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Sercret Exposed 19

Saddam POV

After talking to my mother and hearing the surgery was successful she asked me to go to their mansion and get a few things that my father would need and a change of clothes for her, so I took the time to stop at the condo and change as well.

Now after 3 hours I've finally reached Grayson Memorial Hospital. My mother already informed me of the room number so I didnt bother with stopping at the nurses station.

As I headed passed the Emergency room door I could have swore I saw her face the that I haven't seen since that night eight years ago.

Just to be sure I had my bodyguards stop so I could go back and take a look but to my disappointment I didn't see what I was looking for so I just left.

Every nurse or doctor we passed seem to glare at me and start to whisper others tried flirting but I wasn't in the least bit interested.

I had to see if my father is okay for myself.

Just when I entered the room I saw my mother seat next to his bed and three kids that look about the same age seated on the edge of his beds with their backs to me.

No one seem to hear me enter but what I heard made the hair on my neck immediately stand up still as if I'd just had a shock of electrical current passed through my body.

"No we haven't grandfather" kyle said

I've yet to see the children's faces, all I can see is their backs but what shocked me next is what my father said.

I've waited so long to have one grandchild and now I have three.

Still unaware of my presence I clear my throat, "what is the meaning of this rubbish about having three grandchildren I have no kids unless there is a brother or sister I have no idea about explain yourself.

"Well now brother I see where we get our wits from" one of the two boys said looking at each other without turning around.

At that moment my parents eyes met mines and what I saw flashed in those was a mixture of overwhelming joy and sadness as if they knew something I didn't.

Not long after the three kids got of the bed and turned to face me and that's when i stopped breathing.

The resemblance is definitely something that I can't deny and those eyes they are mines, they all look exactly like me there is no denying that but when and how did it happen I haven't slept with a woman in eight years.

Ohh no no no, it can't be can it.

The room is tense with silence as I finally start to breathe again.

"What are your names", I ask ?

"I'm Kyle and these and my twin brother Kayden and sister Kelly", Kyle said.

"So your triplets then", I responded.

"I see your not as bright as you look if you have to ask that question", said Kyle whiles his brother and sister remained silent in the background with a smile.

I chuckled knowingly because I can see the mischief he's dying to release. "How old are you'll", i asked?

"We're eight" Kayden said while looking at his twins.

"What's your mothers name", I asked because if its who I think it is this will break me.

"Her name is...... Kyle started to say but before he could finish the door was opened and in walked the face I've dreamt about for the pass eight years.

Even more beautiful than I can remember. The face I've longed for so many nights now the face that I've dreaded to see.

Mum they all said in unison and she stood rooted to the spot her eyes darted around the room then landed on mines and stayed glued there as if she was wishing for the ground to eat her up whole.

I gulped because now my worse fears had come true.

They are my kids I can know it but what hurts so much is knowing that i missed eight years of their lives and she didn't even try to tell me.

Eight years that I could never get back.

I've missed their first steps and their frist words and not only one of them but three how will I even explain this to them how will they ever forgive me.

I can see the happiness in their eyes but still a little sadness deep hidden at the back.

My anger showed and I will unleash my wrath on her how dear she. But just as I opened my out she managed to squeak out something.

"I can explain", she said.

Looking from me to the triplets

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