My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Return Home 2

Saddam POV

Finally I was on my family's private jet headed back home to Seattle.

I've never been so happy in my life. After completing 7 years of college and placing first in all my classes with a MS in economics and business and a BS in finance I'm finally going home.

Now to answer your question and the question my best friend Roman kept asking me, did I have to do all this just to take over my father's company? The answer is no.

Despite what the board of directors may think about my playboy rep, my father has never doubted my abilities, and me being an only child I was groomed from the time I could walk to take over his company it Is my birthright.

Nonetheless I did it anyway.

My father is James Smith billionaire and the owner of Luna the hottest night clubs thats sweeping the country and is now worldwide, as well as the CEO of the five star hotels and resorts The Vancouver and a few five start restaurants also now worldwide. And he worked damn hard to get it to.

He is a ruthless cutthroat businessman and he goes after what he wants with an iron hand and as the say the apple doesn't fall from the tree because I am my father's son.

By achieving all of this I proved to the board and the media that I may play hard but I work even harder.

Standing 6'6ft with gray eyes and a chiseled bone structure handsome is an understatement, dark Carmel skin and jet black wavy hair whiles my smile will send any woman weak in the knees and they are to me in no short supply.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Roman.

So where are we going tonight to celebrate you getting the keys to the Kingdom Bro my bestfriend Roman said,

I don't know how about we hit up one of the nightclubs I said,

okay kool I like the way you think because I'll have a hottie in my bed before the night is over he said,

Hey maybe you'll even find your future wife he smirked,

Me never I dont do love all women are is s bunch of Gold diggers and I will treat them as such and nothing more I said.

My father was so lucky to find my mother, she is beautiful inside and out you and see the kindness in her gentle eyes and my father would gladly go to war over her in fact he did but that story is for another time.

Now he just look at me and shakes his head and said I cant wait for the day you get wiped.

This time we both laughed.

You wish I said.

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