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Chapter-2 Meeting dad

Gem lived next door,so they both started to go college together. Everyone in the college thinks tgat they are a couple and she wasn't even aware of the rumours or she don't care about those. She didn't get close to any other students as she had her personal fears. She only talk to Rossie and 2 3 other girls and that was only limited. Gem had friends but she didn't get involved in their group. She was getting used to the college life.

It was Friday. They are getting back from the college. Gem had went to his house ,which was next door,after dropping off Krystal. Kris had also reached the house behind them. They were unlocking the door when the door suddenly open. They were shocked but when Krystal saw the person standing before her she jumped into his arms. She had tears in her eyes ohh how she missed her father. The man was also happy to see his daughter.

"If you had done meeting him, let me also meet my father" Kris chuckled. He hugged his dad after which their dad take them to the kitchen. He surprised them by cooking lunch for them."Wow, dad I missed your cooking" Krystal commented after seeing all her favourite dishes on the table. Although being a busy CEO of a big company, their father is a very good cook. They chit chat about what's going on in their life while having lunch. After that Krystal went to her room for doing her homework,while Kris was taken to the study by his father. He had something important to tell him.

"You both should have bodyguards"his father told him. Their father wanted them to have bodyguards after the indicident 2 years ago. But Krystal refused because she wanted to live a normal life and not the life of the rich daughter of one of the richest man of the country. Yes, you read it right their father was one the most richest people of the country. Well,their classmates,friends and other people doesn't know that their father is the CEO of the biggest company expect Gem. They wanted to keep it low profile so that everyone don't treat them indifferently.

"What,why and haven't we talked about this" Kris replied. He can't get it why their father again talk on this topic.

"Because he is out" his father replied.

"What,how can this happen,dad? You know what he can do"

"Yeah, I know and I have my men searching for him but we can't take this casually. This is about Krystal's safety and yours too"

"But if we keep bodyguards Krystal will know it"

"That what I'm thinking. Actually let's put a secret bodyguard who will protect you both without her knowing"

"Yeah,that's cool"Kris said.

"What's cool"they both startled byou Krystal voice.

"Ohh, it's nothing princess. I'm just telling you brother that I'll go back to the mansion tomorrow morning and it's fine if you want to come over to spend your weekend"their father answered here. They both did not live with their father in the mansion because of the low profile thing. They went there on holidays but at that time no outsiders are allowed in the mansion. He had never taken them to the functions and all because he doesn't want to put them in danger as if the world knows they are his children anyone can harm them to get to his neck.

"Okay, so we are coming over." She told him

"Yeah,anyway how's Gem.Let's invite him over dinner "he told Krystal. He also know Gem and he know he is a good kid and how he helped his daughter in the past 10 years.

"Okieeeee" she replied while going back.

When she reached her bedroom,she messaged Gem asking him if he is free today evening as her father had invited him over dinner and he replied her that he was fine with that.

They enjoyed dinner. Gem was like a part of their family. After dinner they watched a movie together and went for the sleep. At dinner Krystal had told Gem about their weekend plan. She had even asked him if he wanted to come but he didn't want to interfere their family time so he refused with a reason that he had a project to complete. In reality, he was not so sure that he was okay with not meeting her for 2 days. It's not like she or he hadn't gone anywhere without each other it's just he couldn't stop to worry about her. Kris had told him about the secret bodyguard and reason behind hiring him so that he didn't beat him up for following Krystal like he had bitten up the boy who followed her everyday and flirted with her even after she rejected him. That's the reason he was worried about her. He know she will be safe at her dad's house but he can't help his useless worries.

Next day Krystal told her goodbye to Gem and then they started for the mansion . Their father hate to be so far from them but he can't help it. They had two homes from the starting one his children lived in and second the mansion. After their mother had died he had a hard time in running his business while taking care of the children. Mansion was near the company so he wanted to move there but his children did not want to leave the house where they had memories of their mother. After they reached high school that assured him that they are capable of living on their own so he moved to the mansion but leaving a couple of servants for them. He wanted to appoint many servants but they refused it .Reaching there they went to their rooms for freshen up after which they enjoyed the day as a family.

Their father was so happy to see them their. At evening Krystal was at the library which was specially designed for her. It was her favourite part of the house.Gem had called her after dinner to make sure she was okay. He wanted to call her earlier but he didn't want to disturb her in her family time. He was relieved after knowing that she was fine.After reading some random book she got ready for bed.

He was coming for her with a knife and a creepy smile on his face. She was scared. Her mother lay on the floor with blood everywhere. Now he is going to kill her.No,no she can't breath.She wanted to scream,she wanted to run but she can't. And then he came closer to her and stabbed her in the stomach.

"Nooooooooo" she screamed in panic. Kris and her father came running to her room. They saw she was sweating and continuously repeating no no no. They wake her up. She woke up and saw worried faces of her father and brother. She told them that it was just a bad dream and that she was fine. They asked her if she want anything. She assured them that she was fine and they can go to sleep. After they went back to their rooms for the sleep.

It was 4:30 in the morning and she can't sleep anymore. She went to take a hot shower to calm her nerves. Then she changed into shorts and t-shirt and took a jacket and went downstairs. It was 5 o'clock in the morningand she went to take a walk in the garden. She took a walk for an hour. During the walk she got a message from Gem. He was an able to sleep as he thought about her nightmares.

"Hey, are you up?"he texted.

"Yupp"she replied back.

"Did you sleep well?"he asked. He couldn't ask directly about her nightmare as he know it would make her sad.

"Yeah"she replied cause she didn't want to make him worried.

They texted back and forth for sometime. After which she went back in the house to make some breakfast for her family. She told the chefs that she will be the one to make the breakfast.

She surprised her family with their favourite breakfast. After which she spent the whole day enjoying with her family. They also had a pool where they spent their afternoon. After dinner their father dropped them off to their house as they have class tomorrow.

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