My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Peanut 13

Faith's POV

When we reached the nurses station we were greeting by a short, stubbly looking woman with big rimmed glasses and long black hair she reminded me of the head mistress from Harry Potter.

Chuckling to myself I tried my hardest to keep a straight face.

"Hello my name is Faith Prince I have an appointment with a Dr. Sweeting".

The lady peeked up with her beanie looking eyes as if she was trying to peer above her to big glasses rims she had the most motherly smile on and said "Dr. Sweeting will be with you shortly you can take a seat please Ms. Prince.

But her smile was what kept me rushed to my spot it was so warm and comforting that it sent goosebumps down my back and my thoughts couldn't help but think of my late mother.

Just as I felt a tug on my arm another lady walked up to me with a chart in her hand and said Faith Prince please follow me.

Walking down the hall of hospital about to face the moment of truth was nerve wrecking my hands start to shake involuntarily and the lady must have sensed it because she stop and said

"dont worry first time mothers are always nervous your going to be fine". While giving me a reassuring smile.

And just like that all my nerves instinctively disappeared.

"I'm sorry I didnt hear you say your name", I replied.

She chuckled and said "nice to meet you I'm Dr. Melanie Sweeting".

Let me just say I was shocked out of my wits this woman was young and beautiful I could honestly say I would have never expected her of all people to be my doctor.

"I'm sorry again but by the name I thought that Dr. Sweeting was some grumpy old hag". I said

This time Hope doubled over in laughter making her presence known I almost forgot she was even there now I can't help but feel embarrassed.

But much to my dismay I looked up to find Dr. Sweeting with a mischievous glint in her eyes and a devious smile on her face and she replied "oh that's my mother your talking about", and this time we all laughed.

Once we entered her office she led me to a curtain and pull out a blue gown she told me to undress and then climb on top of the bed and we'll begin.

After I'd done what I was told I made my way to the bed and took a seat she then came over with a towel and asked me to pull up my dress to exposed my stomach and she placed the towel over my legs.

She then squeezed some funny looking lube onto my belly and damn it was so cold that I shivered.

"Sorry about that I should have warned you about that". She said.

"Its okay". I replied

The Dr. Then put something on my stomach and then the room was filled with the most beautiful sound I've ever heard my peanut's heart beat.

Hope grabbed my hands and we both had tears in our eyes,

She did some more test ran some blood works and lastly she handed me a few photographs from the ultrasound I looked at them with awe.

I can't believe I'm having a baby and despite everything I've been through I wouldnt trade this feeling for anything in the world.

After we left the hospital Hope and I stopped at a cafe for some lunch I ate so much I think I now looked like a cow.

By the time we arrived home I was so fatigued that I retired early to my room,

as I was walking away i could hear Hope and Nate cooing over the ultrasound photos I smile to myself know that no matter what happened to me I have two great friends who will never leave my side.

After doing my nightly routine I hoped in my bed and wrapped my arms around my baby bump and said "no matter what peanut mommy will always love you forever and a day".

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