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Krystal thought her life is perfect but she didn't know something was waiting for her at college. She is driving to college with Gem. Sun was shining on her face. She is looking stunning beautiful and Gem couldn't turn his eyes from her but he have to cause he is driving;). He always feels that it's a dream that he has her-the girl he loves with whole his heart-all to himself. It's just he was afraid to tell her this because he thought if he disclose his feelings he'll lose her and he can't afford that. They reached college and they both went to their locker which was not far. Gem,after taking his book waited by Krystal's locker so he could send her to her class. Krystal didn't knew that someone was waiting for her to be alone. One of the Gem's friend came,he greeted Krystal told Gem that one of their professor is looking for him. He went with his friend and right then Vanessa,the girl who thinks herself as the Queen of the college,come along. She went to Krystal and looked her up and down. She always thought about herself as the most beautiful girl of the college and that she can get any boy she want. From the time she had laid her eyes on Gem she want him for herself but he was always with this Krystal and she hated it. She is here to warn her. Krystal somewhat knew about her but not totally and to be honest she didn't care a bit.Vanessa told her,"Stay away from Gem. He is mine or you wait for the consequences ". Krystal just smiled at her and went to her class. She don't want this selfish girl to get to her nerves. Here Vanessa thought that Krystal will now stay away from Gem. Her dad is the Dean of the college and everyone knew it so no one dare to go against her. She is the spoiled daughter of a wealthy father so she bully anyone and everyone she wants. Krystal didn't told Gem about Vanessa cause she didn'ttook it seriously.

The prom was coming but they both don't have to worry about their date as from the high school they both went to each party together. Gem loved to go with her but he thinks she only went with him as best friend and same goes for Krystal she also wants him to go as her date but she thinks he only go as her best friend to protect her. So it's clear that they will go to the prom together. When they were having lunch with Kris some random guy came up to Krystal. He introduced himself as Alex

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