Heart Shaped Bruises

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Chapter 1

Alysa’s POV

I walked down the foot-path with my 14-year-old-brother, Alex, who had headphones plugged in his ears, defying everyone else’s existing as he strode next to me. And Talia, my little, baby sister who’s just 10-years-old and already sick and tired of school as she told me how her day went.

Our parents were busy so I had to take care of and I don’t disagree with the fact that this opportunity is worth taking advantage of.

So, I decided to take my sibling to a nearby café, grab a coffee—and some yummy things to eat—and then go elsewhere to enjoy this lovely day.

But it’s not like my parents don’t know where we’re headed, I have to tell them everything because I’m the oldest, making this my responsibility.

We entered casually, Talia still chattering, Alex still listening to music, me still dragging both of them with me as we sat down.

Pulling the wire to Alex’s ear plugs, making them fall off, I dictated, “Go, order something for us, Alex.”

Looking around, he realized where we were. His green orbs met my identical ones, “Go do it yourself. God’s blessed you with feet, hands and a tongue.”

My nose flared. He’s such a couch potato, sulking somewhere in the corner of the room so he wouldn’t have to do work. God bless mom’s motherly intuitions. I love it when she drags him by the ear to wash the dishes and do chores.

I turned my gaze towards Talia and asked, “Tell me Talia, who should go to bring the food for us, our grumpy brother who ate your chocolate or this nice sister of yours who bought you one after he made you cry.”

Her innocent eyes glistened as she pointed her tiny finger towards Alex.

I laughed. “Ha, two against one, mister. You’re going.”

He grumbled some words but got up and headed to the counter. My eyes followed him but were stopped by someone staring intently at me. A boy who looked a few years older than me, gazed right at me. I did what I’d seen my mom do, what she told me to do if someone made me feel uncomfortable—glare right back, making them know that they should back off.

But all he did was glower right back. His teal eyes glimmered with aggression as his jaw clenched tightly.

What did I do!?

It made me nervous. The guy was hot and I don’t get this weird kind of attention every day. I looked back at my table, glancing at him from the side of my eye and his gaze hadn’t left me for a moment. What was wrong with him?

“Here you go my baby sis, your very own hot chocolate.” Alex said, snapping me out of my daze.

“Hey, where’s my coffee?”

Alex smirked at me. “You told me to order something and I did. . . for me and Talia only.”

He stuck out his tongue and took his seat directly in front of mine as I glowered at him. I love my brother, I really do, but sometimes the feelings I have to kill him over whelm me.

I felt my vein bulge on my temple as I got up and made my way to the counter to order something for myself.

“Yeah, I’d like that sandwich please,” I said to the lady, pointing at the one I wanted.

I paid the lady after saying a polite thank you, and glowered at my brother who sat there smirking like a chimpanzee he was.

All of a sudden, I felt my balance lose as I tripped over something.

I was expecting a loud thud and a terrible pain in my butt, loaded with a spoonful of embarrassment but they never came.

All I felt were tight arms wrapped around my waist as they held me from falling.

I opened my eyes to see teal ones staring intently at me. The guys face was stern, his jaw clicked, chocolate brown hair falling down to his eyes as he held me.

But it was only for a few seconds that he held me, then let go, letting me finally touch the ground.

“Alysa, for once, can you not be clumsy.”

My eyes snapped from the man to my brother who came towards me. My gaze went back to the man who saved me from humiliation who looked between the two of us like we were something he had never seen before.

“Thank you for stopping my fall.”

His jaw tightened as he gritted his teeth, showing that he was enraged which made me wonder what I did wrong.

“You’re welcome. . . Alysa.” He straightened himself and cleared his throat. “You should watch where to step, you never know your next step may lead you to fall into an abyss.”

With that, he walked away, leaving me feeling something eerie yet attractive about him.

I shook my head with disbelief.
Bad boys just had to be my type.

Mason’s POV

“Mason, enough.”

I ignored him as he grabbed my fists from hitting the punching bag. He stood in front of me, his grey eyes stern as he ran his other hand through his sandy blonde hair.

“Mason, stop. This isn’t going to help you do shit.”

Annoyed, I shoved my hand out of my cousin’s grasp and continued taking my anger out on the useless object in front of me.

“What do you know about pain, Icarus. Nothing. They fucking named their daughter after my sister to remember how she and my dad died and mock their death. They think this is going to keep me away from them, keep me from harming them. They were so wrong.”

The truth was that I had gone there to end all of them, even the little one. I was just waiting for them to leave the café so I could take out all my anger on them, kill them and torture them, then send their bodies to their father.

But they had to name their oldest daughter after my late sister. I knew Blayze Walker had three children, but I didn’t know that they one after Alysa! My Alysa!

“Mason, dude, stop. All this bullshit is getting to your head. I’m starting to regret giving their information to you.”

“Well, that information wasn’t enough to tell me their fucking names! You had one fucking job to do!”

I threw a punch at his face, which he dodged skillfully. Using my other hand, I grabbed his neck, smashing his back against the wall.

“You don’t get to make mistakes.”

He grabbed my hair from the root and tugged them hard enough to make me loosen my grip on his neck. He pushed me away with his leg and heaved for breath.

“You fucking idiot, you’re blindly going on a rampage to go and kill one of the most dangerous men’s kids just for revenge. You didn’t even know your dad or your sister. Hell, even Walker doesn’t know that you exist yet here you are, running one of the biggest gangs without having anyone know you. You’re going to lose everything you spent your life on building.”

I didn’t care. I never cared for this empire because it would’ve done just fine just with my mother. Oh, that evil witch!

Then it hit me.

“You said they don’t know me at all, right?”

Icarus’s gaze shifted suspiciously at me but he still nodded.

I rubbed my knuckles, smirking as a plan started to form in my brain. Rather than aiming for all, I could aim for one. And rather than making their father suffer, I’d make both of them suffer.

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