The First Her

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Part 59

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She stroked Vee’s fur and thought about the insanity of their day. All along, it wasn’t the prince who they had to be wary of, but Wo’ton.

It would take a while for things to return to normal, but at least they were on their way to recovery.

Standing up, she left Vee on the bed and checked on Terra for the dozenth time since Vrox left. The baby was lying on her back, her belly glistering with oil. She slept peacefully, belly full of milk, and face free from pain.

Kira gripped the edge of the crib.

Wo’ton would pay with blood for threatening Terra’s life.

She turned away when she heard footsteps approach, subconsciously reaching for one of the swords hanging on the opposite wall.

Vrox walked in, looking grimmer than usual. “Lamara is in a lot of pain.”

“Could they be contractions?” Kira asked.


“They are supposed to happen throughout a woman’s pregnancy, but Lamara and I skipped them. If they are happening now, she’s probably going to give birth.”

Vrox cringed. “I hope not. Life-giving is a horrifying experience. Kyros will likely fall unconscious.”

She laughed. “You two better used to it.”

“How much longer will take for the seedling to arrive?” he asked, reaching for her stomach.

“I honestly don’t know. It’s growing at human speeds, and humans gestate for nine months, so it will probably take a while. By the way…” she looked at Terra, and then Vrox. “Layla mentioned that Wo’ton used a plant to check if she was fertile. Is that possible?”

Vrox nodded. “It is. But when did Layla interact with Wo’ton?”

She cringed.

Here goes nothing…

“He’s who put her in the wall. He thought she was useless because she can’t reproduce… so he tried to use her another way.”

“What way?” Vrox asked, his face darkening.

Kira’s eyes flicked to Terra. “You can’t get mad. Layla was being threatened. The man she loves was taken hostage, and if she didn’t listen…”

“What way?” Vrox repeated.

“She was supposed to cut Terra out of me,” she mumbled.

Vrox growled, and Terra shot awake with a cry. Kira was quick to pick up her up. With Terra on one arm, she wrapped her free one around Vrox.

“It’s okay. It's fine now.”

Vrox buried his nose in her hair and inhaled for all he was worth. He clung to her, making sure that Terra was safely tucked between their chests.

“Wo’ton dies tomorrow, and so do his grandsons.”

“If he cooperates, there will be no torture."

Vrox hesitated before saying, “fine.”

Once Terra was settled down, they took quick baths and cuddled to sleep. Kira clung to Vrox so tightly that she was sure he would scar. He didn’t complain, though, being just as eager to cling to her.

It was early in the morning when Vrox tried to slide out of bed. She woke up, and although he insisted that she should stay behind, she got dressed and followed him. Nebula was left to look after Terra.

Kira felt nauseous because she knew that many men would take their last breaths that morning. Wo’ton’s accusations echoed in her mind. A part of her felt guilty, but she knew this blood had to be spilled. The plots of these men threatened the very existence of everyone. They committed crimes against Ezron, and they couldn’t be given second chances. Terra had to be protected at all costs, even if heads had to roll.

They walked to the back of the pyramid, where a group of guards circled Wo’ton and his grandsons. As Vrox appeared, the circle opened to allow him through.

Wo’ton held his head high, still swollen with madness. His grandsons looked more affected by the glare of death as they kneeled beside him.

“Tell me the names of the men who plotted with you.”

Wo’ton pursed his lips, resisting.

“Cut off the arm of the youngest grandson to give him some inspiration to talk,” Ni’ev said, appearing behind them. Draekon and Rokan grinned sadistically.

“I might mutilate them all. After all, they planned to rape females as soon as they got their hands on them.”

“There were only three men,” Wo’ton finally broke. “But they escaped yesterday.”

“Their names,” Vrox repeated.

Wo’ton tattled the names, and Vrox remembered all of their faces. He would have to get an artist to draw their faces and distribute wanted posters.

“Is there anything else you want to admit?”

Wo’ton only glared.

“Draekon,” Vrox called over his shoulder. “Take her.”

Understanding his command, Draekon gently took Kira’s arm and tugged her away. When she was at a safe distance, Vrox raised his arm. Metal sang, and the scream of one of Wo’tons grandsons joined the orchestra.

“Mercy!” Wo’ton shrieked. “There is nothing else. Nothing!”

Vrox swung again, taking the young Ezronian out of his misery.

Wo’ton fell forward, breathing heavily and processing his loss.

Vrox used the tip of his sword to lift his chin. With a blank expression, he said, “Imagine how I felt watching you try to toss my infant to death.”

Wo’ton’s lips trembled, but offered nothing else.

Blood poured out of the corpse at their feet. Kira’s eyes prickled with horror, but she forced herself to keep watching.

"Where is Xulor?"

"I don't know. I swear it."

“Stand,” Vrox ordered.

Wo’ton sat up beside his two grandsons, who were trembling but silent. They were supporting their grandfather until the end.

“May the Fates forgive you, because I cannot.”

He gripped his sword with both hands, raised his arms, and swung with a roar. A red line appeared on their necks. It looked like a necklace– Vrox’s morbid gift to them.

He turned around and covered Kira’s view just as she heard three thuds. She couldn’t see the bodies, but she knew that they were now headless.

Vrox tossed down his sword and took her from Draekon.

“Let us go home now, yes?”


They walked together, onto new horizons.

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