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Faith Prince grew up poor and struggling most of her life. An only child to her single mother Elizabeth Prince, she's never met or known her father. At Age 18 Faith graduates top of her class at Seattle Prep with a full scholarship to attend Harvard university One step closer to achieving her all goals. With only God, her bestie Hope, Nate and her mother by her side to cheer her on she smiles nevertheless. But little that she knows her life is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Because graduation night is going to be the night that will hunt her for the rest of her life. The Night she meets him Saddam Smith Playboy, billionaire and Seattle's most eligible bachelor. Who breaks her heart beyond repair. But what happens when they meet 7 years later? Will the Three biggest secrets in her life be exposed? Most importantly will she forgive what he did to her 7 years ago? Will they give into what they felt 7 years ago, or will they walk away forever?

Romance / Drama
Lädy Lïzzïe
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Graduation 1

Faith's POV

Yes yes I finally did it after all the late nights, cramming my brain to the point of no return I swore I drank so much coffee that I could run to the grand canyon and back. I finally did it.


Hey miss valedictorian my bestie Hope said,

hey miss salutatorian I said,

You did it bitch you really did it I'm so proud of you she said.

Noooo hoe we did It I'm proud of us I said.

Harvard here we come we both said in unison whiles bursting out in a fit of giggles.

Hope is my bestie no wait she is more than that we're more like sisters. She and I met when we were 3yrs old playing in the park and have been inseparable everyday since.

Hope's is 5'5 with shoulder length jet black hair and eyes as blue as the Atlantic ocean, her skin is a smooth honey Carmel just flawless and has the body of a model although She has the personality of a bad ass bitch and the mouth of a sailor so don't let her beauty fool you approach with caution.

Whiles I'm 5'6ft with dark brown wavey waist length hair that flows down my back with honey colored hazel eyes and a deep smooth mocha chocolate skin complexion as for my body let's just say I invented the word curves because you just can't help but do a double take when I walk by.

However my mother always instilled in me brains before beauty and I never forget it.

My mother is my world and I hers. I've never known my father and she doesn't talk about him much all I know is he walk out when I was born and never looked back.

Everything I did the reason I pushed so hard is because of her I just can't wait to finish college so I can take care of her like shes done for me. No matter how hard she struggled with working three jobs just to protect and provide for us she never complained or made me feel like it was my fault. I may not have had as much as the next girl but love is one thing I've never lacked.

Well enough about me for now...... principle gives the most boring speeches I cant even focus on a word that she's saying and everyone else is falling asleep but by the looks of it she now seems to realize this little fact and I can't help but chuckle to myself.

As she close she said now let's hear from our top most esteemed student and valedictorian Faith Prince my bestie jumps up screaming that's my bestfriend that's my bestfriend as she pushes me towards the stage.

As I walk up to the middle of the stage I can feel the heat on my face and I know I'm as red as a cherry I mean have you ever seen a black girl blush i can tell you it's not pretty.

I will keep this short and sweet I said as Mrs. Fitz has said enough for the both of us but that last part I keep to myself as I wouldn't have dared to say it out loud whiles laughing in my head.

My Fellow students as we embark upon our separate journeys into the world I wish nothing but success for each and everyone of us, when times get hard may we look back at our years here and smile on the memories that we've made but most importantly may God's guidance and grace be with us always.

Now parents you might want to close your ears for this part I say as they all erupt in laughter at my joke I continue, so my fellow seniors stand your asses up tip your hats to the sky and let's make some noise because we've made it.

As the auditorium shakes with the sound of applause and shouts from the happy seniors and parents I can't help but smile I'm one step closer.

Congratulations hunnie,

i break away from my thoughts seeing my mom coming over to shower me with kisses and tell me how proud of me she is. I always knew you were destined for great things she said. Thank you mom i love you I said, I love you too Fai but now I have to leave to get ready for my shift at the diner.

Do you need a ride home she asked? No mom I'll ride back with Hope I said

so she kisses me on the forehead and takes her leave.

Bitch are you ready my bestie runs up to me screaming. Yea sure I cant wait to finally get some sleep.

She look and me and smirks while saying ooohhhh nooo hoe you can sleep tomorrow, cause tonight we are going to paint the town black.

I groaned do we have to I dont feel like partying I say,

but she just looks at me and laugh whiles saying all work and no play makes Fai a barrel of Hay. That's when I know I have no choice but to give in because whether I like it or not I was going and that was the end of that.

Lord I just hope nothing goes wrong.

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