My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Unexpectedly events-15

Saddam's POV

I can't believe it's been eight years already, everything has been going so well in my life my father passed me the key to his company,

that I've ran successfully for eight years now.

Roman my bestfriend has now taken over his father's wine company and has expanded it I've also added their brand inside the hotel restaurants and clubs that I now own and he didnt disappoint.

"Mr Smith" said my Assistant Roger "Mr. Roman Pilgrim is here to see you".

"Send him in", I grunted not looking up from my paper work.

"Hey Sad I have a proposal for you", Roman said after entering my office and taking a seat on the genuine leather couch.

"What is it another business proposal" I said answering his question.

"No bro this is strictly personal" he responds with a sly smirk on his lips.

Now I arched one eye brow because what ever it is I am just mildly intrigued.

With just one look I urge him to continue.

So I was thinking we head out to the club tonight what do you say, now all my intrested have dissipate and I now have an irritated look on my face.

That's when I see his smirk turned into a full blown smile like that of the devil.

"You sick bastard one day I will return the favor". I said

After that night eight years ago with the most beautiful goddess I've ever seen I haven't been able to get pass first base with another woman.

We would start of and I would be do intrested but when it comes time for some reason my mind always flickers to her and I can't get it to stay up it's like he won't have any part of it, so after a few months of trying I went to the doctor they did every test known to man and still couldn't find anything wrong, and after a year I just swore off of women and focused on making my business more successful.

The tabloids know me as the biggest player in Seattle and I made sure they saw a few things to keep up appearances but I was far from it,

Every weekend I take a different women out to dinner and back to one of my hotels just to ensure my reputation stays intact.

But the truth is I haven't had sex with a woman in eight years and it's made me both cold and miserable emotionally but it's also made me a damn cutthroat businessman.

My enemy's never see me coming until it's too late and they all underestimate me because of my reputation but just like a lion I strike my pray and they are all left shocked.

At night when I dream her face hunts me so much so that's its imprinted in my mind and I just can't forget her.

Sometimes I think this is karma's punishment for what I did that night but what's done is done.

My parents have been begging me to settle down and give them grandchildren before they die,

but I keep saying I'm not ready and yet they just won't relent.

My mother on occasion has even sent some of her friends daughters to try and seduce me but I just send them away.

"Hey Sad I'm just messing with you". Roman says "I have a meeting in two hours so I'll meet up with you later".

"No sweat brother" I replied, "I meet you back at my condo".

An hour after Roman left my Assistant barged into my office, "Mr. Smith your needed at the hospital right away your father had a heart attack", he said.

"What, when how is my mother" is all I could respond.

"She is fine Mr Smith about 15mins ago but she requested you come immediately", he said.

"Which hospital did they take him to"? I asked.

"Grayson Memorial Sir" he responded.

"Okay Roger clear my schedule for the week have my car waiting by the time I get down".

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