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World Shattered 10

Faith's POV

As I exit the penthouse house elevator I dry my face and make my way to the front desk. I take the envelope from underneath my hand it contained the money he left on the side table for me like i was some cheap whore and pass it to her along with the note I wrote and placed on the inside.

Hello I said can you please return this to the gentleman whom I was with last night, and i don't wait for her to answer either as I shove the envelope in her hand and turn to walk away.

Outside the hotel I jumped a waiting taxi and said to Gary sloan memorial, while in the taxi I decided to check my message but as soon as I unlock my screen I see that I have 30 missed calls and 15 messages. I tried to call my mom 5 times but it's just goes to voice mail and almost immediately my chest begins to tighten so I lock the screen back and try my best not to panic.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and my mind drifted back to saddam once again and I feel the silent tear roll down my cheek as I try to keep the tears at bay.

When the taxi pulls out outside the door I pay my fare and proceed to the entrance as I walked through the door i was hit with the stench of iron and sterile instruments and I start to panic once again.

Before I could approach the nurses station my bestfriend rushes me and places her hands around me. I pull back and look at her dried tear stained face and say what's the matter Hope but she still doesn't answer but before I could push further an elderly lady white lab coat approached me and said are you Faith Prince,

Yes I am, at this point I can feel my anxiety sky rocket.

Right this way Miss Price she says and she leads the way and I follow behing her.

She stops in front of a door and pushes it open we enter the room and walk further in but I stop mid way because on the gerney lays someone covered with a white sheet and i don't know why but i feel my heart stop.

I turn to face her and brace myself.

Miss Prince I'm sorry to inform you that your mother passed away earlier this morning.

I can't speak I'm dumb founded but I manage to say I'm sorry my mother is healthy you must have the wrong person turning around to leave, but the doctor puts her hand on my shoulder and stops me as she shakes her head,

walks pass me when she reaches the bed she stops and gives me a look of pity and remorse then she pulls back the sheet.

Everything moved in slow motion afterwards.....

I fall to the floor when I see my mother's pale lifeless face staring back at me I let out a ear splitting scream as my world has officially been shattered don't know when I start but the tears just fall in bundle.

Next thing I know is Hope's ans Nates arms are wrapped around me so tightly and I turn and sob in there hands.

Before I leave the doctor hands me a note and said she wanted me to give this to you.

I nodded and took the letter feeling so broken as my friends carried me home.

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