The First Her

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Vrox put down his book and turned to the door. Kira was there, a dangerous smile on her face and a barely there dress on her body.

“What are you wearing? It is cold.”

She sashayed toward him, putting on a show that had him tenting in his loincloth within seconds. She reached for the tiny bow that kept her dress together and undid it. Vrox followed the cloth, and then dragged his eyes up his very pregnant, very horny female.

Kira sped up her steps, thrusting her chest and round belly out to him. When he reached for her, she slapped his wrist.


She turned so her back was against his chest and swayed her hips against him. She probably looked like a ridiculous, fumbling penguin, but she didn’t care. They hadn’t had sex in weeks because Ran was kicking more than usual, and it freaked Vrox out.

Today, the baby was calm, so Kira was in a good mood.

Vrox clutched onto her bicep when she began to lower herself. “It is dangerous.”

“Oh, stop it and let me be sexy.”

She continued her silly dance, bending her knees and rubbing her back against Vrox’s erection.

She almost cried when she felt something trickle out of her.

“Come on Ran! You little troll!” She clutched her stomach and stared at the water that trickled out. Of course Ran had been up to something. The baby didn’t move all day because she had been planning on coming out.

“Look at what you did,” Vrox scolded, helping her to the bed. “I told you to stop your silly dance.”

“Hey, don’t blame me! Blame your baby!”

Vrox palmed her stomach. “Ran is coming.”

“Ran is coming for sure. Get the girls. I’m ready to be thirty pounds lighter.”

Ran came out into the world with a vengeance. She roared like the little troublemaker she was. Her parents, of course, ate it up.

Compared to Terra’s birth, she was very tiny. She had to be around five pounds. That didn’t stop her from having a powerful set of lungs, though.

“I think I like this more than sex,” Kira said later that night. She was in bed with her girls. Vrox wouldn’t stop kissing them all. It was adorable.

Vrox kissed her again and tightened his arm around her.

“Have I told you how grateful I am to the Fates for sending me into the wilderness to find you?”

She smiled, her heart bleeding from a self-inflicted wound. She had so much love for Vrox that her chest didn’t know how to contain it.

“Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am for being tossed down Cherry’s portal?”

“Who is Cherry?”

Kira raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I didn’t tell you the story? I was with a friend one second, and the next, I was running away from this massive, scaled, yellow-eyes, growly, alien who was convinced I was a boy and determined to ‘heal’ my injuries with his mysterious paste.”

Vrox laughed, and the boom startled Terra.

“And I caught you,” he said.

“Oh yeah, you caught me and immobilized me from all the pregnancies you shoved into me.”

He chuckled and kissed her for the millionth time that night.

– • –

“Commander, we’ve got a report of action on Zone F.”

Vrox raised his head. Zone F was where the spaceship was parked. Vrox had some of his men check in on the area routinely, but he and Kira hadn’t returned to it in months.

They had no plans to do so, either. Contact with another species would change Ezron forever. They had to think about this carefully.

“What action?”

“A male appeared with wounds that were still healing. He was demanding a female. Layla.”

Vrox’s attention perked. “Where is he now?”

“The men subdued him.”


Vrox walked off camp and headed to the pyramid. He had to find Kira and Layla and tell them the good news. Xulor had re-appeared.

A few days later, Vrox and Kira watched from above as Layla ran to throw her arms around the pale, frail Ezronian. Xulor had sustained injuries that kept him down for a year. Wo’ton failed to kill him; his love for Layla being too powerful.

“We should get him medical attention.”

“Good luck separating him from Layla. If I were him, I would risk death just to keep you stuck to my side.”

“You’re so cheesy.”

He hugged her tight, and scanned the horizon. The red was gone, and the skies waited to be painted with a new color.

“What will we do about The Federation?”

“Ezron will vote whether we will contact them or not, and then we will move on together,” Kira answered.

“Together,” Vrox repeated.

The Vanishing split Ezron in half, but the world that was once divided by fear, confusion, and death, was once again together.

“I like the sound of that.”

120 million light years away.

“My fellow Americans… this is the last transmission you will receive from the White House. Please forgive your government for losing the fight against anarchy. This ungodly phenomenon that took our daughters, wives, and sisters is also trying to take our humanity. We must fight the darkness. We must live our last days kindly and courageously. Nature will reclaim the land, our structures will collapse, and our flesh will become bones, but this beautiful blue dot will remain for a long time, holding our memories.”

The president cleared his clogged throat.

“If this record is ever found by intelligent life, we ask that you be better than us. We did not wake up from our delusions on time, but you can still save yourselves by learning from our ghosts. Stand tall as one and not two-hundred. Choose your planet over your greed. Celebrate diversity over uniformity. I am sorry that we never got to meet.”

He wiped a tear.

“Hello, and goodbye, from planet Earth.”


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