The First Her

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Part 9

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They packed what little they had and set out. Their trip became much quieter. Kira no longer pointed out insects and plants in childish wonder, and the men no longer playfully bickered. She hated how their thrill had greyed, and their sprint became a march. The only action that could be found was within their gazes as they desperately sought Kyros.

Kira combed Vee’s fur and listened to Ni’ev’s sword slay down the tall grass. They were walking in a straight line, with the females standing in the middle. Kira was grateful that they were no longer walking up slopes, and that the wilderness was thick enough to mask them from any flying predators.

While she was itchy in unspoken places, she was glad that the sun wasn’t relentless. Thick, promising clouds were blocking its enthusiasm. A rainstorm was coming their way. They had been trying to outrun it for hours, but there was only so much land they could cover with a pregnant female. Vrox couldn’t carry Kira and run because he didn’t want to risk jostling her.

They walked for miles, getting closer to their destination with every step. Somewhere along the way, Kira spotted a hornet the size of her head. She watched, unphased, as its dragonfly-like wings bat the air. The sinister men that slew Kyros for standing between their cocks and her thighs gave ‘monster’ a different meaning.

A droplet fell from the sky and landed on her forehead. It skidded down her chin and fell into the valley between her breasts. She shuddered when nature’s cool touch reminded her of the billboards of femininity on her chest. She would never know safety again. As long as she and Nebula were padded with estrogen, danger would stalk them.

“Let us stop for a moment,” Vrox called out from behind her.

The group stopped their tread. Vrox stabbed his sword on the ground and took Vee from her arms.

“Can you carry him?” he asked Nebula. She stepped forward and accepted the pufil.

“Come,” Vrox said, urging Kira to step forward. She was confused but trustingly followed.

“The rain is coming,” he explained as he bent to sweep her into his arms. “We cannot camp yet, but we cannot let you get wet either. A fever in your condition would be dangerous.”

She rested one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest. “I understand,” she grumbled, hating the sky for giving them yet another problem to worry about.

Rokan stepped forward and unrolled one enormous leaf. He placed it over her like a blanket, and Vrox offered her a smile just as the leaf replaced her sky.

His chest vibrated when he spoke, ”Neyla...”

“No,” Nebula interjected. Kira didn’t even have to see her to know that she tossed Ak an uneasy look. “I’m fine. I don’t need to be carried.”

“You must be protected from the elements as well,” Vrox countered.

“I’ll just cover myself with one of those blanket leaves. I’ll be okay.”

“Are you positive? It would not be a burden for one of us to carry you.”

“I’m sure,” Nebula insisted.

“Alright,” Vrox grumbled, his displeasure clear.

Kira placed her cheek flush on Vrox’s chest, listening to his strong, slow thumps. The rain was quick to join the tempo. The clattering reminded her of her office, where she spent hours typing away. The memories of the pristine glass, chrome, and silver were blurry. Now, all she knew was soil, leaves, and the thick skin of her alien.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way, she thought as she dropped a hand to Vrox's shoulder blade.

Rough skin met her fingertips, confusing her. Had Vrox always had scales on his back? She had piggybacked on the man, bounced on his lap, and sat on all fours as he fucked a baby into her, so she knew his body well. If her memory proved true, Vrox only had scales on his arm and the base of his neck.

With a frown, she made a mental note to check his back later.

Over the next few hours, the rain became angrier, and she rocked left and right in his arms as he conquered uneven terrain. It was morbidly soothing.

“Are you alright?” Vrox asked around the clock. The rain was loud, but nothing could mute his baritone or the rumble of his chest.

Half of her body was cold, but the part that was pressed against Vrox was toasty.

“I’m fine,” she answered, snuggling her face deeper into his scaled shoulder.

“Be careful,” he rasped, but she knew his warning had nothing to do with his scales scratching her cheek. With a smile on her face and the leaf covering her antics, she dared to open her mouth and suck his nipple.

“Kira!” he growled.

She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl.

“Only the fates know what is happening under that leaf,” Draekon muttered, earning themselves many deep chuckles.

“Keep your face forward, Draekon,” Vrox ordered.

Kira issued her own laughter, feeling grateful for the sudden change in mood. Now that she wasn’t walking, she spent hours thinking of the aliens that attacked them as well as Kyros’ wellbeing. She hated that she wasn’t strong enough to stop obsessing over the possibilities. The thought of Kyros’ death was stressing her out, and she needed to stay mentally healthy for the pregnancy.

She kissed Vrox’s pec. The rain was falling, the ground was uneven, the air was cool, and her lover was wrapped around her. Here and now was what she needed to focus on.

Yesterday was already a victim of history.

She felt Vrox’s lips rain on her forehead. Even though the thick leaf that separated them, she could feel his heat.

“You will pay for your teasing, Terran,” he whispered.

The heat on her forehead teleported to her clit and did unspeakable things to her. If this was what Vrox could do with his voice, then she feared what would be coming later when they were in private.

The rest of the trip was eventless. The rain didn’t let up, and all she could do was admire Vrox’s chest from under the leaf. She wasn’t complaining, however. If anything, she was now convinced that it should rain more often.

“Caves to the west,” she heard Akdronis point out.

“Let us go there. We cannot camp outside this night,” Vrox decided.

“I saw a pack of cuxi’lon a few ticks back. We can go hunt them and see if I can scout dry wood,” Draekon added.

Kira perked as she listened to the men delegate jobs. She was ready to return to her feet.

Vrox made a wide right, headed for the caves.

“Nebula?” Kira called out.

“I’m right here with Vee.”

The sound of rain knocking on her leaf finally came to an end when Vrox entered the cave. When he sat down with her on his lap, she pulled the leaf off and gave him a smile.

“I missed your face.”

Vrox scoffed and leaned in to mutter, “do not think I have forgotten where your tongue traveled.”

She gave him a sheepish grin before standing and stretching.

“Thank you for carrying me,” she told him as she rounded his body.

“It is my duty.”

Kneeling behind him, she brought her hands to his back. His skin was hot under her palms, immune to the cold’s bite.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you a massage,” she fluffed.

She knew that Vrox wouldn’t want her to worry about him, so she offered a white lie as she scanned his back. Just as she suspected, scales covered his entire left shoulder blade.

She moved her hands to his shoulders and massaged the thick muscles that were throned there. Meanwhile, she scanned his back.

She knew her male’s body– and those scales had not been there before.

Standing up, she pressed a kiss to his neck and trailed her fingers into his hair. Vrox vibrated with a satisfied rumble as her fingers explored his curled black locks. She focused on the crown of his head and found another anomaly there. The skin was roughed as if more scales were growing there.

Yeah, those are new as well.

In their wild rutting, she had gripped onto his hair as he feasted on her pussy, and his scalp did not feel like this.

“You should stop touching me,” Vrox grunted.

“What? Why?”

Lowering his voice, he answered, “before the southern part of me decides that it wants to be massaged as well.”

His words stimulated more sizzling between her thighs, momentarily distracting her from his illness.

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