Heart Shaped Bruises

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Chapter 5

“Where do you think you’re going, Alysa?” my dad’s voice rang from the kitchen as I walked ahead, tying my hair in a ponytail.

“To sit in the car, dad.”

“Alysa, come back here this minute. I won’t let you starve yourself by going to school without breakfast.”

I groaned. A part of me just wasn’t ready to face mom yet. She was supposed to understand me but she didn’t. “Dad! I’m not hungry!”

“She probably had some midnight snacks, dad,” Alex butted in which I completely refused to have done… even though it was a lie.

I still made my way outside, to the porch until a finger hooked itself around the back of my collar and I was dragged inside.

“I will stuff your mouth with food if I have to but you will not go to school without breakfast.”

I groaned again, even louder than the last time. “Dad! I don’t feel like it.”

As I was dragged to the kitchen, Talia looked at me innocently and then turned to dad. “Does that mean you’re going to stuff her mouth with food now? Can I watch!?”

She seemed so excited that if it was something normal, I would’ve let dad do it himself.

“No one’s stuffing anything in her mouth,” Mom spoke up, pulling Talia’s cheek. “She’s gonna finish that plate all by herself like a good girl.”

She gave me the look so that meant I had to oblige as I stiffly sat down.

“What has you all grumpy in the morning,” Talia asked, pointing her fork at me until Mom told her off.

“Nothing, Talia. Just not feeling it.”

“Then you won’t be feeling it in the afternoon too, I suppose,” Mom chimed in. “I’m going to make Baked Alaska but if you’re not feeling it then……”

She purposely trailed off and made me grunt as I picked up my fork and hastily started eating. I may not be in the mood of talking to her but that’s not going to stop me from getting good food.

“Good girl.”

Alex looked at me mockingly, making me kick him under the table.

“Ow, Mom! Alysa’s kicking me!”

“I’m not, mom, he’s lying.”

“Am not! She’s all moody in the morning and is taking her anger out on me.”

“Shut up Alex! That’s not true!”

“Enough, both of you!” Dad spoke angrily as he stood up. “I want you two to quietly eat your food and be in the car within five minutes, not more than that. Stop your bickering and start eating if you don’t want to be late.”

I huffed and hastily ate everything without noticing what it was, glaring at my brother as he glared back. From the side, I saw Talia rolling her eyes at us.

“Done!” We both shouted with unison and scrambled up to the door. Squishing each other through the door we ran to the car outside where dad was already waiting for us.

“Ha! I won!” I turned and shouted when we both sat down, me in the front passenger seat while Alex at the back.

He grumbled a few words but shrugged and busied himself on his phone.


“I can not believe you, Al! You didn’t do it… again!”

“So, I didn’t. What’s the big deal in it?”

“That assignment was due a week ago, Alysa. And today was your last warning otherwise Sir’s going to call your parents.”


I let my thoughts run freely for a moment until I came up with the perfect way to get out of this situation.

Since the class is after recess and you’ve already got yours checked and returned to you so….”

I didn’t continue further, just smiled and spread my hand out in front of Jude. “Give me your work to copy Oh Wiser One.”

Jude rolled her eyes and fixed her glasses before opening her locker and handing me the sheets of paper.

I thanked her as I looked through the sheets. “Okay! Now, I have a total of thirty minutes to complete this assignment. I can nail that… If sir doesn’t mind reading the unreadable.”

I waved her as we both went to different classes. Taking a seat in front of the class, I opened my register and waited for our teacher.

My phone buzzed in my pocket so I took it out, noting that I had received a message.

Mason: You should wear pink more.

My heart skipped a beat at his message, making me bite the insides of my cheek. I turned to look both my sides, not able to find where he actually was. When I looked out of the window, a little distance afar, Mason stood sturdily in his casuals, his phone in his hand and his teal eyes looking right into my soul.

I couldn’t stop the giggle from escaping my lips so I texted him back.

Alysa: Creeper stalker, go away.

Mason: No, not when the scene in front of me is you.

Alysa: So…You’re just gonna stand there a watch me while I’m studying.

Mason: Don’t see anything wrong with it.

Alysa: Such a productive use of time.

I was going to text something else when the teacher walked in. I quickly put my phone aside as it buzzed again. I tapped the screen twice to see what he sent me.

Mason: Meet me.

I almost choked on my breath with excitement and nervousness, biting my lower lip as I looked out of the window. Noticing that t my teacher had her head turned, i turned my head towards the window and smiled, giving Mason a thumbs up.

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