now you will agree.”

“My planet is on its way to extinction, Terra is recovering from poison, there’s a handful of women lost in the wilderness, Ak broke his leg, Layla’s boyfriend is MIA, I have no idea what’s going on with Terra’s twin, Wo’ton nearly–”

“I told you that I will accept no more rejections!” Vrox snarled. He gripped her dress, tearing it at the seams while she tried to slap his wrists away.

Terra shifted in the crib, and Kira gave up her fight. She glared at Vrox, who grabbed her hips and dragged her down. She was now on her back, surrounded by sparking jewels.

Vrox dove straight for her skirt, and her hands naturally gravitated to the enormous horns that curved upward from his head. It was going to take her a while to get used to those bad-boys.

“Hey!” she whispered. “Can’t we shower first?”

“Tell me you will do the marr-eng with me.”

“Are you joking?”

He used his tongue to answer. He slurped, licked, and shook his head as if he was a dog chewing on its favorite toy. After her third orgasm, Kira had it perfectly clear that he was dead serious.

“You will do the marr-eng with me now?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied; her head lost somewhere in the clouds.

“Very good. Come. It is time to bathe. My brothers will watch Terra.”

She looked at him, eyes hooded. One of his horns were glistering, and she vaguely remembered riding his face and then grinding her needy clit against the horn, too.

“We have to talk about the girls and Xulor. We have to go look for them,” she mumbled.

“Later tonight.”

She fell asleep somewhere along her bath and woke up when Vrox arranged a hungry Terra against her chest. She quickly switched Terra to a leaking boob.

“Why am I producing so much damn milk?”

“The same thing happened to me when I met you,” Vrox said.

It took her a second to understand. She tossed a pillow at him. “Pervert.”

He chuckled and lied down so his face was pressed against her thigh. His free arm was tossed over her thighs. She stroked his dark hair, and he groaned his approval.

“You’re a bigger baby than Terra.”

He smiled.

“So, the girls? When are we going to search for them?”

“What do you mean, we? You cannot leave The Ruins. You and the seedlings are the safest here.”

“I get that. I mean, when will we send someone after them?”

“Tomorrow. My brothers will start the search.”

“Good. I have to talk to Layla about this other planet she came from.”


“Oh, yeah. That girl has one crazy story to tell. Apparently, she encountered a different alien species.”

Vrox tensed. “More enemies?”

“Who knows.”

They got lost in their thoughts. Before the mood got gloomy, Kira added, “don’t worry. If an evil alien species shows up, we can throw Vee and a hungry Terra at them. They’ll be decimated within minutes.”

Vrox laughter made her tremble. Terra unlatched from Kira’s breast and looked at Vrox with what Kira swore was irritation.

“What?” Vrox asked defensively. “Be grateful I am sharing her chest with you. It was mine first.”

Terra ignored his rambling and continued her feeding.

“Stop fighting the kid and go check if the others need anything,” Kira ordered.

“Are you sure you do not need more convincing about marr-eng?”

She pointed at the exit. “Go!”

He grinned and bent to kiss Terra. The baby swatted at his chin, and he grabbed her little hand before kissing it, too.

“Rub more oil on her. It is on the table. I will return shortly.”

Okay,” she kissed his cheek, which he escalated to a full make-out session.

“Go!” she pressed, swatting at his butt.

He stroked Terra’s hair, grabbed his cape, and went out the door. Seconds later, Vee hopped into the room.

Kira smiled. “Hey, buddy!”

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