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I was sick. It has been three months since I left Dominic and since then, I haven’t heard or seen him. My life was thankfully going back to normal and Samuel has been making me try to smile since I have told him the past between me and Dominic.

However, nothing last long. Since the past two weeks, I have been having morning sickness and as I clutch the positive pregnancy test in my hands, my head started to spin and it wasn’t long till I wish that I go from this world already.

Falling on the ground, I remember that night when I lost consciousness from the love of my life.

27 January 2018

I slowly opened my eyes, blinking away the sleep from my eyes. I looked around me and wondered as to why I am here. All of a sudden, all the memories from last night came into my head and as tears fell down, the door opened and my dad came rushing in, enveloping me in his warm embrace.

“It’s okay baby. I am taking you away from here.”

And the nest day, we were gone from Canada and to England where my dad had received a promotion and a better salary.

“Yes congratulations, you are pregnant.” The doctor said.

I looked at my dad beside me and at Samuel in front of me, urging myself to gain strength.

“Thank you doctor.”

I felt a wrinkled hand clasp mine which was resting on the hospital bed and looked at my dad with shame on my face.

“I am sorry dad. I made a huge mistake of believing him again.”

“Honey, you know I was always scared that without your mum, I wouldn’t be able to give that upbringing that you deserve all alone. Today, I can proudly say I am happy to have you as my daughter and to give this upbringing. You didn’t crumble to the ground when you lost him. You got up, made yourself a stronger person and earned a high position in a good company. You didn’t look at the odds when you agreed to take care of Tiago, the outcome of your heartbreak. You looked after him when his mother was not there for him. You put yourself at his place and did the thing Aunt Clementine did when your mother died. You didn’t think of ending your life. You thought about getting up and making yourself stronger. Now, you have to be even more courageous for this beautiful baby that is inside you. Give it the love of both parents.”

I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked at him with determination, “I will.”

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