The First Her

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“What are we going to do?”

Kira paced back and forth. After the spooky encounter with The Federation and finding no signs of Xulor, they went home.

“What if they come to Ezron?”

“If they come to Ezron, they will get destroyed. Do not worry so much about this.”

Kira ran her hands through her hair. The Federation and Tulis obviously had a complicated relationship. Did she just tear their treaty in apart? Would they come to seek revenge?

“Come,” Vrox insisted.

When she jumped in bed with him, Vrox rubbed his fingers on her back.

“Things are calming down.”

“No. They’re getting worse. What if The Federation or Tulis invades us? You haven’t seen the Independence Day alien movies. Or the predator movies. Or the…”

“Enough.” Vrox rolled off the bed, then picked up Terra and his cape.

“Where are you going?”

“Follow me,” he told her.

He went into the common room and passed Terra to Lamara.

“Come here,” he beckoned Kira.

With skittish steps, she walked over. Vrox draped his cape over her shoulders, making her frown.

“Stop giving this to anyone.”

“You are not anyone,” Vrox countered. “Now, we will do the marrenge, then you will feed Terra and put her to sleep, then we will mate all night.”

She shushed him and eyed the room embarrassedly. Damn these Ezronian men and their boldness.

“Is this supposed to be my wedding dress?” Kira asked, grabbing the cape.

“Yes. I do not want to wait for you to find a white one. This will do.” He turned to Kyros. “Kyros, do the thing,” Vrox ordered, wrapping an arm around Kira.

“The what?”

“The thing! Tell me that Kira is mine.”

Poor Kyros looked awfully confused. “Why would I need to do that? Everyone knows she is yours.”

“Do it!”

“Uh… Vrox, Kira is now yours.”

“Good. Now tell her that I am hers.”

“And Vrox is now yours.”

“Now tell us to mouth-mate.”

Kyros sighed exasperatedly. “Kira, kiss this ugly, deranged son of a mother.”

A grinning Vrox swept down and kissed Kira’s lungs dry. The 30-second ceremony was followed by female applause.

“This has to be the shittiest wedding ever, but I love it!”

“All that’s missing is some alcohol,” Layla added.

“Uh… sorry, but it looks like a broken water is the only thing on the menu,” Lamara said.

Everyone turned to her and found her observing her wet legs.

“What is wrong?” Kyros demanded.

“Alright people. The wedding reception is canceled!” Kira announced. “Kyros, take her to our room. Vrox, can you get me the pool?”

“I’ll stay here with Terra,” Layla offered.

“Okay. I’ll have some guys guard you. Let’s roll!”

They moved Lamara on the bed, who was more amused by Kyros’ panic attack than worried about giving birth. The soon-to-be father was kneeling by the bed, grabbing her hand as if she were on her deathbed.

“Get some joy berries, brother. It is going to be a long day for you.” Vrox slapped Kyros’ back encouragingly.

He nearly fell when Kyros hugged his waist and buried his face in his belly. “Get up, Kyros!” Vrox scolded. “You are not a child!”

Kyros hugged him tighter. “Help me.”

Vrox sighed. “I am going to need some joy berries for myself.”

Kyros, like the dramatic alien he was, fainted twice throughout Lamara’s labor. Lamara was a champ. She gave birth to her screeching little boy faster than Kira.

Kira was rinsing her bloody hands when Vrox returned to the room.

“Is it over?”

She chuckled. “Let me get this straight… you can jump straight into battle, but have to leave the pyramid when a woman is giving birth?”

He shuddered. “Female screams are worse than any war. How is Lamara?”

“She’s happy and sore.”

“And Kyros?”

“I think he passed out again. I’m not sure. I think I’m about to pass out myself.” She rubbed her back. “Sorry, but there will be a honeymoon for us.”

“Here you go with your strange Terran words.”

Vrox took her hand and led her to the nearest staircase. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap. They overlooked their kingdom. It was late at night, so only a few men were mingling around.

“As I was saying earlier,” Vrox began. “Things are calming…”

She slapped a hand over his mouth, interrupting the sentence. “Don’t say those words. You know what happened last time. You might trigger my birth too.”

He chuckled. “I cannot wait for seedling to arrive. What will we name it?” he asked, kissing her messy hair.

“That’s up to you. After all, I named Terra.”

“Ran. Terra and Ran. I believe it would be a fitting name for a girl or boy.”

“Why Ran?” Kira asked.

“Because it makes Terran when combined with Terra.”

Kira snorted. “No, baby. When combined, it makes TerraRan.”

“We cannot name the child a single letter, Kira.”

“Point taken. Ran it is.”

“Do you like it?”

She stroked his forearm. “Of course I do.”

She continued to stare at the stars. Earth was somewhere there, but home was here.

– • –

Months Later

“Will you stop pacing? You’re going to drill a hole into the floor.”

A waddling Kira ignored Lamara’s comment and kept pacing. Over the past month, Kira and Vrox welcomed all citizens of Ezron to vote on female commanders.

The results were being counted outside for all to see, and Kira was nervous about the outcome. Were the men angry about her proposal? Resistant to change?

She clutched her enormous stomach and sat down next to Terra, who was crawling all over the place.

“The results are as followed,” Vrox said from the outside.

She wasn’t sure that her quivering knees would support her weight, so she crawled to the entrance, ignoring the men’s bewildered expressions.

“Get up! Vrox will decapitate me if he knows I let you do this,” Ni’ev scolded.

Kira ignored him and kept crawling. A laughing Terra followed. She grabbed the baby and peeked outside.

“The article has been approved.”

“Yay, Kira! You did it!” the girls cheered.


She crawled back into the room and cheered along with the girls. They had an indoor picnic to celebrate their progress.

“Ah, this one is having her own party inside of me,” Kira groaned.

“Does it hurt?” Lamara asked.

“Not really, but it does keep me up at night. I don’t know why Ran kicks so much. Not even Terra was like this.”

“Ran is going to be a rebellious one.”

“More rebellious than Terra? God, I hope not. I can’t handle more sassy hybrids.”

She felt a hard kick and rubbed harder. “Please, Ran. I’ll feed you some candy if you stop trying to dig yourself out.”

Vrox appeared at the entrance.

“Hey, Vro…”

Terra squealed, and to everyone’s surprise, stood on wobbling legs and took a step toward Vrox.

Kira’s eyes watered.

“Come, princess!” Vrox cheered.

“You can do it, Terra!”

“One small step for daddy,” Vrox cooed.

Kira swept in when she saw that Terra was about to fall, throwing her up in the air before catching her. “And one giant leap for mommy!”

Ran kicked Kira, wanting to come out and run beside her sister. Kira chuckled, and rubbed her precious bump.

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