My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Speechless 17

Triplets POV

"Kyle I want to go for a walk" Kelly Said.

"Kelly you do know that we aren't supposed to leave the daycare without permission and an adult to company us" Kayden responded with a sly smirk.

"Well Kayden isn't Kyle practically almost an adult I mean he is the eldest of us three right he can watch us and besides we won't even be that long",

Kelly replied with a devious grin of her own but still managing to look innocent.

"I was wondering how long it will take you both to bore of the baby infestation", Kyle state matter of factly.

"Let's go then shall we" Kayden said laughing knowing good well that his twins were up to no good.

The triplets snuck out of the daycare with out a hitch and headed over to the elevator,

"Shall we go up or down" Kyle asked?

"I think we should go up as mum may be inside the ER and she will catch us and it's to earlier to be sent back to jail",

Kayden said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"You speak as if there is any kiddie daycare that can hold us or any daycare attendant who can withstand our intellectual curiosity as they always give in eventually", Kelly spoke smiling.

"Right you are baby sister thank God I'm the cute one, you guys don't stand a chance", said Kayden trying not to laugh.

"He is aware that we are identical right sometimes even I doubt his IQ scores", Kyle says also trying to keep a straight face.

But they all just burst out laughing instead and looped their hands in the crook if their sister's arm and started walking towards the elevator again.

"Then up we will go", said Kelly who was more than happy to let her brothers take lead.

As they pass the nurse's booth everyone waved and smile at them,

they weren't kids who could blend in without being seen their beauty and full gray eyes made them stand out added to the fact that there was three of them you couldn't miss them even if you wanted to.

Knowing who's kids they were nobody questioned them, they were loved and known for venturing outside the daycare just as long as they didn't make trouble no one would tell their mother.

Fai on the other hand still never liked it and when ever she would find them she would scold them and take them back.

She knew at the age of five that the trio was far from ordinary when she had their IQ tested.

The reason being was because as baby's and then toddlers they same to do everything to quickly.

Never being intrested in playing at the age of one they began to take an interest in books and by the age of five they were reading at a secondary school level.

Both Kayden and Kelly scored a 175 whiles Kyle scored a 179.

For it was rear that you will find one perfectly exceptionally gifted child let alone a set of triplets.

When the test came back the Fai was beyond shocked and every private prestigious academic academy in Seattle wanted the trio offering fully funded programs, and she was against it all but later give in because its was what's best for the kids.

Eventually the school that she'd chosen gave into her one demand and that was she didn't want any pictures in any tabloids about the triplets they could only post their names and that was all.

No one understood why she wouldn't want the world to know that she was the mother of three geniuses except Hope and Nate and she never cared to explain because she had her own selfish reasons.

So she just kept repeating that,

"it was so they can have a normal childhood", and eventually the headmaster and teachers understood and did their best to protect the triplets.

The daycare is located on the pediatric floor that's right above the intensive care unit.

As the triplets came to the elevator they stopped and Kyle pressed the button to the third floor.

When the elevator opened it was empty except for a tear stained, gray eyed petite elderly lady who was so lost in thought that she didn't even noticed when the elevator stop to take on more passengers.

But the trio entered and said "hello" always well mannered.

When the lady didn't respond Kelly turned around and said

"Hello Ma'am are you okay".

At that moment Anna Smith looked up and when she saw the Triplets she stood as still as a bricked wall.

She was at a lost for words.

For they where the splitting image of her son and so many questions ran through her head.

Is this the reason he didn't want to settle down?

How could he hide my grand children for so long?

Why are they here and who is their mother?

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