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Shit! Why can’t I, for once, cook without burning everything! I was in the kitchen, trying to make breakfast for both Dominic and I as the cook was sick today but still after so many tries, all the food was burnt.

I heard footsteps come from behind me and expected Dominic to start screaming at me just like old times. However, instead of an insult, I heard a chuckle. Surprised, I turned around and nearly gasped as I saw him shirtless, with only a boxer on.

“You still haven’t been able to learn how to cook huh”

I was still in shock with my mouth handing slightly open when he chuckled, yet again. He stepped towards me and lifted my chin, closing my mouth in the process. “Close your mouth next time or you will catch flies.”

“Yea I am just shocked that you haven’t scolded me or slapped me.” I said without thinking twice.

My eyes widened as I processed my own words and I looked at him, ready to explain, “ I didn’t-“

“It’s OK, I know I have been bad and cruel in the past but I have changed. Trust me.” He said as he gazed into my emerald eyes.

He stepped away from me and went to the stove. “Now, let’s prepare some proper dinner. What say?”

I giggled like the same old me when I first met him and proceeded to carry the burnt bacon to the dustbin.

“Let’s get to work, chef”

It has been three months since I have been looking after Tiago and honestly, as the day goes by, I don’t think I can leave after one month. I signed and walked towards the kitchen for a glass of water. It was midnight and sleep seemed to vanish in thin air.


I turned around and gawked at Dominic’s shirtless body. Since one month, he has treated me much more better than he ever did when we were together. I could see regret in his eyes but I could still not forgive him, not after what happened.


“What are you doing up late?”

“I couldn’t sleep and you?”


I looked down at my toenails and felt uncomfortable as silence fell upon us. I flinched as I felt a hand on my chin and looked up, staring deep in hazel eyes.

“Christine, I have been wanting to ask you this and perhaps, you will never be able to forget what I did to you but can you please forgive me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Please.” He murmured against my lips as he leaned closer.

“I-“ My words were cut off as he claimed my lips with his own and I moaned as I felt his lips move against me after two years.

Oh god, I missed this. I thought as I enveloped my hands around his neck. I broke the kiss, leaning my head against his chest.

“I forgive you.” I said as I looked up at him again.

He kissed me again with more force and possessiveness and lifted me up, climbing up the stairs.

Where is Dominic? He was not here. Did he go to work? No it can’t be that. It’s Saturday today and he works from home during the weekend.

I climbed up from the bed and clutched the sheet to my chest. Taking one shirt from the closet, I put in on me and walked towards his office. Opening the door, I froze as I looked at the scene in front of me.

Adriana? She’s alive? Dominic lied to me? Again? I dashed out of the office and went into my room, covering my mouth with my hand as I choked back a sob. No don’t cry. You are strong. Don’t cry! Don’t cry!

I shook the bottle and proceeded to go upstairs and give Tiago his milk. Opening the door, I stood still as I watched Adriana cradle Tiago to her chest.

“Tiago oh my baby, mama missed you so much.”

I knocked on the door and went inside, knowing that Dominic might have already told her about me.

“Christine, oh my god, I missed you so much. I am glad Dominic bought you here to watch for my Tiago.” She said as she hugged me.

Why is she acting as if nothing happened two years ago? Did Dominic not tell her that he kidnapped me and suddenly requested me to look after Tiago?

I shook those thoughts away and unscrewed the milk bottle, ready to take Tiago from her arm.

“Give me that, I will feed him. You can go now. I am sure your dad misses you. But, do come visit when you have time. I believe, Dominic already booked a ticket for you to go to England.”

She went near the couch and sat down, feeding Tiago. I blinked back my tears and went to my room, packing the stuff I came here with: My mermaid dress, my shoes and my phone. I went near the nightstand and took the picture of Dominic and Tiago from the frame.

Wiping the tears from my cheeks, I knocked on Dominic’s office door.

“Come in.”

I entered the office and stayed near the door whispering, “I am going. Can I have my ticket?”

He looked up with guilt and sadness on his face but I am not going to let him win me over with his fake acts. He opened the drawer and approached me, handing me the ticket.

“Christine, please listen to-“

I snatched it from his hand and sneered,”I hate you.”

“Christine wait!”

I ran downstairs and out of the front door and climbed into the taxi, crying silently.

*knock* *Knock* As the door opened, I launched myself on Samuel’s arms.

“Hey! Christine? Is that you? What happened, darling?”

After letting me through the front door and making me sit on his sofa, with a chocolate ice-cream tub, I started telling him everything since the party. Hugging me tightly to his chest, I sobbed remembering each and every past memories.

“But who is this Dominic?”

I looked up at him, wishing how I never met Dominic and had fallen in love with Samuel instead.

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