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17 October 2017

It has been one year since Dominic and I have been in a relationship and I couldn’t be more happier. He turned out to be a billionaire of a shipping company and I was so shocked to find out not that it mattered because personality is what make a guy suitable for a good relationship.

Adriana, however, broke up with Jonathan because he has been cheating on her with some girl. For the first time, she was really upset handling the break up. I was there with her though and Dominic as well.

Tonight was something special. It is our anniversary of the first date and first kiss we shared. I decided to give the most precious thing in my life today. Something I kept only for the one I will love truly with my whole heart.

My virginity.

The tension in the air was thick and I could see Dominic trying hard to concentrate on his food. For the first time, I have worn a revealing dress and so far, the only reaction I had gotten from Dominic was his wide eyes and once over when I opened the front door. He was tensed, constantly staring at me and back at his food.

I picked up my plate and went to the sink, disposing the utensils. I gasped as I turned around to find Dominic, standing extremely close to me and breathing heavily.

“Dominic, what-“

“I can’t control myself anymore.”

He wrapped his arms around me and clashed his lips on mine, carrying us towards the bedroom. Our clothes flew on the ground as we continued making out and for the first time in life, I wasn’t ashamed to show my body to a man.

20 January 2018

Dominic was late to come today and I was nervous to tell him I accidentally burnt the food again. I watched as he walked in the kitchen, annoyance etched on his face.

He looked up and snapped,”Well why’s the food?”

“Dominic, I am sorry. I brunt the food again.”

The slap was loud and as my face snapped to the right, tears fell down my cheek pathetically.

“You can’t do a single thing I ask you to, can you? You can’t cook, can’t do the laundry properly. Is there anything you know?” He sneered.

“ANSWER ME” I jumped at the anger in his voice and whimpered with my hand pressed against my cheek.

“Useless fat bitch.”

I slumped down on the floor, sobbing as I felt the pain of his slap make me wince. He has hit me. He never raised his hand on me.

25 January 2018

My arm was aching badly but I had to get up. The way he gripped my hand yesterday was so painful, I can’t even grip my cup of tea without shaking. I dump the biscuit in it and eat a bite, moaning at the taste of it.

I got up and washed the dishes despite the ache on my arm. I looked out of the window and signed at the life I got. I love Dominic too much to leave him. I still have hopes he will go back to my old Dominic, I am sure of that.

I looked at the text I got from Adriana and signed for the 20th time today.

Adriana: I ordered pizza. Let’s have a girl’s night!”

Me: Sure.

I was still angry at Dominic about last night so I drove to Adriana’s apartment without informing him.

*Knock* *Knock*

I waited but no one answered. I frowned as I heard a slow music playing and two familiar voices talking.

I opened the door slightly and gasped silently at the scene before me. Both Adriana and Dominic were naked on the couch, talking.

“When will you tell her? You need to tell her this right now before she finds out by herself and get hurt even more.”

“I will tell her soon. I don’t care she gets hurt or not as long as she stays at my house and my mum is satisfied thinking she’s still my girlfriend.”

“OK baby but please be fast, I can’t wait to be with you.”

I ran out as fast as I could and took refuge at the bus stop, sobbing with my tears mixing with droplets of water from the heavy rain.

The house was dark as I sat on the floor, clutching the first gift he gave me to my chest. I could hear his car pull in the garage, could hear his footsteps and could almost hear the thoughts on his evil mind.”

The door opened and he stepped inside, switching on the lights. He was shocked as he saw my red eyes and tears.

“What do you think you are doing on the floor? Get up. You look like you are drunk, are you?”

I wasn’t surprised this time. I was prepared for every insult he would throw my way. I got up and walked towards him, head held high and my eyes glaring at him.

“I know all about you and Adriana. I know you don’t love me. I know everything. I also know you must be wondering what I am still doing here. So listen, I stayed to say one thing. You didn’t value my love, used me as a toy to grab Adriana’s attention and I just wanted to tell you congratulation. You won. But, you lost one thing. I won’t tell you what it is. You will yourself one day tell me that one thing. Bye and congratulation on your new relationship. Let me also end this with a couple name for both of you, the deceiver and the gold digger.”

“How dare you!” He raised his hands and slapped hard my face, making me fall on the table, losing consciousness.

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