Heart Shaped Bruises

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Chapter 3

“Blayze, I told you not to put them there!”

“Nobody cares, Astrid! It’s just a gun!”

“And Talia’s ten! And she loves playing with your guns! She going to hurt herself this way!”

“It doesn’t have a cartridge in it! It’s safe!”

“What if there was one!?”

“Well, there isn’t one!”

I stared at the TV for a while, Talia sitting next to me, clearly ignoring our parents’ argument. Alex hit my arm with his foot so that he could catch my attention. Looking at him, I saw that he had an outstretched hand offering my his hands-free.

I took them gladly so they’d help me block out my parents’ voices, especially since I had broken mine a week ago and mom wasn’t ready to buy me new ones.

“You know mom’s gonna win, right?” Alex whispered as he came closer.

“And dad’s going to sleep on the sofa again? Eighty per cent chances of that happening.”

“I’m betting on him making dinner again. That always comes to our benefit.”

“That’s it. I’m not making dinner today! Go do it yourself!”

Alex and I shared a look.

“I’ll call Pizza Hut.”

And so, we did. Don’t get them wrong, my parents love each other more than they love anything in this world—apart from us, that is—but all couples have fights. Plus, dad always finds a way to make it up to mom… it just takes some time because dad has to cool himself down first.

I made my way upstairs to my room, crossing paths with Molly who was busy scolding Uncle Dustin on the phone. The old lady had more stamina than all of us combined! Even with the bent back and white hair, she was able to run the entire house with a snap of her finger like it was just a mere game.

I closed the door to my room, adjusting myself on my desk so that I could start my assignment that was due tomorrow.

As I mentally scolded myself for not even trying to do the assignment before the deadline, there was a knock on the door. And not just any door, but the balcony one.

I stared at it for a good while, not sure what to do until I heard a knock again, only this time it was louder. I quietly opened my desk’s drawer, clutching onto the dagger my mom had given me on my birthday. Walking up to the door I lightly opened it and peeped out.

Before I could do anything, the door was pushed open, revealing teal eyes that were looking intently at me when I tripped.

But he caught me on time. . . again, our noses touching as I quickly scrambled to straighten myself.

“You’re clumsy, aren’t you?” Mason asked, his stiff face showing a smirking expression.

“Uh, yeah, I mean—not all the time, but just—what are you doing here?” I gibbered, my ears instantly feeling hot.

He shrugged. “I wanted to see you.”

“But why?

He tilted his head, his face unreadable but his eyes swirling with amusement. “I didn’t think I’d need a reason to see you.”

“And… how did you know I lived here?”

“Easy. I followed you.”

I put a hand on my heart, faking my shock as I playfully said, “You were stalking me!?”

He shrugged. “Yeah.”

Okay, not what I was expecting as an answer.

“So,” he whispered, walking closer to me, “mind giving me your number?”

I shrieked so loudly that I might have sounded like a banshee. Quickly covering my mouth with my hand and then giggling to cover up such a humiliating stunt, I nodded.

Taking the phone that he handed out to me, I quickly typed my number and added it to his contacts, handing over his phone back.

“Now that I got what I came for, I’ll be on my way.”

“W-wait a minute!” I gasped as he went out on the balcony.

Mason turned around with a brow raised, making my heart pump so fast that it would’ve probably reached Russia if it had legs and feet.

“When will you—I mean—I, see you again?”

He stood still for a second or two, so still that I felt like an idiot for asking such a question.

Then he walked up to me, so close that his towering figure had my neck cranked up so much that it hurt.

Damn my mom and her short-heightened genes that I developed.

He came closer to my face, his breath brushing my nose and cheeks as my blood pumped their even faster. His lips lightly brushed mine and he pecked me, leaving my whole body in a way that it was ready to explode.

“Soon, sweetheart.”

As I watched him jump off the balcony, I slowly slouched on the floor as I grabbed my phone, calling Jude.

*Hello? *

I took a deep breath. “Jude! I’m melting…!”

Mason's POV

I felt a sting on my cheek as my mother’s hand struck my cheek, my anger kept boiling higher.

“How dare you disrespect me like that!? Going to your enemy’s house, the one that took your father and your sister away from me!?”

“I had a reason, mother. And you don’t need to know why. The only thing you need to know is that it was for us to get revenge so father and Alysa can finally rest in peace.”

“You better be right or you will regret it as I regret ever giving birth to you!”

With that, she walked away.

My eyes trained to Icarus, his grey eyes filled with remorse and hurt as he folded his arms over his chest.

I walked up to him, fisting my hands as I delivered him a punch in his guts. “Don’t you dare pity me!”

My hands swung again, but he dodged this time, grabbing my arm and twisting it. “I don’t. I feel sorry for you.”

I grabbed his cheek, banging my head against his nose, breaking it.

“Then, don’t!”

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