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Krystal's childhood was not what a normal child would face.But with the help of her only best friend Gem she finally somewhat overcome her nightmare. She was finally living a normal life till she come in front of the only person she had wished not to see again.

Romance / Drama
Diya Gosar
Age Rating:

Chapter 1. First day at college

"Sis, get up or you'll be late for your first day at college " Kris shouted from the downstairs. She was already awake but she doesn't want to go to college all alone. Well she was not alone because her elder brother also goes to the same college but hek was a year ahead of her and she will be alone in her classes without any friends. Her best friend Gem, who was with her since primary school, is now going to another college, as he told her.

She got up and get ready for college. She choose a simple black jeans with blue tank top and black jacket with black boots. She does not like to get attention that's the only reason she choose simple clothes .She went down to the kitchen where her brother was preparing her breakfast. She watched him with a smile on her face how he had always been there for her after her mother died.Tears welled up in her eyes on the thought of her mother. On the same time Kris turn around. Seeing tears in his sisters eyes he ran towards her asking if everything is alright looking concerned. Krystal just hugged him and thanked him for being the best brother, convincing him that she is fine.

"When is dad coming? " Krystal asked him while having breakfast. Their father is always on business trips and rarely come home. He had made himself very busy in work after their mother had gone. Of course they understand their father but sometimes they miss him.

"He'll be here on Friday"Kris told his younger sister. After breakfast they both went to college together in Kris's Mercedes. Of course Krystal have her own car but Kris forced her to go with him as they are going to the same college.

When they together walked into the college campus all eyes turned to them. Girls were shooting daggers in krystal's direction. Well she was already expecting this because her elder brother is the most handsome boy just second to her best friend. Kris helped her to get her schedule and whilehe was escorting her to her first class his friends call him.She told him that she was totally okay with going to her class on her own. After hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek she went towards her first class.

"Hey dude, who was that hot girl" Kris's friend John asked him as sown as he got to his group of friends. Kris glared at him ."Man, just keep your eyes off her, she is my sister" Kris told his friend who was clearly interested in his sisters. "Cool boy, you know him,he likes to joke" his another friend Josh told Kris.

While going towards her first class someone tap on Krystal's shoulder. She turned back to see a boy smiling at her and gave her a half eaten chocolate. Seeing the chocolate she looked at him in confusion. The boy just shrugged at her. She thought for a second before smiling understandingly.She looked at her left and then right where she found smiling Gem staring at her. From childhood onwards it was like their tradition to share every chocolate they eat. So they always get half eatenchocolate from the other. She smiled happily while running towards him. She hugged him while he pick her up and turn around. When he settled her on the ground she asked"what are you doing here?"
"Well,can't keep myself far from my best friend " he replied with a genuine smile. She slapped her shoulder playfully. "Sorry,sorry, I'm also going to the same college as yours just didn't told you to give you a surprise" he told her.In reality he can't be at ease if he is not near her he felt the need to protextend her.
"Let's go to our first class" he told her. They have 3 classes together. In break they met Kris and he was happy too to see him. She had the two most handsome boys with her which make every girl look towards her. Some of them even approach her for their numbers. She had met a girl named Rossie ,who seemed pretty kind to her, in her French class, the only one girl in the college whom she talked to. Few boys even tried to flirt with her but she just ignored them.
This is how her first day of college was.
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