Yours Faithfully, My Dear

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Karan loves Aarav. Aarav loves Karan. They're happy in a way, yes. But every love has its obstacles. In theirs, it's Aarav's mother, with her traditional beliefs.

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Yours Faithfully, My Dear

Yours Faithfully, My Dear

The bed dominates the room. The bedroom is clean, tidy, and even a single speck of dust would be afraid to come in here.

Usually, it would be like that.

But not today. Definitely not today because today, Aarav is sprawled on the bed, a bottle of vodka in his hand that’s hanging off the edge.

Usually, it would not be like that.

The light slipping through the blinds is falling on Aarav’s face, which is frozen in an almost eternal frown, and hands, showing the stark white scars on his left wrist -some deep and some shallow cuts- against the contrast of his honey coloured skin.

It is such a brokenly beautiful sight.

Karan is staring at his boyfriend while leaning against the doorjamb, enjoying the view of his vulnerability, and at the same wanting to go and wake him up, tell him it’s not Doomsday like he always does, and tell him again and again and again that everything is alright again, because they are together.

But of course, being the selfish bastard that he is, he chose the former. And it somehow feels good and bad at the same time.

He pushes himself off from the doorjamb and walks to the bed. He sits beside his love, and reaches over to the far side of the bed and takes the bottle of vodka from Aarav’s hands gently. Karan then looks at Aarav’s face. His cheeks are tear stained, his lips plump because of all the biting yesterday, and the dark circles are standing out.


Karan caresses his face. He brushes a strand of hair away from Aarav’s closed eyes and then bends down to kiss his temple, his eyes, his cheeks, and his finally, his lips. Soft, plump lips that he knows were made for him.

Aarav’s eyes flutter open when he feels lips on his lips. Karan. Beautiful, amazing Karan who never left his side. He seriously doesn’t deserve this man.

He closes his eyes again and puts his arms around Karan’s neck and grabs his hair. He presses himself into this man, wanting to get lost in his warmth, security, and beauty. “Oh, Karan....“, he moans when his boyfriend’s lips reach his nipple, sucking through the thin fabric of the shirt that was his garment of the day yesterday.

“Aarav, why are you crying?“, Karan suddenly asks.

Oh, the tears are flowing again.

Karan rolls off him and when Aarav is sitting up, leaning against the headboard, he asks again, “Hmm?”

Aarav doesn’t do anything to wipe the tears rolling down his face, instead, he hugs his knees. Karan puts a hand on his knee. Aarav looks at Karan and says in a spiteful tone, “How can you be so calm after what happened yesterday?!”


They were in a pub with their friends; everyone was either drinking and moping to their hearts’ content or moping to their hearts’ content anyways.

They were in a room, complete with a karaoke set and two ACs. Under the table, Karan’s hand was inching up on Aarav’s thigh, squeezing at random intervals, making Aarav bite his lips to control his moans. When Karan’s hand did reach his dick and a squeezing was given there too, Aarav had to put all strength in not moaning out Karan’s name.

After excusing themselves one by one by telling the others that they had to go to the restroom, they wasted no time in getting into one of the stalls in the restroom and having a hot make out session.

Karan’s lips crashed on Aarav’s the moment they closed the stall’s door. Karan pushed him up against the wall and held him by the waist when Aarav’s legs wound around his body. He explored every inch of Aarav’s mouth, causing the other boy to moan lowly. They broke the kiss off for a few seconds for breath they were at it again. Their tongues were battling for dominance until Karan pinched and rubbed and fondled Aarav’s nipple, which were his most sensitive places apart from the nape of his neck and his dick, and he became pliant and soft and as willing as a pussy cat in Karan’s arms.

Karan grabbed Aarav’s hair and yanked it hard. “Ohhhhhh!.......“, Aarav moaned into the kiss. The sharp needles of pain had caused him to become even harder than he already was, and it would have been hell to control his moans, if it hadn’t been for Karan’s mouth.

Soon came the time for the foreplay to be over and the actual part to start. Karan pulled his pants and boxers down at the same time and rolled a condom onto his dick after letting Aarav get down and turn around. Aarav was utterly naked, bent and leaned against the cool tiles of the wall, while the warmth of Karan’s body as he positioned himself into a comfortable position was seeping through his ass.

Karan’s dick prodded the entrance of Aarav’s hole. He was already so damn sensitive there that even a small touch made him want to moan until his throat became sore. So when Karan’s head entered his hole, he bit his lips so hard that blood started oozing from them.

Pleasure and pain, as they blended with Karan’s steadily increasing rhythm of thrusts and the blood from his lips, Aarav was aroused to a point where he would die if he didn’t come. “Please, Karan, please, baby, make me cum, make come all over, go deeper harder faster, so deep, so deep!!!“, he moaned out.

Karan obliged and his thrusts became animalistic. He was grunting, his temple had a sheen of sweat to it, and when Aarav turned to look at his lover, he was close to swooning as he stared in awe at Karan’s toned body, so sexy, so firm, so kind. While he was thrusting rapidly, Karan was making sure that he wouldn’t bruise Aarav’s body too much.

When he came with Karan, Aarav knew that is was one of the most beautiful sexcapades, as they called them, even though it was in a washroom stall.

When they were driving towards home, Karan’s hand was on Aarav’s thight, but this time it was not as erotic, just a reassuring touch.

Home had a surprise for them. Aarav’s mother was waiting for them. It wasn’t a pleasant surprise.

“Do you really have to get into a relationship with a man, Aarav?“, his mother asks furiously.

“What happened, ma?“, Aarav asks.

“Do you know that whenever those neighbours ask whether our son is getting married, or which girl it is, we lower our heads in shame, not able to say anything?”

“Ma, what-”

“Don’t talk! Why can’t you give up this boy and marry a nice girl?! Why!!”

Aarav’s mother was shrieking now. Aarav lost his temper. Enough was enough.

“So what?!!!“, he raged, “So what if I like boys?!! Why can’t you see that there are people other than men and women?!!! And because I’m gay, that doesn’t mean you can go on insulting my Karan!!!! Do you know how badly he wants your approval?!! He could’ve just run away with me, without anyone knowing, he’s capable of that!!!! But no, he wanted your approval, because he loved me. He loved me more than you ever did! Why can’t you see the love instead of the gender!!”

“What?“, his mother’s voice was barely a gasp. There was hurt and guilt in her eyes. Aarav wanted to stop talking, reduce the hurt and leave but no, she needed to know this.

“Yes. Do you know that your best friend, that bitch-”


“Yes, that bitch. She raped me. She raped me so many times, I’ve lost count of it. It was horrible, you know that? Her husband watched while she raped me. And I’ve tried to tell you so many times, but you brushed it off as nonsense that kids keep spouting and sent me there. Every. Fucking. Time.”

Aarav’s mother had her mouth in an O. His parents were horrified, he knew that. “I...didn’t know,” his mother whispered. “It’s because you never wanted to believe that that bitch did such things. You chose someone whom you didn’t even know properly over your own child who’s your own blood!!“, Aarav shrieked.

His mother stepped towards him and kept a hand over his shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she pleaded.

Aarav was disgusted. He shrugged her hand off harshly. “Just get out,” he said bitingly. His mother removed her hand and slowly she exited out of the house.

When Aarav turned around to face Karan who was standing behind him, he was surprised to find a sad look on his face. “Sleep on the couch,” Aarav said shortly and went to get a vodka bottle.

Flashback Over

“Hey, give your mother time. Just like you gave us,” Karan says, “I’m calm because even after all that fighting, she’s your mother and you’re her son. That is proof that you’ll get back together. Parents normally don’t approve or understand same sex relationships. It takes time. To their generation, this isn’t common. Our generation is so much more accepting of this because we were made aware of these things. So just give them time.”

Aarav smiled. It wasn’t bright or happy, but was filled with emotions indescribable. He wipes his face, clearing the tears. He turns to his right and hugs Karan to his naked chest (He usually sleeps naked. He got the habit after he started making love with Karan as they always fall asleep only after having mind-blowing sex.). He presses him to his chest so tightly that Karan taps his frantically. “I could’ve died there,” he pants out. Aarav wrinkles his nose, which has Karan falling in love with him all over again. Then Aarav ruins it by saying, “It’s okay, you’re dying for me right?”

Karan groans while Aarav guffaws. “I’m sorry I snapped at you like that yesterday. I love you, you know that,” he says as he becomes serious suddenly. Karan is only staring at him before he frowns and says, “Are you bipolar?”

“Ahhh, I hate you!“, Aarav yells, takes a pillow and hits Karan with it.

Karan stops laughing after some time, gets into a kneeling position with his face towards and Aarav and says seriously, “I love you. It’s good between us. I’ll never leave your side.”

“I know. I will never leave your side too.”

“I’ll love you faithfully, with whatever I got, for the rest our lives,” Karan says as he cups his hands around Aarav’s face.

“Me too. Me too,” says Aarav.

They kiss deeply.

“By the way, I love your crying face,” Karan says after they break the kiss.

“Rom-com?“, asks Aarav.

“Yep,” Karan says, putting on a chagrined face, but feeling excited inside.

“I know you love romantic movies,” Aarav says.

“Shut up. Movie,” Karan says. His voice is kinda dominating at the moment.

Imagine what it does to Aarav, the submissive lover.

“On second thought,” he says, “let’s not watch a movie.”

“Why?”, Karan asks, puzzled.

Aarav jumps Karan.

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