My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Suprise 14

8 years later

"Mommy mommy wake up we're going to be late" is the last thing I hear as three little voices enter my room .

I squeal in delight as I jump up off the bed and said okay okay I'm up I'll meet you guys at the breakfast table in 10mins going in the bathroom to complete my morning routine.

I completed med school four years ago top of my class and came back home to the states every hospital internship program wanted me, but I choose Grayson Memorial I've now completed my internship with flying colors and today is my first day as a resident.

I've been so nervous that I couldn't sleep all night and now that I had I didnt even hear my alarm go off.

As I completed my morning routine I pulled my long wavy hair into a messy bun up top my head and headed downstairs.

When I entered the dining room my three beautiful babys looked up at me and smiled.

"Morning mum" they all said in unison.

"Morning my sweet peanut's" I said.

Kelly the youngest of the three smiled back whiles her brother's Kyle the firstborn and Kaydan the second born just scrunched up their faces.

They hated when I called them that but I loved watching them squirm.

That's right eight years ago when I found out I was pregnant up until my ninth month we never knew,

Which was strange because of my eating habits and the fact that I was always so tired.

Dr. Sweeting suspected that I may be carrying twins but everything she did an ultrasound we never discovered a second baby let alone a third one for some reason there was only always one heart beat.

Odd right I know.

So imagine my surprise when I went into labor and I delivered my eldest but the pain just wouldn't subside so when the good doctor went down to see what was the matter she saw another head and low and behold apon pushing Kayden out kelly came out right behind him while holding onto his little tiny ankle.

When I held them in my hands i fell in love with them and have been ever since.

Kyle as I said is the first of the three and the most mature but also very mischievous and somehow he gets the other two to follow his lead without any hesitation.

Kayden the second is the prankster off the group but don't be fooled he matches his brother no doubt when it comes to finding mischief.

Kelly the last and my sweet princess Is the quiet one but don't underestimate her she has her brother's wrapped around her thumb and they are very protective of her and even quicker to do her bidding.

They're identical the only difference is Kelly being a girl but if you cut her hair you won't be able to tell the difference.

Both boys are light Carmel smooth skined color with gray eyes and jet black wavey hair, where as Kelly is a light Carmel smooth color with gray eyes and jet black curly hair that sits on her waist.

They all look so much like there father that everytime I see them I see him.

Since we've been back I've seen him on the covers of several magazines as the riches bachelor in Seattle and so for that reason I've not allowed any magazines in the house.

I can't risked my kids seeing him because they will know, my triplets and very intelligent and they will see the resemblance right away,

I know I'm being selfish but what he did to me is unforgivable and I'm not ready to forgive him just yet.

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