My Billionaires Secret Babies

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No Longer Hidden

Anna's POV

"This has to be a dream, yes that's what this is a dream it explains everything,

its either that or an hallucination and that would mean that I needed to be checked into a metal asylum",

"Yip of course this is a dream the universe won't be so cruel as to let this happen", unaware that she just spoke her thoughts out loud to three very mischievous kids.

Kyle was the first to speak unable to contain his own humor, "nope we are not an hallucination but I do think that if you are questioning your mental state however you should consider getting a psychiatrist to evaluate your mental stability".

And he and Kayden looked at each as if reading each other's thoughts smiling like fools.

Whiles Kelly just remained silent with a smile as if she was turning wheels inside her head.

Whiles the triplets might be extremely gifted they don't lack the any of the social skill set that ordinary people have that most gifted kids their ages do.

"My name is Anna Smith" what are your names I stated.

"It's very impolite to speak your hallucinations won't you say so yourself" Kayden said whiles still glaring at Kyle and snickering.

"I am Kelly and these are my twin brother Kyle the eldest and Kayden the second I however I'm the last of the three and somehow the most well mannered", she stated whiles rolling her eyes at her brothers in amusement.

Oh my they are triplets thinking to myself I can't help but wanting to get to know them.

"I smile and say nice to meet you all".

Just as I am about to ask them a few more questions the elevator comes to a stop on the third floor I step out more than upset that I won't see them again but to my delight they do also so I I ask "where are you headed are you visiting someone here",

Kyle responds saying "no Ma'am our mother is a cardiothoracic surgeon at this hospital so sometimes we sneak out of the daycare here and wonder around".

I smile at myself they same very intelligent for their age and I can't help but feel a pull to them so I say

"well in that case would you three like to accompany me to see my husband I know he'll love to meet you".

"Pardon me Ma'am but your husband doesn't even know us how can he he dying to meet us when he's never even met us". Said Kayden with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Carefully Kayden maybe he's had hallucinations about us to", said Kyle and they both start laughing.

I however flush as red as a tomato because of these are my grand kids I'm going to have my work cut out for me.

However before I could even speak Kelly spoke up and said, "brothers let's go with her I have a feeling this will be very interesting".

The trio then paused looking at each other as if speaking an unforeseen language and nodded their heads in agreement.

"Well Mrs Anna you may lead the way seeing as my brothers and I have agreed" Kelly spoke again.

Nodding my head I turn and lead the way to the private suites when I reach the room 224 that the nurse told me he's in I enter to find my husband awake.

A nurse was just leaving the room at the same time,

she smiled at the kids but then paused and looked back at my husband and then the kids again after shaking her head and muttering something under her breath I couldn't quite decipher and she left.

As we entered the room his eyes found mine and he smiled but then his smile froze as soon I stepped aside and he saw the trio behind me.

As the kids and James commenced a glaring contest I moved towards his bed kissed his forehead and took a seat in the chair next to it.

This time Kyle was the first to speak, "you look like us but why have we never met", as they all edged closer to my husband's bed.

Thinking to myself i had my own selfish reason for inviting them here there is a very small chance I'm wrong but I had to know.

I know that my son is the splitting image of his father, except for his eyes he has my gray eyes where his father's eyes are brown.

You see my mother is Irish/Latina my father

However is of African descent but my mother and everyone in her family has always inherited gray eyes even Saddam did when he was born although he is his father's son he has his grandmother's eyes that's now my eyes.

So the minute I saw those eyes I knew they where related to me somehow but when I saw the resemblance i knew they were my grand kids and i could resist i had to be sure.

I was hoping by bring them to see James they would reveal their father's identity if it's my son but they seem equally shocked.

Could it be that they've never met their father how could any woman be so cruel now I just had to know.

My husband beckoned them closer with his hand, still weak from his surgery but still shocked with unbelief that he can't bear to utter a word.

"Kids what's the name of your father", I asked?

They all just looked at each other and nodded again as if giving the other consent to speak before Kayden answered saying "we've never met our father".

Then spoke Kyle saying "we were born in England our mum said that when she found out she was pregnant she'd just stared Medical Medical school and only met out father once before leaving the state and he wasn't American she tried finding him afterwards but she never could".

Deep in thought now even I find that hard to believe because Saddam is always on the front cover of every tabloid in the city she could have found him very easily.

So there has to be more to that story

"But after completing Medical school she brought us all back home to Seattle", Kayden finished.

This time James spoke up, "spoke up so you've never once met or seen a picture of your father" he said.

"No we haven't grand Father", Kyle responded with a happiness pouring out of his eyes but a mischievous smirk on his lips and glancing around the room all off the triplets suddenly had the same look on their faces.

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