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Unforeseen 16

Faith's POV

"Peanuts hurry up Momma dont wanna be late on her first day of residency".

"Fai when are you going to tell them the truth", Said Hope.

"Hmmmm tell them what playing dumb" I responded.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about Faith Prince tell them who their father is that's what", she said her voice slightly elevated.

"First off I'll tell them when I think they're ready and secondly keep your voice down they might be listening", I said.

"Fai you know i love you but i really think your making a big mistake, did you know that yesterday Kelly asked me If I knew what her father's like, I think it's time you told him and them before this comes out some other way".

Hope came back from England a few years after I did and she put off her internship for a year to travel and now shes just about finished with her internship next year she'll be a resident.

Nate stayed in England he's just passed the bar and already he's a very successful up and coming Lawyer.

He calls to check on us every week and sometimes comes just to spend the weekends with the triplets and they love and adore them both.

They've both been trying to get me to reach out to Saddam and deep down I know there is some truth to what they are saying but I'm just not ready to face it yet.

Im not ready to share my peanuts with him and What if he rejects them like he did to me.

I won't allow him or anyone to hurt my kids and I know most of my reasons may be selfish but I won't explain how I feel.

"Hope we've been over this time and time again and the answer is no so just drop it okay", I say just as the kids enter the living room.

Today is Saturday so the triplets are off from school, lucky Grayson Memorial has a 24hour day care for its workers so on the weekends that Hope and I have to work I just take them with me and this week end is no different.

Just as we enter the hospital I take the kids to the daycare and check them in afterwards I head down to the residents lounge to get changed as soon as I'm done my pager goes off.

I'm on my way to the pit.

I already chosen my speciality before I left Med school. I'm Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

As I entered the ER I took the clip board from the nurse "what do we have". I asked?

"You have a Coronary bypass that just came in it's in OR 2 and your needed right away". So I sprinted off in the direction of OR 2.

When I reach the OR I scrub in the man on the table looks so familiar that I know I've his face before but I don't pay it much mind and get straight to work.

After six long hours of repairing his Coronary artery and using a Minimally invasive method

That's where I performs coronary bypass through small incisions in the chest, with the use of robotics and video imaging that help the me operate in a small area, the surgery was a complete success now its time for me to inform the family.

As I enter the waiting room with my inter I call out family of a Mr James Smith.

A small petite woman stepped forward she had the most beautiful gray eyes I've ever seen with a smooth Carmel complexion and black brown hair that was slight graying at the roots.

Some thing about her just made my spine tingle and her eyes they reminded me of the triplets eyes but I just shrugged it off and got down to business.

"Hi Mrs. Smith my name is Dr. Prince I'm your husband's doctor".

"The cause of your husband's heart attack was a clogged artery but I was able to remove the blockage during the surgery and the surgery was a complete success".

"He's now resting in the intensive care unit and you be able to see him in a few hours" I said.

I watched as tears of joy came out of her eyes and she grabbed me into a tight locked hug and said thank you that sent chills down my spine.

After I told her a nurse will come get her in a few hours after he wakes up I left.

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